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(20)08-09-10, at 11:12:13. (Central Time Zone, Daylight Savings Time)

Ok I cheated a bit but you get the idea.  A couple of months ago I celebrated 1:23:45 on 06-07-08.  Next year I’ll celebrate 12:34:56 on 07-08-09.  You shoulda seen it – party hats, numbered candles, Mayan sacrifices, the whole bit.

You know, people have been saying that the new LHC experiment may result in creating a Time Machine.  Others claim that a black hole will be created and it’s the end of the world as we know it.  Couldn’t they wait until December of 2012 to do it, just to be cool?  Or at least have better timing?

Some people claim that – if a time machine were EVER invented/discovered, in the past or the future, we’d know about it because at some point in the future, someone would go in the past (or now) and we’d just know.  

However, I’m smarter than that because I’ve seen the movie Primer.  


I’m thinking a time machine could be created at the time they do the experiment, and from that point forward time travel is possible.  Or, at the very least, people in the future could come back to that point but not any earlier.

Maybe that’s why it’s the end of the world as we know it because really, nothing happens at first, but at some point in the future, somebody decides the world is stupid and goes back as far as they can (which is the time that they turned on the LHC) and decides to blow up the world.

And, I’m not pointing fingers or anything, but it probably was a liberal.

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