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12:30 pm
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I sit here @ McDonald’s in my ‘a little geeky’ shirt, writing a blog post from my Blackberry running Opera. I think my geek index could only go up if I composed it in Klingon.

Speaking of Opera, I think the browser is very innovative and a good alternative to the built-in browser, despite the three flavors RIM has offered it’s addicts.

However, there are some very frustrating things about Opera on a blackberry that deserve a little attention. And I’m not talking about the kind of attention you might give a stunningly beautiful and heartwarmingly generous woman as she donates her time and money to homeless cleft palate victims in urban areas admidst racial turmoil. I’m talking about the attention you might give an infected dark-green and black scab on the side of that woman’s cheek as she continues to pick at it incessently as she speaks to the children.

Opera is the woman; these annoyances are the scab.

The biggest annoyance is Opera’s inability to be blackberry-like. It ignores most of the time-saving shortcuts we were given in the first place! Things like pressing space for “dot” or “@” in a web or email address. When typing in http://www.whall,org/blog I actually gotta press the periods. Or howdy@domain.com – when blackberry knows it’s an email address, it uses the first space as the “@” sign and all subsequent spaces as dots. A big typing time saver.

The next biggest annoyance is how it accepts the enter key as a character in single-line text fields. For example, if I need to type in ‘whall’ into a username field, I have to select the field by pressing enter, then type in the info into a pop-up window, then click the trackwheel in and select “ok”. The builtin browser is superior to this because as I scroll down the page, the text cursor automatically displays and I can edit in-place, and just scroll down to the next field. The way Opera does it, I inevitably end up having to use both hands for any normal kind of entry.

Another bugaboo is the bugs. The thing crashes once a day. Usually its some java.lang blahblahblah. Please stop crashing!

Yet another is the loss of the ability to paste in a URL. Argh! This was a major downside of the builtin browser already, so I’d switch to Opera as a fix, but noooooo can’t do that any more.

I *do* like many things about opera, but hopefully they start taking advantage of the blackberry advantages in the next version.

tsk tsk

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