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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Ze week, she is gone!  Pouf!  Where did zshe go?

I had a little bit more geekiness in my posts this past week than I normally do.   I’m not apologizing.


Actually, I meant to use some word that meant “twitter update”, but now that I look at it, maybe twitterdate would be some sort of speed dating but via twitter. 

I’ve been keeping the twitter stuff alive and I still find it addicting after a full week.  I even set up and reserved a twitter account for my employer, because I didn’t want someone else snarfing up our company name as a username.  I think twitter usernames will be like domain names, and you need to reserve yours early.  I’m glad I got a short name like whall.

I also discovered Twittermaps, where you can use little macros in your tweets to identify where you are physically on the earth.  Then the tweets can be in an RSS feed so others can see the tweets that are geographically, close, and/or you can see them on a map with a date and time.

twitter maps

You can use a zip code, a city, latitude and longitude, an address, or whatever.  This is cool stuff.  I can easily envision a lot more done with this, when the tweets can have GPS data embedded in them from a typical cell phone or twitter client.  The above map shows a kind of archive of the tweets in a given area.

Twittervision, by the same folk, is similar but seems to be more of a real-time view of tweets.  When you go to twittervision, you can see a 3d-view of the earth, and it spins around and shows you the latest tweet

twittervision 3d earth view

You can just sit there and watch the world spin around, and see people’s thoughts and actions live.

How long until the first fake suicide threat?  Or when tweets are used in a murder investigation?  Will such an open medium foster in an air of honesty in the technologically-enabled society?

Faces of Meth

Courtesy of a Scott Adams blog entry about not being able to keep his joking mouth shut in public, I was able to watch “Faces of Meth”

faces of meth

You can click on various photos of people who have been consumed by meth, and see their before and after pictures.  Some of these are pretty eye-opening. 

I’d make a pretty good “after picture”.

Now I know what “XXX” really means

Don’t go asking me what I was searching for or anything embarrassing like that.  Suffice it to say, this is a pretty funny video.  I’m a big fan of Thumb Wars and it’s kind of like that.

It’s safe for work.  No nudity, despite what the “initial image” looks like below.

Best of LOLcats

I only give you the very best, you know dahlingks.

lolcats popeye car

lolcats sloth

lolcats drugs lolsecretz

lolcats the view

lolcats intervention blackberry

lolcats where'd my cheezeburger go

WordPress update

There’s another update – WordPress 2.3.1I’ll probably load it today UPDATE: I just loaded it..  One of the cool things about 2.3 and later is that it actually notifies you of an update being available when you login.

wordpress 2.3.1 reminder update

It also lets you know of plugins that have been updated, and is just very cool all around.  Open source stuff has a lot of benefits, like being free, being available to everyone to contribute, and all that, but a lot of times things just stall.  Or are hard to use.  Or is maintained by a bunch of effete jerks.  But in WordPress land, I’m pleasantly surprised every time something new comes out.  The new features are cool.  They’re useful.  And I haven’t run into any bugs myself, so that means either the coding is spot-on or the testing is adequate.

tsk tsk

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