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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Yesterday was an interesting day for me. 

It all started when I got a notice from HR a month or so ago that I *had* to take some mandatory company class.  I’m thinking “uh-oh,” another sexual harassment training or rah-rah session on goals, objectives or maybe a facilitator class.  I thought I left that all behind me when I left the Big M or the Big I or even the Big G.

I am not a fan of instructor-led classes.

They go too slow.  The classes are boring.  Most instructors are failures in REAL life, so they go around and teach.  There are enough other failures running government, so they send themselves to training as a requirement, and as a result the whole training process atrophies.  I fall asleep unless I contribute.  The content is material for a professional hypnotist to practice with.

whall wayne yawning

When I showed up to Creative Leadership for Managers, I ready for the same-old same-old.  At least the class was 9am-4pm, with a healthy 1hr lunch and not a lengthy all-day thing.  I might survive with nary a nap!

The instructor looked a little like Drew Carey, and made a point of coming around before the class and shaking hands, introducing himself, asking who we were, where we were from, and providing general chitchat.  I was positive that he was gathering intel for the onslaught of mediocrity that surely lay in wait for me.  So I decided I needed to bare my teeth and show I am not your typical prey.

creative leadership bill gordon

The class got underway and first off, I was unimpressed with the projector screen (booorrringggg!), as well as a mispelling in the workbook!

creative leadership fail mispelled word

Look! there even seems to be an extra space between “Leadership”and “Skills”.  If it’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s improper use of white space. 

I also wondered at the apparent insult my company lobbed at me from nowhere – what are they saying?  I’m NOT a creative leader?  I need help with this stuff?  What, I’m a clown to you?!?!?  What happened to the days when if you didn’t do a job, you just got fired for it?  Why do we have to hold everyone’s hand with everything, coach them and teach them, and help them to be the best them they can be (the preceding italicized words are meant to be said with a fake little girly voice, intending a high level of mockery.  It helps if you envision me doing fake quotes in the air with my fingers as I say each set.)

Fortunately, I was disappointed.  I loved the class!  The speaker rocked!  Or more accurately, the speaker turned out to be phenomenal, armed with fantastic content.  I picked up some great tips on leading vs managing, how to address conflict, stay on agenda, reward employees in more creative ways, and keep track of delegation better.

fred pryor creative leadership

So, as a result, today I informed one of my employees (leading) that he was to attend the next class for me (delegation).  When he objected and threw a fit (conflict), I informed him of the business impact to the company (stay on agenda), and I told him he could continue receiving a paycheck if he goes (reward in creative ways).  Win-Win!

If you’re looking for coaching or want excellent training to come to your company, I can’t recommend Bill Gordon highly enough.

Bill Gordon Bill is an experienced Certified Enpowerment Coach who is credentialed by the global International Coach Federation. He is an effective, well-seasoned trainer and facilitator who regularly receives accolades for life-changing experiences for learning participants. His generous spirit, sense of humor, and ability to connect with individuals within the learning environment make a sought-after speaker internationally.Bill is a Maine native living in Chicago, IL

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