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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

If you haven’t seen TeeFury yet, it’s quite a neat deal.  It’s a website (and twitter account, iPhone app, email list, etc) where they just sell ONE T-shirt for 24 hours.  For $9.

That whole “gone tomorrow” part?  Absolutely true.  They only sell the one shirt, for the one day, and there ain’t no going back.

If it sells out?  Tough Shirt.

If you missed it by a minute?  Noshirtforyou!

My history with Teefury

I had bought one shirt from them a while back – it was a cool Star Wars inspired design of AT-AT’s as seen behind an X-Ray from a Veterinary Clinic’s point of view.

Since Star Wars is a big part of my job, I thought it quite fitting (haha).  The fact that it’s an instant collector’s item isn’t a bad deal either, because I’m snobby like that.  I also like the weird look of recognition certain people get when they look at my shirt, then look again, then smile when they recognize the AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport).

The “Grab Bag”

Sometimes TeeFury does these things called “Grab Bags”.  You pay $5 a shirt for X number of shirts, and you have absolutely no idea (or control) over what you get.  You might get cool shirts; you might get “whaaaa?” shirts; you might get “ok” shirts; and if you’re like me, you wait for weeeeeeks to find out what you get.

People even post what shirts they got on the forums.  Either they’re commiserating or gloating, or a little of both.

I participated in my first Teefury Grab Bag recently and I must say, I’m quite impressed with the results.

What Did Wayne Get?

I know, you’re wondering what I got from my Grab Bag.  After all, you read my blog because you CAN’T WAIT to know what happens to me, right?

First, let’s get the stupid one out of the way.  WHAT IN THE HILTON HEAD ISLAND is this thing?

It’s a cat.  A happy cat.  riding a Motorcycle with a fish on the tank (heh, fish tank).  Plaid-looking seat.  Detailed jacket, pants, pointy boots, and WHY IS IT YELLOW?!?!?

There’s an explanation over at MyLoveForYou about an artist named Lisa Hanawalt who made a shirt called “Kitty Biker“.  I don’t mind telling you – I’m more lost than a caveman with Tourette’s trying to do open heart surgery with a chainsaw while wearing oven mitts.

At night.

While drunk.

Moving on… We come to something I still am a little lost by (doesn’t take much, I guess… maybe I was put into shock from the first shirt) but at LEAST it’s a little bit appropriate for me.  I am, after all, a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment and the right our Founding Fathers gave us to keep and bear arms.

I googled for a while to try and find out what the name of this shirt is, but failed.  It’s probably on my receipt, which I threw away.  Anyway, here it is for your perusal.

Not bad.  Not good, either… but not bad.

Wait a second.  Is this an anti-2nd-amendment shirt?!?!?!?  I’ll have to do some more self-reflection before I actually wear this down to the next Secede Texas Rally.

The Most Appropriate Shirt Ever Shipped

Then I look at the 3rd shirt and I’m like… whoa, Keanu-style.

YES, that’s a Death Star.

YES, those are Tie-Fighters.

YES, that’s an X-Wing at the bottom.

YES, it’s Space Invaders, Star Wars-style.


Teefury, I think I love you.  I think I want to go out into the galaxy and do wild things with you and then go to Anchorhead and get our memories erased.  Copy that, Gold Leader *wink*  I’d like to take you point five past lightspeed, and it will take me a LOT longer than twelve parsecs to make the Kessel Run.

Now that I have the iPhone app installed, I don’t think I’ll be missing out on too many cool shirts in the future.


I’m liking this Stuff you don’t want to MISC series – now that I’m in my 2nd year of doing it.  It’s like I’m a veteran!

2nd Amendment – A Win or a Squeak-By?

I don’t know what’s scarier – the thought of the government changing so quickly so as to take away my right to keep and bear arms within my lifetime, or the fact that the recent Supreme Court ruling squeaked by with just a 5-4 ruling.  And this is AFTER Bush’s appointments. (I got reminded of the 5-4 surprise from Such Is Life)

Having it be a 5-4 decision makes the choice for our next President of the United States even more important.

One dissenter, Justice Stephen Breyer, has words that, to me, are absolutely chilling.

In my view, there simply is no untouchable constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to keep loaded handguns in the house in crime-ridden urban areas.

If there’s anywhere where loaded handguns are needed by citizens for self defense, it’s in crime-ridden urban areas.  No?

Gratitude Campaign

Saw this over at Tug’s and wanted to share.  Thank a soldier.

gratitude campaign

There have been a couple of times where I’ve bought a meal for a soldier in an airport and at a restaurant.  The first time I did it they thanked me and I thought – I need to do this anonymously.  So the next time, I just told my waiter to put their bill on my tab and to just tell them a thankful patriot is in the restaurant.  I didn’t want the credit – I wanted them to know the public is behind them.

Jaden’s lost tooth

Jaden lost his first tooth this week, and then he actually LOST his first tooth.  He was brushing his teeth and then he comes running up saying “my mouth is bleeding!” and we look and um, yup, “Jaden. did ya notice you’re missing a tooth right up front?”  “oh yeah! my loose tooth!”.  [Slight confused look].  “Where did it go,” we asked.  “I don’t know!” he exclaimed.

So we go look in the bathroom and figure he either swallowed it while brushing his teeth (slim chance) or it went down the drain (high possibility).

We have a little “lost tooth” pillow for the Tooth Fairy to more easily identify any teeth that are intentionally for sale.  We don’t want her (assumed to be a “her”) rifling through all our belongings and thinking she can leave a quarter for just any old thing she wants to around the house.

In lieu of the tooth, we wrote a note:

Dear Tooth Fairy — Jaden lost his tooth this morning while brushing his teeth.  It slipped down the bathroom sink.  He has requested that you please search for his tooth tonight after leaving a quarter for him.  Thank you for your assistance. — Love, Jaden

 jaden's lost tooth fairy note

Jaden ended up getting a whole dollar (inflation?) and when he asked why it was a dollar, we brainstormed with him on possible reasons.  The one we ended up as the most likely explanation was that a dollar bill is a lot lighter than a quarter, and she wanted to reward him for brushing his teeth.

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