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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I haven’t done one of my Favorite Things posts in a while – harkening all the way back to my first “Favorite Thing” post about my Treasure Island Skull Mug.  And yes, it still controls my actions.

But today I want to talk about a videographicamusicalawesomitudiness.  

Man, oh Man.  I’ve been an Animusic fan for years now.

If you’ve never seen Animusic, check out their website and watch some of the DVD clips.  In short, Animusic is A) great music, B) great graphics/animation, and C) a techie’s dream.  But you don’t have to be someone who appreciates “C” to like “A” and “B”.

What these guys (well, one guy at first) did was write some songs, then write some software that animates the music in a very special way.  The video is integrated with the music, such that the music controls the video and sometimes vice-versa.  And to be more technically precise, the video is rendered “to” the music afterwards, sometimes taking months.  Either way you slice it, however, the end result is a very visually appealing combination of music and graphics.

There are two Animusic DVD’s so far, and I can’t wait for the third.  I’m a member of the Animusic Newsletter, and keep getting hints at the 3rd one, and was a little bummed it wasn’t out by 2008’s Christmas season.  I’m pretty sure I saw a Congressional Budget Office hearing where they blamed Animusic for the poor economy – had they released the DVD last year, it would have stimulated the economy to the point where everyone is enthused and animated to work harder and give more to charity.  Alas, it was not to be.

My absolute favorite Animusic Video is Harmonic Voltage.  It expertly combines Pink Floyd (guitar solo) with Depeche Mode (synth base) with an expressive and emotional energy-wave pole-dancing rocker life-form.

This clip is the last (7th) on the first DVD.  Interestingly enough, my 2nd favorite Animusic video is the first clip from the second Animusic DVD, Starship Groove.

I guess it doesn’t hurt things that the guy behind all the Animusic awesomeness is a bearded/goateed guy… get this… named Wayne.  And they have an operations and shipping facility in Austin, TX.  I gotta meet this guy!

Smallest.  Piano.  Ever.

But what we need in this world is Animusic Hero.  THAT would be totally cool – rocking out on Guitar Hero to Animusic’s music.  Seeing as how Animusic’s music is already in digital (MIDI) form, I’d think it would be easier to Hero-fy than normal awesome songs.  I had it in my mind a couple years ago that I would go ahead and make some Custom Guitar Hero songs out of Animusic’s stuff but never got that much into it.

heh, I said “Hero-fy”.  And I’m even more addicted to Heroes than ever before.  We’re 12 episodes in I think.  “Stick the next DVD in!” is a commonly shouted phrase between my daughter and I.

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Post Meta :

Hi.  My name’s Wayne.

I’m an idiot.

But I repeat myself.

We as a family knew that Rock Band came out (about this time last year on most systems, just this past summer for Wii), and then Rock Band 2 came out, and we let it go by as well, simply due to cost.  We have GH1, GH2, GH3 and GH:80’s already and although the lure of vocals and a drumkit (especially for our 6yr old Jaden) were strong indeed, we were able to resist this whole time.

Over the weekend, we went up to Blockbuster to exchange our online movies for some free in-store movies.  We also frequently will rent a Playstation 2 game for Jaden because it’s SOOOOO much cheaper than buying.  I mean, when we buy a game, he plays it a few times and then it sits on the shelf.  But when we RENT it, he knows he has a week or two to play, so he plays-plays-plays-plays and THEN gets tired of it, just in time to return it.

On this most recent visit, he wanted us to rent the “Bolt” for Nintendo DS.  I’m thinking… “hoo-boy! it’s only $4.99! Awesome!” so we take the case up to the counter and they’re sold out.  Bummer.  Argh.  Dang.  So we end up getting the PS2 version of “Bolt” and start to check-out and they remind us that it’s $7.99 for a PS2 rental, but two for $10.

Hmm.  2 for $10.  That’s like, a savings or something.  So I go back to see what *I* might want to play on PS2 and I see

And my mind flashes back to the days where our whole family spent hours jamming out to the previous Guitar Hero series.  I figure – we already have the guitar controllers, it’s only $2 more, and …

So I got it.  And the family LOVED IT once more.  At this time, I completely forgot that GH World Tour had the four parts to it – guitar, bass, vocals and drums.  Our whole family just kind of “forgot” about Guitar Hero for months and months.

