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11:00 am
Post Meta :

Well, I thought I’d let you all know, that I’m now the Champion of the Second-Hand Guitar Hero Forum Tournament, “Hard” Difficulty



In yo FACE!


um, yay.


Ok, I might break something congratulating myself.  Fretmaster hasn’t actually updated the first page of that forum topic, but I’m ok with that.  I’ll modify my own winning graphic, thankyouverymuch. 

I’d like to thank my family for putting up with me hogging Guitar Hero, playing these songs over and over, and the biggest one – playing songs we don’t even like (Laid To Rest, SIX).  Playing Crazy On You was very nice, as that’s easily in my top five favorite songs on the game anyway.

What did I win, you ask?  Well I’d LIKE to say I got a new controller, or maybe an advanced copy of the Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80’s game coming out next week, or even an autographed copy of GHII signed by the development team.  So I’ll say that.  I do what I like.

But honestly, I got the winner’s spot, which is nice, but the nicer thing is, I was able to increase my scores significantly by practicing and NEEDING to win.  It’s like with pool, or bowling, or anything else – when I’m competing, I push myself harder.  Some might say that the best opponent is yourself, and that pushing your way to self-improvement might work, but not for me.  I need someone to play against.  I mean, how do I really know if I’m doing my best if I don’t have someone else’s best to try to beat?  I can see using yourself as an opponent once you’ve weeded out the rest, but I have a long way to go before that.

[Edit: Here’s my score on that last song.  My strumming hand hurts a bit]

143k on guitar hero

7:20 am
Post Meta :

I’m *mostly* so happy right now.

In short, I finally have the Hacked Guitar Hero II DVD working on my playstation.  This is where I can play other songs instead of just Guitar Hero I and Guitar Hero II.  My goal isn’t necessarily to play just this hacked version – my goal is to be able to make my own custom songs with all the songs I already own, but this is a MAJOR step towards that goal.

The GOOD news about this custom hacked version (you can find it on various torrent sites) is:

The few songs I like on the song list:

  • Journey’s “Separate Ways” and “Don’t Stop Believin'” (that’s right, TWO journey songs!  woohoo!)
  • Three words: Stairway to Heaven
  • Scorpion’s “Rock You Like a Hurricane”
  • “Land of Confusion” by Disturbed
  • Alien Ant Farm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal”
  • Europe’s “The Final Countdown”

I also like the funny little sayings throughout the game.  Like instead of Easy, it’s called “LOL”.  Medium is called “Wimp”, Hard is “WOW” and Expert is “Insane”. 

Take a look at the failure screen:

LOL YOU SUCK guitar hero hacked game

And the old screen that it had when you paused the game said “PAUSED” at the top, but now it says “WHY YOU STOP”.  And when you get star power, it uses hacker terms like uber and haxx0r.

The BAD news is:

  • It locks up on some previews of some songs, forcing a restart, which means loading the Swap Magic CD in again, then waiting, then putting in the hacked version.  Seems this would have been preventable after reading the forums, but until I make my own darned custom songs DVD’s, I guess I can’t talk.
  • Most of the songs aren’t my cup of tea.  I mean, out of sixty-something songs, the above list is about all I’ll play on them.  Granted, I need to give them a chance but basically I’ve never heard of most of it.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised because surely someone had to have a reason to go through all the work to put these songs together.  I went ahead and put the entire song list on the hacked version down in the extended entry as well.
  • No multi-difficulty ability on multiplayer.  Simply put, you can’t have someone play Expert while the other plays Easy.  But when I do my own version, I’ll be sure to do that.  Also, most of the songs don’t have any “easy” or “medium” setting.  I hear the other “guitar hero purists” on the forums saying “hey, we’re all expert here” but I have people I share my game with that can’t play expert but like the songs.  So my next huge project (which I’ve already started) is to do my own songs, just the way I want them.
  • It’s evident that some of the people who put together the midi files for the songs (that’s the part that controls what notes come down during the song, and when) just simply don’t know music as well as they should.  They’re missing notes, or the notes go down instead of up, or choose to continue playing the rhythm instead of the lead.  So much improvement can be made to some of the songs.   A good example is Stairway To Heaven – there’s an obvious part where the acoustic guitar kind of doubles-up it’s it’s arpeggio-style melody and the Guitar Hero version just stays the same. 
  • While most of the songs are mostly in sync, it’s still not perfect.  So you sometimes have to WATCH the notes and play at the right time instead of actually playing EXACTLY with the song itself.  I think I recall that mostly in Rock You Like a Hurricane.

