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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

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  • The LORAX was really good! Great plot, good message, etc. One question, tho: Where'd O'Hare get HIS air?. HA! Take THAT, hippies! #
  • What! This is *so* a word! #WWF #BeQuiet! http://t.co/XakQw65Z #
  • Driving, Austin to Dallas w/ Steely Dan blaring in brand new Dodge Charger. Wishing @martymankins could join me on a road trip #
  • THE BIG APPLE ANNOUNCEMENT EVERYONE'S WAITING FOR: Wayne says Apple ain't that big of a deal http://t.co/XmnszBmZ #
  • Me too! RT @Critia Someone please explain Radiohead to me. #
  • It's Jaden's 10th birthday! (@ Grandview Hills Elementary w/ 2 others) http://t.co/lj02XCCf #
  • THIS JUST IN: Independent sources confirm that whall's shirt statistically likely better than yours http://t.co/maq5u011 #
  • Hey! This location is now closed!! What's the deal!?!?? (@ Red Robin Gourmet Burgers) http://t.co/jPpHwCWd #
  • I cannot believe @avitable was able to guess my last drawing. Kudos, sir. Is there a way to share drawings or look back? #drawsomething #
  • No, YOUR upset stomach is from YOU consuming 3 Red Bulls, 2 Diet Cokes, 5 Hour Energy shot, 2 NoDoze and a cake donut #
  • I am giving @ellemmes the absolute WORST pictures in #drawsomething #
  • George Lucas should embrace affirmative action & cast a Native American as lead role in Star Wars. Can't wait to see A New Hopi #
  • Some of Sedona http://t.co/FanZfsY0 #
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  • MT @poppycede Wow. Not even to the Oscars show yet & I cannot process the hate vs. love of the looks tweeted here. // it's what we've become #
  • Prolly shoulda not forgotten my coat this trip http://t.co/rVozG7Zg #
  • Yay! I'm in DC! Boo! My bag is stuck in Chicago. Yay! They'll deliver it to my hotel when it gets in! Boo! Have no idea when that will be! #
  • It's times like these where I wish my baggage had a foursquare account do I could get the points of being in Chicago while I'm in DC #
  • I will drown my baggage-less sorrows in a nice plate of EGGS PLAKA!!! (@ Amphora's Diner Deluxe) http://t.co/H1pPoxoz #
  • Overheard in DC:
  • Aww that's so sweet of you to s… WAIT A SEC WHEN DID IT
    BECOME TUESDAY!?!! (cc: @missbritt @secretninjamom @burghbaby) #
  • Asked for a creme brûlée for desert. They brought me a chocolate creme brûlée. NOT the same thing. My fault for not asking to see menu #
  • Dear legal friends; I was recently denied something for being "Too Hall". Do I have a case? I was born this way! http://t.co/jyF5USVP #
  • For @Blogography RT @TheOnion Heartbroken Santorum Condemns Gay Marriage For Two-Timing Jerks Like Nick http://t.co/5U1lX9Fq #
  • SHHHHHH! 4SQ better keep its mouth shut. @queenofpink might see me and @hellohahanarf might get jealous http://t.co/UH2H66et #
  • RT @martymankins Still amazed that my Sprint bill has gone up almost $30 // cell phone coverage should be mandatory for all Americans!!! #
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  • We can walk our road together, if our goals are all the same. #Rush (@ Hemispheres) http://t.co/7Xf4YTuy #
  • Bought a bookcase. Glad I didn't paper shelf. (@ Hobby Lobby) http://t.co/2Eu1zZy7 #
  • There's extra-ordinaire and then there's this. http://t.co/zbNE6OiC #
  • Why can't I reserve whall.omg domain? Does someone already have it? #
  • I had to catch today's http://t.co/3AGZeBFX shirt. "Lookin' for love in Alderaan places" #
  • Whenever someone uses "and probably reads Ayn Rand" as an insult, I chuckle to myself. Because its totally not pronounced "Ayn" #
