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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I heard today is Conspiracy Theory day.  If it isn’t, then it must be a conspiracy to keep it from being so.

So here’s my submission for today:

Man-Caused Iceland Volcanic Ash Fosters in Airline Bailouts, Gun Control

The five-day moratorium on flights that would be affected by the Volcanic ash is a big inconvenience to travelers, but it’s just the right incentive / door-opening event that would make a bailout of the airlines (aka: government ownership) a possibility.

Think of the headlines next month: “Airlines lose 10 billion dollars due to Global Warming”.  “American Airlines forced with bankruptcy”.  All with a complicit media showing many different facets of the manufactured tragedy about how jobs will be lost by hard-working union members.  Underneath every news article you read, it will be up to The People to ensure the unemployment figures aren’t made even worse by allowing transportation to be impacted in such a huge way.  In fact, it will be an assumed truth that transportation, both domestic and international, is too important to be left to the risks put forth by the free market.

“We can’t afford to let an essential resource such as air travel be hindered by unexpected natural disasters,” the articles will say.  They will make a compelling argument how man-caused global warming (Climate Change) has brought forth the recent volcanic eruption, and we only have ourselves to blame.  Nonetheless, the entire global economy is at risk if the airlines cannot be bolstered to the point where they can stay in business, and the only solution available is a bailout.

The reality is that powerful government officials expedited the ash protrusion, and have technology available to cause earth tremors.  In fact, the recent earthquakes were caused by the testing out of equipment, so that the officials could make sure the technology worked like it should.  Haiti, China, and more to come.

The government had planned on this eruption happening at any time between 2009 and 2011, depending on how the other takeover activities were coming along.  They didn’t want it to happen before the health care takeover, and they needed it to happen before they declare a ban on personal weapons (coming later this year or early 2011).

They need just enough time for the airline bailout/ownership grab to take hold (3-9 months), so they can ground/track flights at will.  This will help stem the tide of ammunition sales, and prevent Americans from fleeing the country via air when more people realize what’s going on.

Which ones can you come up with?

4:53 pm
Post Meta :

Ok, this is my second post in what I’ll term ‘conspiracy theories’. I only hope to not be right enough to attract the wrong kind of attention, if you know what I mean.  If I disappear in some statistically-improper way, be afraid… very very afraid.

So one day not too far back I’m listening to a commercial for Boston Market on Rush Limbaugh talk radio – he’s peddling their take-home products I can get at my local grocer.  He mentions some mouth-watering meals and touts that you can ‘read the ingredients label, and you’ll recognize everything you see’, meaning, I would suppose, that most if not all of it would be all-natural or at least not too hard to pronounce.

During his aural sampling of said ingredients, he mentions the phrase ‘Organic Tomatoes.’

This is what gets me thinking.  Read more in the extended entry below.


7:10 am
Post Meta :

Ok, in my “Conspiracy Theories” category, I submit another one here about blogging, anonymity, polls and voting.

Think about these facts:

  • Blogs number in the millions.
  • You usually can’t verify the identity of the blogger easily unless you do it manually.
  • Many blogs are opinion-oriented.
  • Polls of real humans are usually biased by the poll-taker, or at least the results are presented in a biased way.
  • People are frequently moved somewhat by the polls they hear about. (ie, “the majority of Americans are opposed to stem cell research” might be stated, but there’s so much context to take into account and possible bias in the polls that in my opinion, you can’t trust the resulting statement).
  • Voting booths are becoming more and more digital, with the possibility of less and less of a paper trail.

Where am I heading with this? Check out the extended entry below.


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