The rest of this post, in the extended entry, shows some of my screen shots of sight-reading the game.  I hereby assert and testify that these shots are my first time trying out these songs, and I’m pretty darned proud of them.

I went through a bit of pain and grief to get all of this to work, so I’ll likely document it in another post in case it helps others.  In short, I bought Magic Keys 2 and Swap Magic 3.8 from modchip.com (I probably should have bought it from mod-chip.com) but ended up having to use the “tape method” on the sensor on the inside because the 3rd tool just wouldn’t work on my version of the slimline.

Now when Guitar Hero hits the Wii, that will be a splendid time guaranteed for all.  Except custom song fanatics.


7:15 am
Post Meta :

There are many reasons I strive to be like this guy and I show everyone this video.

  1. Someone knows how to do useful, cool video effects.  Every guitar hero video should be this cool – it shows the portion of the screen you need to see, AND you get to see the fingers, strumming and mechanics.
  2. He’s really really good at the best song on Guitar Hero II (YYZ by Rush)
  3. There’s not an extreme lack of humor. 
  4. This reminds me of how I would introduce myself to The Internets if I was that good on the game.
  5. The ending is something you HAVE to stick around to watch.
  6. I needed a good excuse to try out my new video plugin on WordPress.


12:38 am
Post Meta :

Caitlin and I have been stuck on “Psychobilly Freakout” on Expert in Guitar Hero II for a couple of weeks now.  We’d practice here and there (since the new version 2 of the game allows for all sorts of practice modes), and get close, but we kept getting boo’d off the stage.

It was so frustrating.

Until tonight!  I got my 3 stars and passed it so I could move on.  Here’s a little glimpse of me rocking out and finishing that gnasher of fingers:

Johnny Knox, Guitar Hero 

This was especially exhilarating because the encore when you finally pass all four songs in the “Furious Fretwork” section (Madhouse, Carry Me Home, Laid To Rest, and Psychobilly Freakout) is none other than YYZ by Rush.  I’m such the Rush fan.

I was able to finish YYZ, Beast and the Harlot and Institutionalized without getting boo’d off the stage, and I’m pretty proud of that.  But then Misirlou was next and I barely got half-way through.  Them’s some fast picking required!!!

So now I just have 3 songs left to eke my way through Guitar Hero II.  Ah, good times.

2:15 pm
Post Meta :

There’s an unlockable song on Guitar Hero II called “Gemini” by Brian Kahanek.  I really really like it.  It’s a little difficult to play on Expert, but I can make it through pretty easily in Cooperative Mode, when the bass/lead player can help me trudge through some of the riffs.  It’s melodic, yet rocks hard enough to get your toes tapping. 

     Guitar Hero

7:25 pm
Post Meta :

I just beat Guitar Hero II on the ‘hard’ level. As a reward, I got the following letter:

Death Threat Records
“We do rock right.”
Los Angeles, California

Dear ___DADDY________,

Congrats, you beat Guitar Hero II on Hard. That’s no small feat.

Think you’ve got what it takes to really blow their minds? Try this bad boy out on EXPERT. They call it EXPERT for a reason. There may be a reward waiting for you if you succeed.

So stretch out them stubby little fingers, Tex, you’ve got truckload of pain awaiting you. The power of ROCK compels you.

The Management

Whew. Wait, a reward, you say? Well let’s get rockin’ on EXPERT then!

Then after I ‘accepted’ that letter, I got another one on the same letterhead:

You have unlocked PRO FACE-OFF mode! 

You know how whenever you play FACE-OFF Mode, your buddy screams about how you got the easier track and less notes and blah blah, out comes the waaahmbulance? No more, my shredding friend.

Check out PRO FACE-OFF Mode in the Multiplayer menu and go note-for-note in the ultimate guitarmageddon.

Have fun,
The Management

By the way, my score on Freebird (the last song of the set, an encore actually) was 4 out of 5 stars and a score of 242946. But I bet I can beat it since it was my first time playing it on hard. And a 208 note streak!

tsk tsk

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