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What is it with the rash of compassion?

The definition of compassion

  • a deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering
  • the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it
  • Since when does compassion mean “removal of consequences”? 

    Let me take a moment to say…. Nature is awesome.

    (stick with me for a minute).

    Nature, whether created or come about by chance, has survival down pat.  It knows how to make winners.  Nature doesn’t tolerate the weak nor the stupid.  The compassionless ice adheres to all the tree branches in the winter and the heartless wind breaks off the ones that can’t withstand the weight of life.  If the grasshopper doesn’t store up enough food, it dies.  There are no Extinction Committees among the animals.

    In Forrest Carter’s The Education of Little Tree, he writes:

    “Don’t feel sad, Little Tree. It is The Way. Tal-con [the hawk] caught the slow [quail] and so the slow will raise no children who are also slow. Tal-con eats a thousand ground rats who eat the eggs of the quail — both the quick and the slow eggs — and so Tal-con lives by the Way. He helps the quail. … Take only what ye need. When ye take the deer, do not take the best. Take the smaller and the slower and then the deer will grow stronger and always give you meat. … Only Ti-bi, the bee, stores more than he can use… and so he is robbed by the bear, and the ‘coon… and the Cherokee. It is so with people who store and fat themselves with more than their share. They will say a flag stands for their right to do this… and men will die because of the words and the flag… but they will not change the rules of The Way.”

    Sadly, our society has interrupted Nature’s wisdom.  We have replaced the concept of compassion, which should be limited to “a deep awareness” and/or “sympathy for” with some sort of edict that we prevent failure at all costs.  Without consequences from failure, we do not improve.  We have no incentive.

    We see it in our children, with the eradication of First Place Trophies.  Instead, we give “Participation” awards to everyone, and people who try harder or who accomplish more don’t get the recognition they deserve.  We rejoice in our collective mediocrity.

    We see it in our government, with the inhuman and prolific handing out of free resources.  One of the worst things you can do to a human is remove his need to provide for himself.  Atrophy is the great killer of minds and souls.  When a person receives good will from another person directly, there is joy and compassion, and a required stigma for the recipient to improve themselves.  When a person receives a check from a cold hard brick building, there is entitlement and laziness.

    We see it in our taxes, with automatic withholding.  If citizens had to pay a check at the end of the month to the Government, along with rent, food, clothing, transportation and entertainment, they may pay better attention as to what “the government” pays for and instead realize it’s what “we” pay for.

    We see it in our jobs, with Affirmative Action.  If someone doesn’t hire someone because of the color of their skin, they need to be disciplined and fired.  Other than that, may the best person for the job be hired; quotas be damned.

    We see it in the bailouts, with TARP and Auto companies, and AIG and banks and airlines and mortgage companies and paper companies. What’s next?  Newspapers?  Radio Stations?  There is no “too big to fail.”

    When my child spills some milk on accident, I don’t clean it up for him just because he didn’t mean to spill the milk.  He still has to clean up the milk.  Otherwise, he won’t think it’s important to avoid spilling next time.

    We need to wake up.  We need to let failure have it’s turn again.  Don’t get in Nature’s way.  She will do her job whether you go along with it or not.

    Nature has some culling to do.

    tsk tsk

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