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8:45 pm
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Google has this new tool called Google Trends (which I first saw over on this post at Chris Brennan’s Astrology Site).  It lets you check out the daily/monthly/yearly trends of different searches and how popular they are over time.  For example, today’s popular searches include the shuttle landing, Cyber Monday deals, and a sonic boom.

One of the things I noticed when I started this blog was my lack of comments compared to “the big guys”.  There are all these sites out there with dozens of comments every single day, and some of them get over 50.  EVERY DAY!  I barely can even blog every day much less go out and comment on other people’s blogs to drum up interest.  What I REALLY need is a dictation / transcription system that lets me listen to blogs and comment on them with my phone.  Jott and utterz seem to be a good step in the right direction, but it’s just not there yet.

Then I got to thinking – maybe I can check Google Trends to see how popular I am compared to the big guys.

So I did a quick check of “wayne“, “dave” and “adam“.  And was I suprised!

Looks like Wayne (in blue) is gaining popularity, Dave (in red) is on the down trend and Adam (in yellow) has no change.  Yay google!

I don’t want Dave to feel bad about this, though.  I mean, when I track the relative popularity of his Arch Nemesis, Ann Coulter, it’s just about no contest whatsoever.

Ann coulter, down there in green, just can’t compare to the power of Wayne, Dave and Adam.

So look on the bright side, Dave.  At least you’re a million times more popular than Ann Coulter. 🙂

tsk tsk

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