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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I haven’t done one of my Favorite Things posts in a while – harkening all the way back to my first “Favorite Thing” post about my Treasure Island Skull Mug.  And yes, it still controls my actions.

But today I want to talk about a videographicamusicalawesomitudiness.  

Man, oh Man.  I’ve been an Animusic fan for years now.

If you’ve never seen Animusic, check out their website and watch some of the DVD clips.  In short, Animusic is A) great music, B) great graphics/animation, and C) a techie’s dream.  But you don’t have to be someone who appreciates “C” to like “A” and “B”.

What these guys (well, one guy at first) did was write some songs, then write some software that animates the music in a very special way.  The video is integrated with the music, such that the music controls the video and sometimes vice-versa.  And to be more technically precise, the video is rendered “to” the music afterwards, sometimes taking months.  Either way you slice it, however, the end result is a very visually appealing combination of music and graphics.

There are two Animusic DVD’s so far, and I can’t wait for the third.  I’m a member of the Animusic Newsletter, and keep getting hints at the 3rd one, and was a little bummed it wasn’t out by 2008’s Christmas season.  I’m pretty sure I saw a Congressional Budget Office hearing where they blamed Animusic for the poor economy – had they released the DVD last year, it would have stimulated the economy to the point where everyone is enthused and animated to work harder and give more to charity.  Alas, it was not to be.

My absolute favorite Animusic Video is Harmonic Voltage.  It expertly combines Pink Floyd (guitar solo) with Depeche Mode (synth base) with an expressive and emotional energy-wave pole-dancing rocker life-form.

This clip is the last (7th) on the first DVD.  Interestingly enough, my 2nd favorite Animusic video is the first clip from the second Animusic DVD, Starship Groove.

I guess it doesn’t hurt things that the guy behind all the Animusic awesomeness is a bearded/goateed guy… get this… named Wayne.  And they have an operations and shipping facility in Austin, TX.  I gotta meet this guy!

Smallest.  Piano.  Ever.

But what we need in this world is Animusic Hero.  THAT would be totally cool – rocking out on Guitar Hero to Animusic’s music.  Seeing as how Animusic’s music is already in digital (MIDI) form, I’d think it would be easier to Hero-fy than normal awesome songs.  I had it in my mind a couple years ago that I would go ahead and make some Custom Guitar Hero songs out of Animusic’s stuff but never got that much into it.

heh, I said “Hero-fy”.  And I’m even more addicted to Heroes than ever before.  We’re 12 episodes in I think.  “Stick the next DVD in!” is a commonly shouted phrase between my daughter and I.

I love starting a new series on my blog.  It’s something new, fresh, sure to please the censors and cures acne.  Sometimes I forget about the new series I’ve created, but that’s in the future and why worry about something so far off?  I don’t like to worry.

Today I want to tell you about my favorite drink holder.  It’s been with me ten years or more, and I don’t know why I love it.  I just do.  My brother has one, my dad has one, and I has one.

skull mug

skull mug profile

You may recognize this as a Treasure Island mug from Las Vegas.  That’s what it is.

Just look at it.  It’s mesmerizing in its coolness.  It sits there, nonchalantly holding whatever beverage that happens to be inside it, but all the while, it’s plotting its next move.  It’s scanning the environment, memorizing license plates, prioritizing attack targets and calculating emergency failback scenarios.  It will wreak havoc when you least suspect it because… well, it’s a skull.  Skulls do that.

Not only is it handy having a hell-bent agent of destruction and evil sitting next to me, it holds quite a volume of tasty beverage!  I don’t have to be bothered with constant refill trips to the water cooler – I only have to refill it 3 or 4 times a day.  If it were a lesser skull mug or (GASP) a non-skull mug, like a Hello Kitty mug or a “World’s #1 Boss” mug, I just would probably die of thirst because of how often I’d be required to fill it.  No sir, this is one BIG mug.

I should point out that there are certain people who cannot stand this mug.  I won’t name names, but in particular this person can be described as “someone who happens to be married to me.”  I have found out that all the Hall wives despise our skull mugs.  The way I “found out” was the mug was found in the garbage one day.   I saved it (I have no choice, it controlls controls my actions) and it was thrown out again shortly thereafter.  Turns out my brother faced the same bizarre circumstances and it was later we found out that there was a conspiracy to eradicate the skulls from our collective possession.

I can only attribute this action by the Hall wives to uncontrolled envy.  Or madness.  I like envy because it conveys a certain respect upon the person I’m accusing of envy, as it assumes that they like (love) the same thing I do – enough to take it away.  But madness will do in a pinch.  Either way, I now keep the skull at work on my desk.  Heaven help the poor unsuspecting user who comes my way looking for help.

Well, I need to go.  I’ve got absolutely nothing to do today and I wanna get started.

tsk tsk

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