We have now remembered.

We haven’t bought the drums or microphone, or the new guitars because, well… they’re expensive and money’s tight.  But we have decided as a family that at some point, we want this game for the Wii.  We want to see Jaden rocking out on the drums.  My wife loves playing bass, Caitlin is a natural on the guitar (she regularly gets 100% sight-reading many expert songs) and I like doing the vocals.  It’s a perfect fit.

Here are some of my first impressions of the game, only after a couple hours of playing


  • I’ve only played Rock Band on demo equipment at the store, but I still highly prefer the Guitar Hero-style “runway” on the screen where the notes come down.
  • I really like how you can switch difficulty from the song play section and not have to back all the way out. For example, I had to switch from Expert to Hard to beat Ted Nugent, but then I could go back to Expert.  Jaden loves this as well – he can switch from Medium to Easy without changing up the band.  Way to go GH programmers!
  • I think it’s great that you can still have Star Power Paths active while using Star Power.
  • The new “beginner” level where you just have to strum without a fret, aka “open strum”, is great for people who really just don’t get it, and I also like the new “sustain one note while you play another” feature.  It adds a neat complexity to the game.
  • OMG VAN HALEN’S HOT FOR TEACHER IN ON HERE! (I don’t feel tardy)
  • The ability for band members to employ star power separately is a smart idea.
  • You can actually compose your own songs and share them with others
  • Finally – FINALLY, the Wii has Downloadable Content (DLC)!  Although I rented the PS2 version of the game, I’m very very glad for Guitar Hero to finally bring DLC to the Wii.  I haven’t even see what, if any, DLC is actually available yet, but I’m still excited about it nonetheless.
  • OMG WILLIE NELSON IS ON.. .wait.  What?  Willie Nelson?  Seriously?  
And for Poppy, Avitable and Miss Britt, I feel it’s my duty to inform you that “Blog of the Poppy” (aka “eye of the tiger”) is on here.  O. M. G.
The whole family agrees that Guitar Hero did a great job with this release, and the wife and I especially applaud their decision to put “better,” more familiar songs on there instead of just guitar-highlighting ones.  She didn’t like GH3 so much simply because she didn’t know most of the songs.  With GH: World Tour, I’d say we know at least half of the songs and it seems so far that the ones we don’t know, we’ve liked them.
And I can easily say I’m glad we didn’t invest in Rock Band.

Hey folks, thanx for stopping by.  Did you get that thing I sent you? 

Best. political. post. ever.

Many don’t like the political speak.  Some live off of it.  No matter which camp you’re in, you’ll likely enjoy Shiny’s Takeout’s Political Corner: November Reign

shiny's takeout

whall.org milestones

I’m just now realizing that this and next month marks my 3rd anniversary of blogging (7/26/05) and my 1st anniversary of Stuff you don’t want to MISC summaries (6/17/07).  Yeah yeah, this is only the 50th edition, as I skipped a couple of weeks when I was weak, so we’ll just call it even and call July the anniversary for both.  

Also, I just hit 2000 comments not too long ago.  The 2500th comment isn’t too far away (some people I read celebrate that).

Any suggestions on what I should do?  You can assume the following:

  • No budget
  • No time
  • No talent
  • No interest from the 99.999% of the people on the planet.

With all this going for me, I’m pumped!  Let me know what you think!

The Wii.  It’s back.

I think I mentioned some time back that our Wii started having issues reading disks.  We kept trying to play games for a couple of days, and we found that if we turn the Wii off and back on, it would read a disk.  But if we ejected the disk it would not read the next one.  When it got so bad we couldn’t stand it (about 3 days later), we called in and were informed that our warranty had expired 3 days ago.

wii fail

Fortunately, the guy on the phone was not only nice but empowered.  He processed our RMA and we, like good little consumers, held onto the console for much longer than we should, unable to really let it go even with it’s problems.  The RMA was good for 3 months, and so we held.  And held.  Finally I decided I should go ahead and send it in, and WHAMMO we got it back in less than a week!  I couldn’t believe it!

