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reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated…
                          – LOLcats

I’ll be upfront.  I want your vote.  I want to go to Vegas.

Sure, the Presidential Primaries are going on right now and people are tired of hearing about change, hope, promises, campaigns, and mudslinging.  Well, instead of worrying about which scumbag (or scumbagette) to vote into office, VOTE FOR THE FUNNIEST POKER-RELATED LOLCAT!  Even more importantly – VOTE FOR MINE!

i can has vote

The great folks over at icanhascheezeburger are running a Poker Cats contest, and I want everyone to pull for me.  The contest is – submit a funny poker-related LOLcat and the person with the most votes wins a trip to vegas (air, hotel and some cash).

Here’s what you do: I want you to click on one or all of the following submissions and VOTE for my submissions.  And then I want you to tell your friends to vote for me.  Consider putting a link for this post in your weekly summary if you have one.  Rent me one of those banner airplanes over LA.  Let’s ROCK this vote.

Below please find the ones *I* submitted – click on the picture to go vote on your favorites, or go all out and be my best friend by voting for all of them.  Then tell your friends.   Then go dig up some dead people and have THEM vote (hey, it works for the politicians…)

And if you’re feeling a little spunky, tell me if you like any of them.  If you decide to enter the contest, let me know in the comments and I’ll vote for you too.

UPDATE: How to vote:

  • Click on one or as many photos as you like – you can only vote once PER PHOTO, but you’re free to vote once PER PHOTO; in fact, that’s my preference!
  • When you see the photo at the icanhascheezeburger site, there will be five (5) cheeseburgers just above the photo.  This is how you “rate” the photo from one to five cheeseburgers (long story, don’t ask).  Just click once on the right-most cheeseburger to vote and rate it a “5”.  It should increment the total number of votes that photo has.
    how to vote

Here you go!

tree stax fo hai society - i has dem


what happens in vegas stays in vegas lolcats


poker face, I has it


lissen here da ting, if u can't spot da suxor...


chek i says


lays down a monster




oh noes aa loses to 23


tsk tsk

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