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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I think there’s something wrong with me.  Allow me to present a few key pieces of evidence.

I didn’t really enjoy Batman: Dark Knight that much.

Bale’s sinister voice seemed stretched and overdone, whats-his-name-dead-guy’s rendition of the Joker didn’t seem gifted like everyone claimed, and the movie didn’t make me oh-so-glad-I’d-seen-it like the movie Batman Begins did.  But I know everyone else loved this movie.  What’s wrong with me?

I loved Xanadu, Abba, August Rush and Dune.

I would expound on this some, but come on.  Do I really have to?

Watchmen didn’t do much for me

This might be the biggest indicator since everyone else and their brother love this particular movie, this Watchmen.  I loved the special effects; the acting was noticeably good (for an untrained observer such as myself); I didn’t get lost during the telling of the story.

I should point out that I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I went out by myself to Alamo Drafthouse (where they have every other row of seats taken out and replaced with tables and wait staff comes by and services great food/drink, and they’re hilarious) and watched a decent movie.  I had a great time.  Really.

But I would have had the same great time with just about any movie.

Which is my point.

And if Watchmen and Dark Knight are your all-time favorite movies and I just offended you somehow, I have something for you.

It’s April 1st and I don’t have any pranks for you. Or do I?

August Rush is my new favorite movie

august rush movie 

I have so much to say about this movie, but I think I’ll keep it to myself for now. Suffice it to say, I was completely taken and enraptured by this movie.  Maybe I’ll do a full Movie Review in a few weeks when I’ve composed myself (no pun intended).

Taxes in two weeks

Have you done your taxes yet? I haven’t.  Are you starting to think the Fair Tax might be for you?  I am.

Neal Boortz has an informative 1hr webinar about it.


You know, I wouldn’t care if the Fair Tax saved me money or not on my own taxes.  In my opinion, the best thing about the Fair Tax is that the people who are currently skating by will finally have to pay taxes (drug dealers, tax evaders, illegal immigrants). Maybe that’s where they get the word ‘Fair’ from?

Why not read up on it and possibly sign the petition?  Like, before April 15th, people!

fair tax petition

How to Deal with Difficult People

I’ve been inadvertently pissing people off lately. Even when I’m agreeing with people, my words, tone or body language is seen as argumentary or contrarian. Now, I *am* a natural contrarian normally, but in these cases I’m not trying to be contrary or cause a conflict.  Someone will say “I make point A” and as far as I can tell, I’m agreeing with them, but the person I’m talking to hears “point A is stupid and point B is better” but really I’m saying “point A is right” but then I add some other stuff that isn’t important (I guess) and that’s what’s seen as an opposing view.

I’ll be discussing something with someone and BAM they’re pissed off at me and when I investigate further into why they’re pissed off, it’s because they see me as disagreeing with them OR disagreeing with them in a way that’s offensive.  It baffles me because I don’t recall disagreeing with them and I definitely don’t mean offense.

Since it’s happening with just about everyone, I have to assume it’s me.

How do I analyze myself and determine what I’m doing wrong? How do I fix this?

I’m thinking the answer is to just reduce the amount of talking. I don’t think I have a lack of listening ability but maybe I do.


Hey Dave2 and Avi!  There’s an iPhone app for LOLcats so you can get ICHC on your iPhone.  Like, every day even!



tsk tsk

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