And now that it’s back, I can go for my all-important Guitar Hero goals.  My first goal is to be ranked < 10,000, and then 5,000 and then 1,000.  This is out of (at time of writing) 703,000 or so people on the system.

guitar hero stats whallify as of 6/8/2008

I think my goals are realistic.  For example, this most recent bump of about 1,000 place points was due to the following three songs:

bump up of whallify at guitarhero.com

I got 325K for beating ONE on Expert (before, I beat One on PS2, which doesn’t participate in online scoring).  I beat my Medium Barracude by 1,000 and I beat my Medium Through Fire And Flames by a good 80k.  

There are still forty (40) songs in the game that aren’t uploaded to guitar hero.com, so I’m feeling pretty good – individual song scores range from 100-400k each.  Some of the songs missing were just bad uploads when I played them, so I just need to replay them.

Here’s where I’m at, the 10000th place score, and the 1000th place score.

12514th place on guitarhero.com for whallify

10000th place on guitarhero.com

1000th place on guitar hero.com

Best of LOLcats

lolcats color greyscale matte
Ok, this one is for you artists out there.


lolcats awesome ninja skills squirrel


lolcats oh mai kitty


lolcats fridge fit in here just fine

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Post Meta :

Today I was called a dork by email. 

I’m usually called a dork, and it happens multiple times a day.  Less often by email, but it occurs nonetheless.  Mostly I’m called a dork to my face (my preference).  Sometimes they say “dork!” lovingly, with a smirk or a smile, and other times they say DORK! as in “SMART ASS!”  In High School I was Supreme Ultra Powerful Almighty Dork (SUPA-Dork for short).

You might not believe me when I claim my dorktitude.  Well, I’ll have you know, I’m wearing a shirt that proves it.  Imagine coming to work and meeting someone wearing a shirt like this:

wayne is a dork

Still not convinced?  Ok, how about this.  I took a picture of my friend’s trip odometer reading when it turned 1111.

1111 on the trip odometer

There seems to be no limit to my dorkosity.

I’ll even use my own blog to brag about ALMOST getting 100% on a Guitar Hero II Expert song – just missing a couple demon notes at the end.

guitar hero even rats expert 323298 99 percent 887 note streak

Join in the fun, won’t you?  Here are some terms used to describe my dorkiness – I’d love it if you could add more: 

  1. Wayne is the DorkMaster. 
  2. Wayne suffers from a massive Dorkoma.
  3. Everyone else suffers from Wayne’s massive Dorkoma.
  4. DORKWAD stands for “Dork, Wayne A Dork”
  5. Wayne is dorkalicious.
  6. All hail the dorktastic Wayner!

Update on 4/24: There’s a review posted online, pretty good review. 

Tonight is the RUSH Concert here in Austin!

rush snakes and arrows album cover

I blogged before about one of my all-time favorite artists coming to town and the awesome tickets he got for us (don’t forget, I’m Uber Awesome, in front of the “Nearly Cool” section, and envied by the “Sucks to be me” sections), but I have some more news.

First, that same friend happened to see Alex Lifeson playing pool last night down at the Four Seasons, where visiting acts usually stay when in Austin.  I haven’t heard word from him yet this morning, so I can only assume he approached Alex, said he admired his work, asked not to be pushed down the stairs and Alex laughed so hard they immediately hit it off and have stayed up all night jamming and showing him the “tricks” of playing awesomelike.  As far as I know, they jetted to Mexico and are on their way back.

Secondly, while I haven’t heard from my friend yet, Geddy and Neil did contact me early this morning about my recent progress in the Guitar Hero III game.  Evidently they are HUGE fans of the game, but can’t quite get all the notes all the time.  They saw my online ranking going up and up and figured they’d ask me for some tips.  I can’t say as I blame them, because look – I’ve doubled my ranking in a week or so, and I still have dozens of songs to play and submit online.

guitarhero.com stats graph as of 4-23-2008

Geddy was all, “I really respect your diligence and effort towards perfection, eh.  I also see that you’ve only logged half of the game so far and have many songs still yet to register on the site, so we’re ignoring your 14,489th place, eh, knowing that you will achieve in the top 100 once all the scores are registered.  I like playing Bass, of course, so will you Co-op with me, eh?”  I mumbled something about needing to sleep or something, so he quickly added “Wayne, eh, I have Neil with me and we can play Rock Band together, eh?” 

