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10:08 pm
Post Meta :

Jaden turned 6 today, and we had EXTREME FUN at “Extreme Fun“, one of those places where kids jump in the inflatable moonwalks, run to their heart’s content, and have tons of fun.  Tons of EXTREME fun.

But I have an issue with one of their rules:

extreme fun, austin, tx

Look, this is a kids place.  Kids getting to jump on huge inflatable zipcode-sized bouncy things.  They’re gonna push.  And I think it’s ok to push.  What, everyone’s so fragile that they can’t push a little in the big soft inflatable lumps of air? 

First, Jaden had t-ball practice, so there was an hour or more of runing, fielding, hitting, running, catching, more running, and I love that he’s got this outlet for physical exercise.   

This is what we have left of the cake…

And this is what’s left of Jaden after the busy day:

tsk tsk

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