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Post Meta :

I’ve been thinking recently about my blog’s name.  The “blog of whall.”  I’ve been the blog of whall for over three years now.  I took whall.org because the dot-com and dot-net variants were already taken.  I’d rather not have a dot-org for a couple of reasons – one of which you can’t have private domain registration and the other being you’re supposed to be non-profit – but I never took the time to brand myself on an available dot-com.

whall.org blog of whall brand logo

If there’s something I like about my domain, whall.org, is that it’s short.  It’s [mostly] easy to say (doubleyou-hall dot org).  I’m very used to typing it.  And, it’s an established brand, if you could call it that.

My brain, however, keeps diverting itself from thinking about important things such as work, family, breakfast tacos and Kirstie Alley and won’t let go of the idea of possibly changing my domain and blog name.  I weigh the disadvantages against the advantages; I wonder if I should go all-out on a real theme, logo, etc.

Some of the names I toy with include

  1. whall.us (I own)
    Possibly more appropriate for commercial use, and short.
  2. offthewhall.com (do not own)
    This is probably the one I think about the most – easy to remember, easy to say, and it’s a .com.  It’s also related to what I would consider my blog – off the wall.  Plus I love Michael Jackson.
  3. whall.name and waynehall.name (I own)
    Very specific to my name.  However, I’m not sure about making my blog about my name.  There’s something to be said about using a theme and moniker instead of my actual name.
  4. whallify.com (I own)
    I’ve used the name ‘whallify’ for a long long time.  It’s a verb meaning “to whall”. 
  5. 4mon.com (I own)
    Short domain name, but totally unrelated to what my blog would be about.  It will probably be a domain I keep for intending to resell.
  6. bitemy.net (I own)
    Snarky.  Maybe I should give it to Hilly.
  7. firewhall.com (do not own)
    Short, easy to say, but not necessarily appropriate to the blog.

I want to open up the discussion – let me know what you think!

First question is – keep existing or change?  Second question is – if change, which one?

tsk tsk

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