Then there was a pause and Neil came on.  He started on with “Hello, Wayne, eh.  You know how Rock Band is 4 members? Well, Rush, as you know, eh, is only 3 members, so we need someone to fill in with vocals and guitar/bass, whichever you’d prefer to do, eh.”  I still hemmed and hawed a bit so they offered me a signed copy of the Rush comic book.  I said I already had one.  Then they offered up seats in the first five or six rows, and I said I already had 3rd row.  Then they said they’d put on the next album “brought to you by the letter Wayne” and they actually got my attention.

Seeing as how they were asking so nicely, I couldn’t turn them down.   We ended up jamming in their hotel suite, and once their agent woke up from his stupor and shook the scantily clad women off of him and saw what we were doing, he decided to create this new LOLhero tour, with me and Rush headlining.  We came up with the name WHRUSH, The Great American LOLhero

whrush, great american lolhero

If this is what happens the day OF a concert, I can’t wait for what could happen the NIGHT OF!

Despite the horrendous tragedy last night of my Wii DVD drive dying, quickly followed by the painful realization via phone call that the warranty on my Wii ended THREE DAYS AGO, assuaged immediately by the kind Nintendo representative saying “it’s ok, we’ll squeeze you in anyway and fix that for you free of charge”, bolstered by the assignment of an RMA and fedex label for me to get said free repair, balanced by the acknowledgment that we will be wii-less for two weeks, being thankful that Nintendo will give me a new 1yr warranty on the fixed Wii, then being surprised that the drive spun up again after being turned off for 30 minutes, then accosted by the sounds of a damaged DVD drive, I still have some good news to share about Guitar Hero.

There are two main sources of online information about Guitar Hero – guitarhero.com and scorehere.com

guitarhero.com scorehero.com 

I have an extreme love-hate relationship with these sites.

Both are like, hmm.  How do I convey this?  Ok I think I got it

Let’s say you LOVE cars.  You’re absolutely in love with cars – all makes and models, engines, custom mods, manufacturers, accessories, you attend car shows and talk cars with your buddies, and you’re a junkie to find out the latest news coming out.  Then you’re given the most awesomest car EVER – it’s got (insert some incredibly drool-inducing engine stat) and (insert some INSANE fuel injectifier thingies) and custom (insert something you customize heavily).  It’s the BOMB of cars in terms of features.  But there are some things wrong with it, like it smells bad, like some dog urinated on the back seat carpet.  The uphostery is shot.  It’s never washed.  It has no radio.  The steering wheel has little thumbtacks sticking out of it so when you drive, it pricks you in the finger and it hurts.  The windows are stuck in down position, so rain gets into it all the time.  There’s only one headlight, and for some reason it’s stuck on BRIGHT and has some sensor that sees police and automatically tracks and points right at the police officer’s head at night.

The dilemma  you face in the above situation is that despite the cacophony of aesthetic noise, you LOVE cars and it’s got (the list above of awesome things).  So you put up with it because you LOVE cars and it embodies the best of the best, even if it’s just in 2 or 3 areas.

These sites are like that.  They both have AWESOME content and features, but are unfortunately riddled with hard-to-navigate or inefficient systems, plagued by elite know-it-alls, and inundated with morons.  You just can’t get better info than from places like guitarhero.com and scorehero.com, but the problem is … YOU JUST CAN’T GET THE BETTER INFO.  “Stickies” just aren’t a suitable replacement for USENET-style FAQ’s of the golden age.

So I wanted to share a couple of the other online Guitar Hero resources I’ve found that are really cool.

The first is a compete set of note charts. at bradleyzoo.com.  A “note chart” is where someone has documented every note in the guitar hero version of the song, how long the notes are and where the star power phrases are

expert note chart for cliffs of dover

Note charts aren’t a new thing by any means – several pieces of software can generate them from the game itself.  What *this* site adds is a documentation of the star power paths (shown in green) and optimal times to USE the star power (shown in blue).  And get this – it does so, for EVERY song from EVERY GH game in EVERY level (I didn’t check every one myself, though).  And if that weren’t enough, it does the above in both graphic and text form.  Oh, and it does one for many different ways to play the song – no starpower, some star power with using whammy bar, using no squeeze, or using some amount of squeeze ranging from 20-100% (squeeze is the art of timing the activation of starpower a few milliseconds “late” so you get extra points).