  • Making copies… (@ FedEx Office Print & Ship Center) http://t.co/1YIy2LFu #
  • I think I'm gonna see SWEp4-3D tonight. FYI. #
  • It's more than just a guilty pleasure when I watch an awesome movie in a completely empty theater [pic]: http://t.co/1z7HTMpm #
  • I don't think Foursquare knows what "closing in" on someone really means. (cc: @kapgar) http://t.co/S7gcfEkh #
  • I never. NEVER. Get tired of @brentspiner telling me to keep Real 3D Green by recycling my 3D glasses. #fascinating #
  • Another atta-boy for Hampton keeping me happy one night at a time (@ Hampton Inn) http://t.co/MD6fqRDJ #
  • Long awaited lunch w/@renagerie and fiends. Wait. Friends, not fiends. I think. (@ Brooklyn Pie Co w/ @renagerie) http://t.co/wpL4xTUm #
  • Another pine car derby weigh in. 4.9 ounces! (@ FedEx store) [pic]: http://t.co/xLKBDGF9 #
  • Hypothetically, if I tweet about switching from AT&T to Verizon from my AT&T phone, do I risk retaliation from AT&T? #holdme #
  • So those of you with ipad2 — any must-have accessories? #
  • The old switcheroo (@ Verizon Wireless) http://t.co/7fn9UpiB #
  • Bad: airline oversold flight: got bumped & will land 6hrs later. Good: airline called me, rebooked & saved me grief @ airport #
  • So um, had to switch gates. My prior checkin @ gate 22 seems like a big fat lie. Has NOTHING to do w/points. Mostly. http://t.co/6p6oqoDY #
  • Pshaw who cares about First Class upgrades anymore — I got upgraded to 3D! #wherearemyglasses http://t.co/AP005jM8 #
  • You point elitists won't believe me but flight changed AGAIN. I'm back to lovely Gate 22. I always liked you best. http://t.co/EygHJZtx #
  • LOVE IT when the gate attendant gently reminds people who try to sneak into an earlier boarding group. #busted #
11:00 pm
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  • Charger with USB FTW (@ National Car Rental) http://t.co/QLGrdsSU #
  • I saw where someone said their wireless router supported "duel radios" and I thought: THEM'S FIGHTIN WORDS! #
  • Sometimes I think politicians invented Twitter so common folk could experience the joy of having everything said be public record #
  • Trato de no dejar que un error acento mí, pero si no puedo entender, no debe trabajar el drive-thru #
  • Come on, @redbull – you haven't had any product here in 3 weeks! (@ CVS Pharmacy) http://t.co/mDsNuCPh #
  • The pain of 5am wakeup call to catch early flight is totally made up for by the free first class upgrade waiting for me #woot #
  • Not envying @martymankins and his double-digit-hour exchange repair tasks. Been there, done that, edbutilIthrowup #
  • Owning Chronicles does not a true Rush fan make #andthegeekshallinherittheearth #
  • Always willing to take the awesome travel voucher deals for volunteering to fly later… unless I have some Jaden time scheduled #
  • This? Is my Facts Of Life boarding pass. #takethegood http://t.co/N1GUFWj0 #
  • Wow just checked out the lyric scroller option of Shazam – very very cool. http://t.co/n2rKAnzk #
11:00 pm
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  • Don't you even START with me RT @queenofpink Wait, people still drink Pepsi? #
  • Can't watch Super bowl for 2 hrs. Tried leaving Austin early enough but running behind. Wait isn't "running behind" one of the positions? #
  • I'm a foursquare mayor of more places out-of-state than in-state. #
  • Chuckle: RT @TheOnion Man With Paper Bag On Head Leading @MittRomney In Polls By 20 Points http://t.co/IceHGMGW #
  • I've got the moves like jäger, I've got the move like jäger. I don't need to try to outdrink you, look into my eyes and you'll pay th'bill #
  • Well at least it's a hybrid http://t.co/NU0rndpG #obama #funny #
