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5:30 pm
Post Meta :

As promised, here is a more detailed description of my journey into the choice of getting the iPhone 3GS over keeping my older Blackberry 8700C.

Summary: It’s a better phone + PDA + music + social media tool + web browser + gadget.

Details are in the extended entry.


5:30 pm
Post Meta :

You may have seen some of my recent tweets that I’ve been trying to decide between keeping my Blackberry 8700C or upgrading to an iPhone 3GS.

Side note: I like how each of the manufacturers like to double up their graphics whenever showing off a phone.  It’s like you subconsciously get TWO phones.

I have my personal list of PROs and CONs about each phone/service.  What I’d like from you is not necessarily a vote for one of the other (because WHICH phone YOU would choose is less applicable than WHY), but instead, list your likes and dislikes of each.

Here are the facts first:

  • I’m currently with AT&T and I qualify for the upgrade discounts… so I’m pretty sure that means $99 for 8GB old iPhone, $199 for 16GB new iPhone and $299 for 32GB new iPhone.
  • I believe I’d save $15-20 a month on the iPhone all-inclusive plan over the Blackberry all inclusive plan.  I still have to confirm this, though.  (We already have unlimited texting on our family plan)
  • I’m an Enterprise user and my group administers the BES at work (some of you know what that means and why it’s a factor).
  • I’m an extremely fast typer and I rely heavily on email functionality, both work-related (Exchange) and personal (Gmail via IMAP).

I think what I’ll do is this: I’ll let Dave2 make his very witty and comedic-yet-unrelated comment, and then I’ll sit and watch the PROs and CONs filter in from all you smart and helpful folk.  Later, when everyone’s had a chance, I’ll see if any of mine were missed and I’ll add them in.  I guess really what I’m saying is I may steal the thunder from a lot of comments if I list out all my factors, and I don’t want to pre-empt comments.  I love comments. 

Feel free to be as technical as you want.  Or as frilly, I don’t care.

I’m pretty happy right now.  You might think I got a new toy or something (and there are some toys out there that would qualify) but mainly I just got my old and busted toy fixed.

As some of you know, I depend on my Blackberry 8700c – it’s my phone, my PDA, my email, calendar, tasks, contacts, SMS, picture browser, web browser, etc.  I’ve had it for a while – another friend of mine was able to snag one for me FREE at the RIM Launching event in San Francisco – Thanx guys!

blackberry 8700c

Not only do I depend on the absolutely cool unit, I love it as well.  I love having one device on my belt (well, other than my SwissTool), having everything together, and having access to everything all the time – not to mention updating info/contacts and having immediate access to corporate and personal email.

However, recently I’ve had horrible cell phone reception.  The blackberry data service (EDGE in uppercaps vs edge in lowercase) worked fine, and I could always send/receive phone calls, but while I’m talking to someone I had horrible volume problems and every 2nd or 3rd word was interrupted/dropped or otherwise lost, so I did a lot of “what?” in most of my conversations.  And I don’t mean the type of “what?” I would say when I hear someone saying “I’m going to crawl through the phone and pull your nose hairs until I get the info I want, Mr. Hall”  I mean instead of that sentence I would hear something like “I’m (burble) to cr(burble) through (burble) own and pull (burble) airs until I get (burble) all”

I attribute the bad cell stuff to the incessent dropping that the unit has suffered under my hands.  I’m guessing the internal antenna has become dislodged or something so that the signal strength isn’t so good.  Also, the “water damage” indicator underneat the battery cover (small square that’s either red or white) says RED, meaning, it’s seen it’s share of moisture and the phone is no longer covered by insurance.  I don’t know how much I believe that sticker, but still, the manufacturer has to protect their interests too, I guess.

So now for the happy-happy-joy-joy part — I GOT A REPLACEMENT PHONE!  YAY!

blackberry 8700c chrome new yay whall

And ooooh, the new one is chrome instead of dark grey.  Kind of looks better methinks.  Plus, the CPU seems faster, but that might be because I haven’t loaded it down with all my data.  Also seems lighter, but maybe it’ll get heavier when I load more email on it.

Here’s how it happened – another coworker needed a blackberry, so we ordered a new 8700c.  However, the person does NOT need a phone plan with it – just the blackberry.  And since my blackberry works fine as a blackberry but not-so-fine as a phone, this awesome person agreed to swap devices with me so I could have a WORKING PHONE.


(plus, this person has promised me her McDonald’s Monopoly codes.  How much better could this person get?)

10:12 am
Post Meta :

I love my blackberry.  And, it seems I’m in good company – just look at all the hotties who use it!  My current model is Cingular’s 8700c, and it’s been my favorite gadget so far in a long string of gadgets that have graced my hip over the last 10+ years.


One of the features it has is the ability to dial a phone number from the Home Page.  I can see why some people might like this, as it might be frustrating to have to get to “phone mode” in order to start dialing, but with as much as my blackberry is in and out of it’s holster, keys inevitably get hit on it’s way in or out.  Of particular interest to the holster is the number zero, as it seems the holster likes pushing it more than any other key.

This gets very annoying with the “dial from home” feature on, because I’ll be taking my little friend out of his holster only to find out I’ve started dialing the operator.  Or I’ll put the blackberry into it’s hip home and it’s dialing out to one of my last dialed numbers.  It’s sooooo frustrating.

So, my recommendation to fellow bb’ers with this model is to turn the feature off.  You can do so by going to phone mode (ie, press the green call button from home screen), then click in, select Options, then General Options, then change “Dial From Home Screen” to “No”.

A friend of mine found and sent me a copy of this awesome PDF of Blackberry 8700 tips. A person named “stinsonddog” on the Blackberry Forums site made it and even though it could be improved (ie, it would be nice if it told you little tips like how to install/save a custom ringtone or how to put files in your picture library and general stuff like that) I still think it’s a great collection of tips and I’m very grateful.

The author asks that if you find the PDF file helpful, consider a Paypal donation for animal welfare. I love it when people create content and distribute it free and ask for donations. I myself frequently choose to support work that way.

The items I really got out of this PDF were

  • Setting default brightness to 30 instead of 100. I guess it’ll save on battery life but who knows what the exact differential is.
  • Finding out that I could define my own searches and tag ALT- to them. That’s useful.
  • Finding out that I could send free SMS messages to any number by emailing to @teleflip.com. Cingular blue is 10digit@mmode.com.
  • ALT-Esc does something – and it’s pretty much the same as windows. Very nice!
  • Finding out I can save a web page as a static element and email it.
  • Making the phone wait longer before going to voicemail just by dialing a string. For mine, I wanted a 20 second delay of ringing before going to voicemail, so I dialed *61*+1###########*“*20# where ####… was my 10 digit number. I got an error on the phone, but it still seemed to have worked.
  • ALT-CAP-H is a very cool / useful screen. I love these kinds of shortcuts.
  • Nice to know there’s a soft-key reboot instead of normal take out battery routine. Haven’t tried it though… but will next time.
  • I also haven’t tried it but it’s nice that the instructions for using the 8700c as a modem are spelled out. I have the Verizon broadband PC card so I’ll almost always opt for the 400-800K b/w thank you very much…
  • Berry 411 – very nice indeed. I can’t wait to put it into action.

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