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4:01 pm
Post Meta :

A nephew of ours turned 8 this last Saturday, and part of our gift was the following 30-stanza self-describing haiku.  He’s a smart kid and loves wordplay.  We figured it apropos.

(The gift the haiku mentions is Lego Indiana Jones for the DS, which came out today.  The game wasn’t available on Saturday, so the haiku references that as well.)

Follow along, won’t you?   Feel free to add to his haiku in the comments, and be sure to end the last line in “oo”.  Bonus points if you don’t re-use one of the words I’ve already used (*evil grin*).

rhyming birthday haiku; logo made at cooltext.com

We thought we would share
This eighth birthday gift for you,
Our favorite Nephew!

And wouldn’t you know,
it would only be fitting
that it be haiku.

You might be wond’ring
“what is haiku, exactly?”
Here, I’ll ‘splain to you.

First, you make three lines
of any words together.
Wait! There’s more to do!

Also, you must count.
And count, by golly, you will!
(now you got a clue?)

(the rest is in the extended entry)


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