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Ever wonder?

The above can is what we found after we started looking for the culprit for this:

At least it’s easy to clean up.

Which is more than I can say for my brain.  My brain needs to be cleaned out something fierce.  It’s full of wacky conspiracy theories right now, and they work out pretty amazingly in my head but I lack the time or proper motivation to adequately explain them.

One of them is about the swine flu media frenzy, the government recently ordering 195 million vaccines (and another 120 million does of “stretcher material to make more available), a filibuster-proof Democratically-controlled Senate, and an all-powerful entrancing President.  Do we really know there’s any swine flu (H1N1) going on, or do we just trust some reports from somewhere else?  Supposedly, only one state had more “confirmed cases” than Texas, but still I wonder – do we really know anything?

What if the government mandated all Americans (or at least everyone but children and the elderly) they must take some drug?  Would we all just take it?  Would the government portray “dissenters” as terrorists?  Would they label gun-owning Republicans as enemies of the state?

If we look through history, all we know for certain is that we’ve never known anything for certain.  From the earth being flat to the moon being cheese; from Pangaea to plate techtonics; from the inherent flaws of carbon dating to our understanding of relativity and spacetime… we as humans constantly struggle against conventional wisdom vs facts vs interpretation of the facts.  Religious figures, politicians, scientists, and scholars each have their biases, both active and passive that in retrospect sometimes border on the criminal.

The ridicule, ostracizing, vilification and lynching done by our society at those who brought “truth” before we were ready is staggering to behold.

I wish I made more time to investigate these lines of thought, but here is where I lay them down for now. 

By the way, if I mysteriously get hit by the beer truck after post, someone please look for me.  Or if I’m suddenly charged with some strange crime or you find out I was the Unibomber 2.0, don’t necessarily take it for truth.

And question everything.  Especially me and my wacky conspiracy theories.

Has anyone else noticed how many Penguin-themed movies there are for kids?

Happy Feet  march of the penguins  Surf's Up!  Madagascar

(ok, I admit Madagascar wasn’t BASED on penguins, but the penguins in the movie were a lot funnier than Ben Stiller as Alex the lion.  Maybe not funnier than Chris Rock as Marty the zebra, but still, the navigating conspiratorial mutinous penguins made that movie.)

So all these kids movies starring penguins.

Getting kids to love penguins.

All dem penguins.


Why the push?  I suspect a conspiracy.  I mean, Linux has the penguin as their mascot.  Maybe someone really wants to get back at Bill Gates and Microsoft for dominating the market with their operating system, and they feel that 15-20 years down the line (well, I guess 10 years now) the people making decisions about operating systems will subliminally choose a penguin over a windows logo.  Maybe someone is investing a LOT of money in supporting Linux and having an open source operating system would really help towards that goal, or with virtual machines.

Seriously, which would you choose?

Linux tux penguin        windows logo

Believe me, a good logo or a name means A LOT when people make decisions.  It’s not everything, but it’s important.  How many of you believe Dell wasn’t chosen at times because it was easy to say?  Only geeks could spell Compaq or Hewlett-Packard correctly, too many people laughed when they said “Wang” and although cows are cute, Gateway sounded too technical, like a router.  Like with IBM and Cisco, you “couldn’t get fired for buying a Dell” and it didn’t hurt that their prices were good, support was good, back end systems were good, yada yada.  Having a good product alone doesn’t mean the product is successful, as we saw with Betamax vs VHS.

Even in Toy Story, the penguin was portrayed as someone needing a hand, and when Woody got the penguin’s squeaker back, he could sing it up like no-one’s business, almost like “he just needed a chance…”

However, even further I suspect something way beyond an operating system choice.

Guess what the mascot is of the Libertarian Party?

Seriously, which would you choose?

elephant republican  donkey democrat  liberty penguin

I’d say this marks a major shift in our political climate over the next 20 years as penguin-indoctrinated people turn voting age.  We’ll also see how many more penguin-themed items, movies, songs or other pop-culture entities make their way into our collective memory.

tsk tsk

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