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3:26 pm
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Summary: I’ve been diagnosed with a confirmed case of “MRSA” Staph on my ankle.

What it means: Assuming I’m careful about it, I’ll stay on some new drugs to take care of it.  It should mean I get to keep my leg.

So you can google MRSA Staph if you want to read some horror stories.  Some of them aren’t pretty (amputated leg, large amounts of removed flesh, and even death).  Ok, truth be told, they’re ALL not pretty.  The CDC has a report on MRSA that is worth reading, but I’m not 100% sure I believe what the CDC would say about it due to all the “tribal knowledge” I’ve gained just by talking to people about it.  For example, several people have commented “oh I had a cousin that lost a leg” or “I know a guy who died from it” and “a whole school in Hutto shut down because of it”. 

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