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I haven’t done a technical article in a long time, and this one is fresh in my memory, so I took the opportunity to blog it.

First of all, if networking isn’t your thing, this may bore you.  And by “networking,” I mean connecting computers with cables and having them talk to each other and to servers and internet sites and all that.  I don’t mean going to the local Starbucks and getting to know a neighbor.  However, if you went up to a stranger at Starbacks and said “hey, I’ve been meaning to interface my hard disk with your mainframe,”  you might get a virus, so be sure bring your Trojans.

The gist of this article is how to track down a MAC address.  An example might be: you’re an IT administrator, in charge of a large network in a medium-sized building, say 100 or more folks.  Some kind of activity is coming from one of the systems somewhere, but all you know is an IP address.  You want to physically hunt down where that IP address is, as in what port of what switch it’s plugged into.  If you use DHCP to automatically assign IP addresses to your users (which the vast majority of people do in larger networks), you won’t necessarily know the physical location of, say,  In this example, all you know is the IP address, and there’s no DNS entry for it to tell you the name.

Let me start with some basics (continued in the extended entry, below).


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No, this isn’t a quote from Little Red Golfing Hood.  I recently needed to install a printer driver from Dell for a 3100cn laser printer.  I’m used to printer drivers being, oh, maybe 50KB or 100KB and every once in a while, maybe a couple hundred KB, but this is ridiculous


Holy cow!  63MB for a printer driver?!?!?!

I hope it comes with a movie.

tsk tsk

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