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11:00 am
Post Meta :

The only Family Guy stuff I’d ever seen was a Chuck Norris skit that fed into my own interests.  I knew a lot of people liked the show, but I’d never seen it myself.  Oh, and there was this one South Park episode that purported to have “solved” how the Family Guy comes up with it’s plot and flashbacks.  And the spoof they did.

family guy

But during a recent Garage Sale escapade (THANK YOU GOOGLE MAPS for the “add a destination” feature!!!!  It’s completely awesome and makes garage sale trips very cool while having a laptop in the car with a mobile internet card – that plus the “drag around your route” feature is awesome) I saw a semi-box set of the Family Guy – seasons 1 and 2 on 4 DVD’s.  For $4.  Total.

I snagged it and have gone through the first disk, episodes 1-7.  I must say, I’m hooked.  I laughed almost all the way through each episode.  It might even replace The Simpsons for me as far as regular must-watch TV.

Of course, I’ve only seen 1/2 of the 1st season, so I have a long way to go, and I have no idea what season they’re in now.  But at least I have plenty to watch and fill up the time!

Question: does the mom just hear gibberish when Stewie talks?  What’s up with that?  Seems the other characters hear what he says…

tsk tsk

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