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Few things happen in the absence of incentive.

Why do we go to work?  So we can eat.

Why do we pay taxes? So we don’t go to jail.

Why do we brush our teeth?  So we can keep them.  (See “why do we go to work”)

A defining charactistic of individual humans is their tolerance level for pain.  This tolerance drives how much incentive is required to compel a response.  Every human, like everything else in nature, is shaped by stimulus and response.  Take away the stimulus, and the likelihood of response goes to almost nil.

The incentive granularity is almost infinite.  Take the work example – we want to do more than eat, of course.  We want to live in a nice place, have nice things, maybe save for retirement.  So, you work harder.  You strive for promotions.  The incentive? you want more stuff.  Different people have different incentives, and the variances in the tolerance for pain/discomfort also account for why some people strive harder than others.

So what happens when you remove the stimulus?

If our teeth were preserved whether we brushed them or not, we probably wouldn’t brush them.

If we didn’t go to jail for not paying taxes, we probably wouldn’t pay them.

If we got free food and housing , we probably wouldn’t go to work.

Unfortunately, the human race hasn’t evolved enough from our caveman days to act much different than, well, cavemen.  As a whole, we’re not “in it for the greater good.”  We don’t do something because “it’s the right thing to do” until we’re taught to do so. 

And by “taught”, I mean “incentivized.”

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