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9:20 am
Post Meta :

I love these guys – if you have kids, you need to get a CD or two for them from this wacky pair.  Now they just got their 3rd Grammy nomination.

     Trout Fishing in America

I first saw them I don’t know how many years ago on PBS, or maybe even at a Renaissance festival when I was a pre-teen… and then recently we saw them here in Austin at the Iguana Grill.  What a show, what a pair of performers, and what great family fun.  And it’s not all just kids stuff.  Adults and parents get a lot of humor out of what they sing, too

Congrats, Keith and Ezra!

From their most recent email list “Dear e-Firsherfolk”:

Great news! We just found out that our most recent CD, My Best Day, has been nominated for a Grammy! This is the third Grammy nomination that Trout has received. Will this mean that the third time’s a charm? We’re not sure, but no matter what, we plan to be at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles, February 11th, 2007. Curiously, My Best Day was recorded on February 11th 2006. Coincidence?

Oh MY!  I just read in their newsletter that not only are they coming to Houston and Dallas, but they’re coming to AUSTIN again!  January 13th, at Scholz’s Beer Garden. Hmm, I wonder if kids are allowed in the beer garden.  It lists something called “Wheatfield” and I’m not sure what that is, but it sounds good to me!

Add a comment if you want to join us!

4:58 pm
Post Meta :

I’ve been looking at something like the following:

     CD Cleaner

It’s from Brookstone and promises:

Save your scratched DVDs, CDs and game, photo and data discs, too. It’s completely effortless. Just place a disc in the slot and the machine loads the disc, repairs it, ejects it and then shuts itself off. Fixes scratches that cause your discs to skip, freeze or fail to play. Ideal for your CDs, DVDs and game discs. Uses six AA batteries (not included).

We have TONS of scratched DVD, CD and game discs.  Hey, it comes with having a kid and a non-lockable media shelf or cabinet.  Jaden just kills these things as he tries to switch them out to put in the next move or game.  So of course, we put it in next time and skip, pause, blurrrrrrrrr, crackle and out comes Mr. Mad Dad because we spent $15 on that movie!  Or $29 for the game!  ARGHGHGHHGHGHGH.

Yes, we all know it’s essentially my fault for exposing the innocent little round items to the whims, impulses and immensely inconsiderate desires of a 4yr old.  Which is why I like those new anti-kid locking mechanisms on DVD cases now.  What a great thing.

Anyway, I wanna save these CD’s, DVD’s and games.  I would hate it if Guitar Hero I or II got scratched.  Or Simpsons Hit and Run.  Or any of the other few that I play a lot.  Or any of the 30 others I *don’t* play a lot but might want to sell. 

So to the point – does anyone know if these things actually work?  Does it fill in the cracks or something?  Or is it just a cleaner?

tsk tsk

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