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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Hey there, my name is Hilly (snackiepoo, if you’re nasty) from Snackie’s World!  Most people who know me have heard of The PRB, my love for cupcakes, my incessant need to [bleeping] swear, my love for all things 80’s and uh…Snackie Sunday.  (Oh and the fact that I say “uh” just as much as I say [bleep]).  When Whallypoo asked me to guest post, I have to admit that I was extremely hesitant.  As much as I love Wayne and think he’s a [bleeping] amazing guy?  We don’t have many things in common.

For example, my favorite word is [bleepitybleepingbleeperbleeper] and Wayne doesn’t like to swear.  Hrm, or at least he doesn’t [bleeping] allow it on his blog.  As you can see, I’ve come up with a way to keep my “flavor” intact while still respecting his stinking wishes.  I’m sorta awesome like that.  Also?  Wayne likes to ride the elephant whereas I’m quite partial to the donkey.  In fact, I lean over so far left that I sometimes fall *off* of my donkey.  Hrm, what else?  Wayne is a family man through and through whereas I’m trying to figure out a way to date as many hot [bleeping] studs as possible once my divorce is final. Wayne also loves those [bleeping] LOL Cats.  [Bleep], he even creates his own!  If there is one Internet phenomenon that I cannot stand it is those [God bleeped, bleeping] LOL Cats.  They aren’t clever.  People may *think* they are being clever but no, you’re raping the English language, thanks.  (I think “raping” is not really a swear word so it stays).

Even with all of these differences between us, Wayne and I get along.  We share a love for blogging, tweeting and doing little things for others without thinking twice.  Wayne has a great heart and a great soul…because of that we remain friendly.  I have to believe, in my heart of hearts, that Wayne loves the 80’s just as much as I do.  He’s about my age and he knows the importance of a good era…or so I think.  [Bleep], I could be way off base here but whatever, this works in the context of achieving the best segue like…evar!  The thing about the 80’s is that it was my time…my formative years.  The movies of those days shaped me into this [bleeping] fantasticness that I am today!

Now that I’ve bored you, it’s time for…ws

Now then, some of you are young chickens…I get that.  Also, some of you are old-[bleep] chickens and I can dig that too.  With that being said, the movie or actor that “takes you back” to your formative years could be something out of a whole time frame where I never got a chance to groove.  So yeah, just pick your movie, your actor and get the [bleep] on with it.  Wayne and I don’t explain ourselves.  We’re doers…we’re too cool for school…we assume you’re as smart as we are.  Eh, we may be [bleeping bleepbags].

Oh wait, my answer!  Ha!  Any of the John Hughes films take me back and help me feel like I am young again.  My favorite film of that era is Weird Science.  In fact, I can recite that movie line for line but uh, I won’t because that is hella obnoxious.  (Hella is a surfer word, not really a swear word.)  What’s interesting about the actors from that movie is that when I see Robert Downey Jr. in movies, I’m not taken back at all.  Hrm, maybe because he’s made such a great career for himself?  However, whenever I see Anthony Michael Hall, I’m immediately quoting Farmer Ted or saying things like, “You’re absolutely right, Chet…you’re absolutely right!”.  Even when I watched The Dead Zone, I still felt all warm and tingly inside just knowing that I was watching Anthony Michael Hall!

Anywhalldle, it’s totally your [bleepingbleepingbleepbleepingbleep] turn!

Long Duck Dong Kisses,

tsk tsk

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