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3:47 pm
Post Meta :

I left the following comment on Metalmom‘s blog post, and she said I should post it. Since I did spend a little effort on it (it was one of the things I did on my 2nd day of RIDING THE BUS TO WORK), I figured I could lean on it a bit.

Metalmom’s post was about how someone needed to call 9-1-1 because she did all this cleaning in her house and she actually LIKED IT.   Therefore, something must be wrong with her.

I vacuumed today, but it sucked.

I tried picking up hair with Pledge and a rag, but all I got were dust bunnies.

I used kleenex to clean my TV while watching the Hawaiian Surf Trials, but it wiped me out.

I tried laundering money for the local mob, but the IRS cleaned me out.

A woman came into the kitchen with a broom, and the damn witch swept me off my feet.

Your job? Come up with some more and leave it in a comment!

tsk tsk

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