  • Someone tell Michael J. Fox! RT @TheOnion Typo In Proposition 8 Defines Marriage As Between 'One Man And One Wolfman' http://t.co/ncICoBvc #
  • If you like me at all, or actually any person anywhere, send positive vibes so I can win Grand Prize: Free Whataburger For a Year #
  • THIS Whataburger. (@ Whataburger) http://t.co/mceKAxuR #
  • About as much as Manism RT @AnissaMayhew Feminism NOT Someone’s Thing? Seriously? http://t.co/NgeD15UR #
  • We put the "whall" in "Whataburger" #flex http://t.co/wdMDcoZT #
  • So I know a bunch of my twitter pals like BTTF. There's a free game app today http://t.co/eEKxKAxO #
  • How could you be so stupid to think I would ever call you stupid? #
11:00 pm
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  • Who needs a stairway to heaven when you have two different stairways to Wayne? http://t.co/a6l6mY2e #
  • Smartphones: for when you still want to be wrong about the forecast, but you want to be wrong *faster*. #
  • Anybody want Greek food? I'm buying*

    * some restrictions apply. Offer not valid outside 5mile radius of current location. Cannot be combin #

  • Darn. Nobody took me up on my offer for free food. Sometimes I just don't understand people! (@ Athens Grill) http://t.co/DvKflHE7 #
  • Ok I have the next killer podcast. @blogography and I watch news together and comment live. Either can pause. Alternate Fox/msnbc/CNN #
  • I suspect Julian Assange is Bill Maher's illegitimate child. Don't you see it? #
  • This is who I'm spending the evening with tonight. http://t.co/egjQNbyS #
  • I need a service that can sync all my sync services. #
  • Sometimes the right headphones make all the difference. http://t.co/nQs75VgN #saynotoearbuds #
  • I look forward to the day when Foursquare can tell me I'm using the same bathroom stall as some celebrity I follow once did. #
  • Entire hotel power just went out. Just as I arrived to my room, like seconds out of the elevator. Now to dream funky. #
  • And I'm reminded of the many benefits to my iP4: my alarm will work, a flashlight, and I can tweet my woes to everyone. #
  • Me too! MT @renagerie saddens me that I haven't met @sybillaw. The fact that she's my blog's most reliable commenter highlights failing. #
  • I feel like @poppycedes and @nycwd should be here with me (@ Dunkin' Donuts) [pic]: http://t.co/bpS3nPA2 #
  • Friend bought the Asus Transformer Prime netbook:tablet combo. Pretty sweet I must say. #
  • In case you were wondering exactly how big these beats were, they are of the leprechaun-stepping genre. #
  • Yes it's finally open (@ Whataburger) http://t.co/C0ASxWzr #
  • I'm thinking about live tweeting the game. I won't be watching it, just live tweeting it. Think I could get a sponsor? #
  • So this app almost seems worth $1.99 — 200 super bowl ads. http://t.co/DY6UKJNg 2006-now #
  • Folks, smoking kills. Here's proof
    http://t.co/v9sYGbAz #
11:00 pm
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  • Hotels: no "13th floor," but they still have a room #404 When will they get upgrade to today's superstitions? http://t.co/uMEkkRJV #
  • Fork in the road ahead. One way leads to work. Another; a movie. A 3rd points to #swtor Which path is your destiny? Hint: Peace is a lie #
  • Chiiiiiiiinese music always… sets. me. free. Angular banjos… sound good… to me! #aja #steelydan #
  • I wish I knew someone who was a wizard at project management and MS Project so I could get them drunk and scrape their brain. #
  • RT @sizzlesays If you were going to "channel" someone's style, who would it be? // Jon Anderson of Yes fame #
  • Guess what I'm doing for the first time in about a year? DON'T LOOK THAT WOULD BE CHEATING YOU BIG CHEATER http://t.co/g5unCdIf #
