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10:08 am
Post Meta :

For the most part, I’m not a fan of big government.  I don’t like intrusion into privacy, overly regulated industries, or yet-another-piece-of-legislation that makes mankind all the more administratively burdened.  Part of it is the overhead (and therefore, inefficiency) and part of it is a deeply-rooted fear of Big Brother combined with the lack of trust of humans in general, that there is the inherent likelihood that someone in power is going to do bad things to keep and grow their power.

Of course, not all legislation is bad.  There are some (decidedly few) laws that help us prosper, protect the little guy, and direct our nation into becoming a large self-sustaining body of rugged individuals.  Part of the ongoing struggle of a democracy is how we balance the two.


I’m not sure if “Truth in Labeling” is an actual law or not, but it seems I’ve heard something about FDA this or EPA that which required food to have consistent and accurate labeling.  For example, a product could not claim to cure cancer, and even if it did, it couldn’t be a food – it would have to be a drug.  The list of ingredients on a particular food must, by law, be put in order of content such that the first item listed represents the largest percentage of a single component.

In fact, I tweeted a picture recently of a Burger King icing packet and saw how they found all these ways of saying “Sugar”.


Lessee… Four different types of sugar!  liquid sugar, icing sugar, glucose, and… wait for it… sugar.  I feel like Bubba is there extolling all the different ways you can make Shrimp.  Wonka Gump, if you will.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I found a candy maker who is NOT afraid to comply fully with the Truth in Labeling law.  They are NOT trying to hide, obfuscate or otherwise distract you from the TRUTH.  We have here, ladies and gentlebloggers, a company who upholds the honor, integrity and trust we so timidly place in our corporate giants.

I now give you – the – Best.  Wrapper.  Ever.


Since I know some of you respond poorly to pictures of icky nasty creatures found in nature (my tarantula videos and pictures come to mind), I’ll put the other pictures of this Scorpion Sucker in the extended entry, below.



12:38 pm
Post Meta :

…it will not be televised.  It will be Google Latituded.

We are all Big Brother’s willing participants.

Check out http://google.com/latitude  and wave your freedom goodbye.  

But wave “Hi!” to me as we pass each other on our google latitude-enabled cell phones.  Maybe someday we’ll be notified that we happen to be at the same restaurant.

tsk tsk

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