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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I’m going to take a little time right now to declare my gratitude for technology.

Watching old stuff

Today, I took Jaden to Extreme Fun, one of those unlimited-bouncy places where he actually gets a ton of exercise and loves it.


While he pumped up his adrenaline, made friends and sweat it up like a 7yr old should, I was able to watch episode 3 of The Fantastic Journey on my laptop.  I’ve written about this old 70’s TV show before, and I’m FINALLY making the time to catch up on it.  There were only ten episodes made of this show, and I remember it from my childhood.

I’m thankful that technology lets me do this kind of reminiscing.

iPhone video

I’ve mentioned a few times the lack of mobility my wife has due to recent knee surgery.  It still sucks, but she’s healing up about as fast as you can from that kind of thing.  Because of this temporary mobility impairment, she can’t see everything she normally would, like Jaden having fun being a robot.

Jaden is a robot on 12seconds.tv

 I was able to take all sorts of video with my iPhone of Jaden sword fighting, lazer tagging, robot-ing, and a bunch of stuff like that.   My wife would never get to see those moments, and it was kind of special, laying in bed that evening and me showing her a bunch of video of Jaden having a great great time.

I’m thankful that I can share these memories with my wife.

Online school things

Our school district gives us three cool online things – GradeSpeed, MyMealtime and Transfinder.

GradeSpeed gives us a login to see our kids grades and homework.  I can interact with their teachers, see what test scores are, homework scores, and evaluate everything that makes up my kid’s report card.  I can nip problems in the bud, and there aren’t any surprises come report card time.

MyMealtime allows me to deposit money in their school lunch account and get alerts when it runs low.  I can also set limits.

Transfinder is the online bus routing system that gives me reports, notices, weather and alerts about our kids’ bus.  We can even get notifications for late arrivals.

I’m thankful that our school district is ahead of where I thought they would be by this time.

What technology are you thankful for?


Fifteen weeks of hilarity, humor, hubris and honesty.  Huh?

LOLcats summary

I’ll keep this week’s to just one. For there can be only one.

lolcats kahn

Mexican Map

It should clearly outline territories and help people along.

mexican map not yours yours

Is this photoshopped?

I can’t tell.  It sure is pretty tho.  The colors are so varied and vivid.

Click for a slightly larger version.

LISD’s Gradespeed

Some of you who are my age might flip out.  Did you know that our school systems have finally got their technological act together and parents can actually go online and see grades?  and attendance?  And it actually is cool?

Leander Independent School District (LISD) is where our kids go.  They have a thing called “Gradespeed” where parents can login and view up-to-the-date grades and even see homework turned in, tests, projects, quizzes, labs and EVERYTHING.

You login and can see her schedule, classes, and teachers, and for each class, over on the right it lists a clickable grade.  (The grades have been hidden to protect the innocent)

gradespeed example 

When you click on the grade, it gives you all the details, dates, and how much each kidn of thing is worth for the total grade

gradespeed example 

How absolutely cool is that?  From here, I can also email the teachers.

Some other things I’ve noticed that are impressive technological advances:

  • We get PDF newsletters emailed to us each week from Jaden’s teacher for what’s going on that week.
  • Every teacher has a website that shows contact info, voicemail number, email address, calendar, and usually the homework they’ve assigned.
  • Caitlin’s huge 1000+ page math book is ONLINE so she can access it from any computer and download a PDF of whatever chapter or page so she can work on her homework without having to lug the huge thing around.  I’m guessing the same goes to some of her other classes.
  • The school calendar, library, campus info, school newsletter, handbook, news and all sorts of things are available on the school website.

I’m so happy

As I mentioned yesterday, I finally fixed a huge slowdown problem on my laptop. I’m still ecstatic about it.  My system is so unbelievably fast – UM, LIKE IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE.

dell d620 angel laptop

tsk tsk

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