  • Look I'm a fan of people trying to get their money's worth. But someone is playing ELP's Karn Evil 9 on the jukebox and I'm waiting!!! #
  • Woke up in a daze. Misread USA Today headline of "Scientists Engineer Bioterror Fears" as "810 Ferret Tears". Boy am I relieved to be wrong #
  • Know what makes me think of glorious Norse afterlife accommodations? Anything that makes me yell out loud. Why? cuz @whall holla! #
  • Whew! Thanx RT @Faiqa Happy Birthday @avitable <— this means I don't have to call you… because I *just talked to you. #
  • I gotta admit I'm excited: just got an *omelette sandwich* from Subway. To be safe tho, I also got Cheetos and sugar cookie. #
  • Best of luck to my talented daughter and amazing mom who start out on their flights and visits to colleges for auditions today #
  • Turns out the difference between Fairfax Drive in Arlington, VA and Fairfax Drive in Alexandria, VA isn't as subtle as I thought #GPS #typo #
  • Me and some of @Bellaventa @boobtubious @BlondeBlogger @mr_shiny @CissaFireheart #1 http://t.co/qQ0xeYb4 #
  • Me and some of @Bellaventa @boobtubious @BlondeBlogger @mr_shiny @CissaFireheart #2 http://t.co/bjxy5189 #
  • Me and some of @Bellaventa @boobtubious @BlondeBlogger @mr_shiny @CissaFireheart #3 http://t.co/vDSD9lgj #
  • Me and some of @Bellaventa @boobtubious @BlondeBlogger @mr_shiny @CissaFireheart (without me) #4 http://t.co/EjOeuCCV #
  • Me and some of @Bellaventa @boobtubious @BlondeBlogger @mr_shiny @CissaFireheart #5 http://t.co/RuBdu98c (google+ video hangouts rock!) #
  • Gotta say, Google+ Video group Hangouts really are cool w/@boobtubious @cissafireheart @BlondeBlogger http://t.co/aBcYsXqm #
  • RT @hellohahanarf Playing with fire again. // I was playing with @cissafireheart earlier. Close enough? #
  • Saw this on Facebook. For some reason first person I thought of was @queenofpink http://t.co/fr8JhYJE #
  • Taking suggestions for what to do today in DC. A movie and #swtor already on the list. Don't mind driving a bit, either. #
  • Heh main whall, more like (@ Union Staion, Main Hall) http://t.co/kp0Wtjmp #
  • Aww this place is awesome. Can't wait to show my 9yr old Jaden (@ International Spy Museum w/ 4 others) http://t.co/0d2YdDd5 #
  • I picked 3 RT @AppAdvice iOS Apps Gone Free: Meme Generator Pro, Babylonian Twins HD, That Word, And More http://t.co/TniC2Qp1 #
  • I really like that first line… Why'd they have to keep writing? http://t.co/9KT7aqzN "Congress shall make no law…" #
  • Tried to get in but my knife was too long 🙁 will try again next time. Without the knife http://t.co/04c7uM05 #
  • Interesting sunlight reflections on the side of the Holocaust Museum http://t.co/rh2z8c3j I'm thinking DNA strands. What do you see? #
  • Maybe if I study here hard enough, *I* can be President too! (@ Occidental Grill and Seafood) http://t.co/npjODI2B #
  • Awesome. The theater I picked at random is right next to Wayne Ave. http://t.co/lPqPcivM #
  • I claim this garage in the name of whall (@ Wayne Avenue Garage) http://t.co/t2Mn4aPq #
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  • Seriously. Was *anyone* a fan of Dr. Pulaski? #sttng #
  • I can't believe the rental I got stuck with http://t.co/5Ob6tVlg #
  • I wonder how many people signed petitions today against SOPA without reading it. #
  • Ouch. This traffic in #belton is brutal driving back to Austin from Dallas. #
  • I'm warning you: if the fake hair on my head is pelted with tiny frozen balls of ice, there'll be hail toupee. #
  • Very pleased to be blessed by @missbritt and her family http://t.co/dnG3LRsA (with @renagerie) http://t.co/tEfceO2b #
  • The brainwashed do not know they are brainwashed.

