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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

iPhone runs VIM

Ok, there’s more to the story than just this, but what caught my eye was the VIM tie-in.  For those of you who don’t know, VIM is “vi improved”, and vi is a visual editor used on unix systems.  It’s completely text-based, harkening back to the days of no mice and no graphics.  It’s extremely powerful, and I still use it daily to do text editing, manipulation, processing, etc.  I’ve had gvim (graphical vim) on my box forever, and rely on it.  To know that it can run on the iPhone makes me 1% closer to wanting one. 

To date, I’m about at 4% wanting one.  If the cost came down to $200 or so, I’d be at 80%.  If it supported ActiveSync (ie, if it supported Outlook Mobile Access – OMA – from exchange front end web servers) like so many other smart phones, I’d be at 95%.  I depend on my blackberry, and it securely syncs up all my email, contacts, calendar, etc wirelessly.  ActiveSync w/OMA does the same thing for non-blackberry PDAs.

So for the time being, I’ll have to be happy with my midpSSH client for my blackberry.  It lets me bounce off my internal blackberry enterprise server, encrypted across the RIM network, and ssh into internal servers @ work, so now I can truly fix those emergency situations without having to find a hotspot!

The David Blaine of Billiards

Never saw this guy before, don’t know who he is, but I’ve dubbed him the David Blaine of Billiards.  Or call it “Street Magic Pool”.  Doesn’t matter what it’s called, but these are some pretty neat tricks.  Thanks to Jen for the link.

147 run in Snooker 

Speaking of billiards, Jen also shared this fantastic video of a guy making a perfect 147-score run in snooker in about 5 minutes.  The guy is awesome.

Breakfast – it’s not just for breakfast anymore

I heard on the news recently that Kellogg’s has found more people eating it’s cereal at non-breakfast times, like for a late night snack or after-dinner treat, so they’re ramping up production of chocolate-flavored rice krispies or special K or something. So I decided to come up with the above tagline.  It’s mine.  I owns it.

New Dennys Menu girl

Well, she just doesn’t do it for me.

The new Denny's Menu girl

Compared to Tiffany, the old Denny’s menu girl, I mean.  I’m not saying this girl here is ugly or anything – her smile is nice, sure, and she’s bringing a GREAT tray of food, and she has that super weird grip on the coffee mug, and she can pour coffee without looking.  Not only that, she has a four foot long spike sticking out of her back (it’s an old war wound), but you can’t see it because she’s looking AT us instead of away.  The lady in the back who’s smiling sees it and is rather rude by laughing at it.

In case you forgot what Tiffany looks like, here’s a refresher.  See what I mean?

Tiffany from Denny's is hot

WHALLcats – Jaden version

I promised some more WHALLcats.  Here you go, but instead of cats (or dogs), it’s none other than Jaden!

whallcats jaden spelz

LOLcats – Wolves version

And here’s one I made up just now.  It’s from a caption contest entry no-one entered.

lolcats wolves

8:27 am
Post Meta :

Some of you might be thinking I’m entering into the wild, exciting new contest called “American Idol – misleading Blog Title edition”, but no, I’m not.  Currently held by Jennefer for her “The best time I’ve ever had getting spanked” post, the award is something I don’t plan on even going to try to win.  There’s just too many other folks out there who put me to shame.

No, I’m talking instead about my awesome Back to Basics Toaster & Egg Poacher appliance!


Many of you who know me know that I love me my Whataburger Taquitos.  They really make the best fast food breakfast anywhere, hands down (for non-fast-food, I have to go with Kiefer’s Cafe on Kramer and Metric here in Austin).  The taquitos are packed full of eggs, the tortillas are warm and soft, and the cheese is usually perfectly melted.  Add some of their fried potato sticks and it gives it just the right texture.  I prefer mine slammed down with a pepsi or coke to add just the right amount of throat burn and “ahhhhh” right afterwards, but milk is sometimes good too.

I probably should buy Whataburger stock based on how much I eat these taquitos.  Their corporate headquarters calls me up every time I go out of town to see if I’m ok.  The drive thru guy asked me to be his kids godfather. 

But this little toaster gives my favorite breakfast food a run for it’s money.  And, again, based on how much money I’ve given the taquito industry, that’s saying something.

First, it’s a toaster.  No biggie there.  But it’s an egg poacher too!  It really is about as simple as it can get, and a heckuva lot easier than getting in my car and driving to get one.  Literally in 5 minutes I can start, prepare, cook and begin eating a great breakfast sandwich.

It even has a little warming tray for ham, sausage, bacon or anything else you might want to heat up for your sandwich. 

The prep time is easy: get your bread or bagel (I love it on a bagel), some butter (optional), some no-stick spray, an egg and some water.  You put in enough water to make your egg perfect for you – 2 TBSP for runny (my favorite), 3 TBSP for hard or somewhere in the middle for medium.  Spray a couple sprays on the little poacher pan, put in the bread, and then start it.

The system auto-times the egg and the toast to be ready at the same time.

My perfect sandwich involves two (count ’em, 2!) slices of cheese.  I have the toast/bagel, slathered in butter, then a piece of cheese, then the egg, then some cheese on that, meat if I’m feeling like it, and then another butter-slathered toast/bagel piece on top.

With the yolk a little runny, and the cheese a little cheesey, and the butter flowing all around….. mmmmmmm.  Now that’s a good time.

The clean-up is also a lot easier than I’d thought it’d be – less than a minute, seriously.  I think my wife knew about that part ahead of time.  I think it’s why she never bought me a grill.

The little website that Back to Basics made lets you see demos, the product in action and even has a little flash game where you can make your perfect breakfast sandwich online.  Just visit and click on “Build Your Own” and you get a good idea of how easy it is to make it.

If you want hard-boiled eggs, it also has a tray where you can do 4 at a time, but I haven’t tried that.  I like hard-boiled eggs, but as soon as I see the toaster sitting there, I imagine how tasty, runny, and drippingly delicious one of those breakfast sandwiches are and I just drop everything to make one.

Lucky for me, everything’s kosher for my color diet (more about that later) because the bread is white, butter is yellow, cheese is yellow/orange and the eggs are white and yellow.  I’ve just been skipping the meat.  Lucky me!

tsk tsk

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