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Post Meta :

Wow, 3 days of no posts.  I think that’s the longest I’ve gone since I really started blogging some time back.  I have been SWAMPED at work with our remodeling project and SWAMPED at home with Math homework mentoring, band stuff and a kagillion things going on.

But you didn’t tune in just to hear how busy I am.  You tuned in to hear how AWESOME I am!

First, some history.  I loves me my 9-ball.  It’s my favorite billiard game of all time. Even when I’m not playing so hot, I still love playing.  I think I’m better at 9-ball than the other games, and my current theory is that since part of the rules dictate what the next ball will be, I’m more disciplined in my shot-making, so I achieve better position play.  In contrast, with 8-ball there are multiple next balls, so I just shoot and since I don’t have a specific ball in mind, I’m taking a shotgun approach.

I’m hoping someday to inspire my little buddy.  He’s already half-way there – just LOOK at how far down he is on his shot!  This guy is going to be a pro!

jaden playing pool

Second, the environment.  We play league every week, and we play 8-ball and 9-ball.  The league is a sanctioned get together by the APA.

apa logo

We only have six (6) teams in our division, so most of us know the rest of us pretty well since we’ve been playing together for a while.  It’s a fun setup where the top team goes to a local Tri-Cup, and the top teams from that go to a Regional, and the winners at Regional get a paid trip to Vegas to compete Nationally.  All for doing something we already love doing!

Third, the challenge.  There’s this guy who’s considered by many to be one of the absolute top players around Austin.  He’s actually 4th in money earnings in the Texas 9-ball tournament for last year, and he placed pretty well this year too:

alan mason

The word is, he just doesn’t get beat.  On a scale from 1 to 9 in 9-ball, he’s a 9.  On a scale from 2 to 7 in 8-ball, he’s a 7.   Top skill level you can reach.  The guy walks up to the table on just about every shot with this nonchalant attitude, not stressed at all, and even looks like maybe he’s just shooting balls around and not planning anything or concentrating.  But his shots are pure dead stroke ON.  He gets near-perfect position on every shot and makes some incredible plays like they were nothing.  He’s calculating, accurate and consistent.

The guy is just.  plain.  GOOD.

And I beat him last night.



I also heard last night that he’s never lost a 9-ball league match before.  I feel honored.  I was just plain ON with my shooting.  I’m currently ranked a 6 (I move between 6 and 7 regularly, altho I haven’t been a 7 in a while) and since league play is handicapped, I don’t need to sink in as many balls.  He has to sink in 75 and I have to sink in 46.  Each ball is one point and the 9-ball is two points.  But the cool thing is, I was dead-even with him in ball count throughout the match, or ahead, so by the time I won, we had near the same ball count without the handicap.

It almost makes me losing to him in 8-ball all the more bearable.  8-ball is also handicapped, and in this instance he had to win 5 games and I had to win 4.  I ended up winning 2, but the real challenge was that he won the lag, so he got to break.  Winner breaks after each game.  So for the first game, he sinks the 8-ball on the break (which is a win), and then he breaks-and-runs the second game (which is a win) and meanwhile I haven’t been able to shoot a single shot.  Then the next game I do get a shot and after a couple balls, scratch because I’m stoooopid.  But I was able to win two games and I’m proud of that.

If I didn’t have to make money for a living, I’d go play pool all the time.

tsk tsk

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