    But I do. #

  • What the #WWF Kootche isn't a word? What else do you say to babies? http://t.co/F9sP8Pfn #
  • What exactly is a "throng"? MT @cnnbrk Throngs of Penn State students gather at Joe Paterno statue to pay tribute. http://t.co/BRKhvZrl #
  • Status. It's the difference between getting a Dodge Avenger and getting a Dodge Charger. Charger always wins. #
  • The Eggs Plaka is to die for! Amphora's Diner Deluxe (1151 Elden St, Herndon Parkway, Herndon) on foursquare: http://t.co/XLZJ6eE9 #
  • Eggs Plaka is amazing. Eggs Benedict w/ Gyro meat! Amphora's Diner Deluxe (1151 Elden St, Herndon, VA): http://t.co/XLZJ6eE9 #
11:00 pm
Post Meta :
  • Love the gyros here (@ Caspian Kabob) http://t.co/qXbMZQjh #
  • Happy Solar Return, @Faiqa. #
  • Airline alarm math: trying to determine the latest possible time you can sleep in and still make your early morning flight. #
  • I *was* excited to become @nationalcares Executive, until I got charged $540 for 2 day rental due to car choice surcharge. Hope they fix! #
  • I have just long enough of a layover in Newark to not risk doing anything whatsoever. #170mins #
  • Corned beef hash & eggs with "Elvis Fries" at Garden State Diner. The King would be proud and probably ask me to share. #Iwould #
  • Ok, be honest. Who here didn't know that an ATM was an appropriate place to use the restroom? http://t.co/rtXuoyxW #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. I bet we have a racecar fanatic just wishing he could prove himself. #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. Don't we have the technology to do that mid-flight nowadays? #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. But it's only flat on the bottom! #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. Technician's name is probably Jack, assisted by Phil #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. That's airline speak for "Captain hit the snooze button" #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. No, she's left-handed. #wrongpunchline #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. Surprisingly, this does not qualify as a "USY IC Fun Fact." (@USYICFunFacts) #
  • Just told that flight delayed 30m while they change a tire. Aka "Flight delayed 30m for tire change" in Twitter-speak #themoreyouknow #
  • I'm not MIA, I'm *at* MIA (@ Miami International Airport (MIA) w/ 58 others) http://t.co/c3Mxm6m7 #
  • The speeding-by ocean at Fort Lauderdale Beach. http://t.co/aZpep1Ok #
  • The view from my Hotel Room. The wise among you might have a chance to see what's "added" http://t.co/x6IypbYo #
  • Someone needs to tell this hotel room designer than clear glass tabletops do not go well with today's optical mice. #
  • Happy Solar Return @jannaverse Remind me to tell you about the thing and the stuff #
  • Don't you wish yo rest'raunt was. Hot. Like. Me. (@ Blue Moon Fish Co.) http://t.co/7Qj2kUfO #
  • You know what's great? Me. http://t.co/BEFlTcF2 – I have proof #
  • Who knew there were *two* different Westin Diplomat Resorts in Florida? We went to the wrong on for our #splunk conference. Now late #
  • Well at least they got my name badge right. Well, kinda. http://t.co/5erjoIlu #
  • I'm in "Hallandale, Fl". I get the feeling I should be drinking. Right? #
  • Better an hour early than a minute late. #helpsdefineme #
  • Can't install 32bit Project b/c "64bit office installed". Can't install 64bit b/c "32bit products installed". Is this Catch-22bit? #
  • So this audiobook is 45 minutes long. Hypocrisy? http://t.co/zvWVmxIi #
  • Even the gun range capitalizes on the Zombie craze http://t.co/fhCBWtiQ #
  • Me and Jaden with Granddaddy at the shootin' range http://t.co/DSFod7aK #
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