You may be asking “why would I care about a note chart?  Isn’t this game about having fun?”  Yes, it is.  But after you’ve gone through the thrill of playing the game, you start wondering why you can’t hit this phrase or that phrase.  Or you start playing in tournaments or playing online and get killed by people who get 80k more points than you. 

Or you hit 100% on a song but are still ranked WAY down below 500,000th place:

guitar hero 100% on easy low ranking

I can hear a couple of you snickering “tee-hee, he made 100% on easy, what a ‘tard my blind grandma can do 100% on easy with the controller and she has arthritis”.  Well, I do have a 100% on a hard song, and it’s still ranked > 100,000th place

guitar hero hard killers 100% low ranking

So I see my 116,705th place and REALLY want to optimize that score.  The note charts will help me with that.  I can see from the main table of songs that I can make somewhere between 269,532 and 271,168 points if I just activate star power in the right places.  And I can tell from the guitarhero.com leaderboards that if I get around 271K for this song, I’ll go from 116,705th place to ~1400th.

The second is schier.eu.  This place is a fantastic resource for pulling data and cool information from guitarhero.com’s ranking system.At this site, you can get custom signature badges, look at your stats in graph form, get a complete table of data of scores by song and date updated, and see group stats for songs.  It really is an amazing site.Here are some sample badges of my current data – showing how many of each level have been cleared, 5-starred, FC’ed, how many wins I’ve had in battle mode, etc.


Another cool feature is you can compare two or more account stats together. Here’s a comparison of me (red) and my 13yr old daughter (blue) on one of the setlists (Live in Japan, Expert)

guitar hero comparison schier.eu

You can see from this that she beats me on four of the five songs, but on Knights of Cydonia, I have the lead.  Everyone knows that’s the hardest song there (pshaw, I keed, I keed!  Caitlin completed these songs WEEKS before I could even get there.  I was stuck on Cult of Personality for so long it hurt.)

The guy behind this site also responded to my feedback and let me know about the XML feed that guitarhero.com has for profile data, so that gives me an idea of writing a wordpress plugin to display dynamic ranking data, like on a timeline… hmmmmmm, I love brainstorming with my imagination….

Wow.  I did near zero blogging or blog reading this week.  One thing I’ve implemented in my life is better project management, both at work and in my personal life.  I’ve always been very poor at managing the firehose I drink from by taking on so much, and recently I’ve been taking advice from long time friends and really working smarter than harder if you forgive the cliche. 

As a result, my online presence took a hit.  I attribute that mostly due to the ramp-up administrative cost of getting to the point of being manageable, and that my ongoing investment is much lower, opening up time for things I want to do, like blogging and reading blogs.

Guitar Hero Stats script

As I increase in ranking on guitarhero.com, something kind of bugged me about the guitarhero.com website. 

First off, I absolutely love the concept they have of integrating a video game pushing scores and stats to a central site for reporting.  Scorehero.com did it ‘old skool’ where people typed in their own scores, and for the higher ones, you had to give proof via a screenshot, but it took too much time and frankly, scorehero has it’s elitism problems.  The whole site, including participating in the forums, just takes too much work.  But guitarhero.com integrates right with the game and when everything works right, the scores just show up.  Plus you can do online tournaments with thousands of others.  Great, great concept.

guitar hero profile whallify for 4/14/2008

In the above dashboard, you can see my ranking (30,025th place), how many performances I’ve had when connected, and other information such as how many online matches I’ve played (39).   

But something that kept entering my mind was – “how am I improving?”  Or, “if I don’t play for a week, how far down will I go in the rankings?”  Guitarhero.com either doesn’t track it or doesn’t currently display it.

I wanted to know.  So I wrote a perl script that connects to the site, downloads my dashboard and parses it, looking for the info I care about.  If the information is new, it appends a line into a csv file with the data and a timestamp.  I have cron set to every 10 minutes because I don’t want to be a load on their server, but I also don’t want to miss too much.  I take that data, get it into Excel 2007, write a couple formulas to tell me how much the ranking has gone up or down each time, then graph it on an XY Scatter graph so I can get an idea of a real timeline and BAM

guitar hero profile whallify graph for 4/14/2008

What interests me about the data is to see when the rankings go up due to improving scores on some songs (ie, when “PERFORMANCES” increase) or when I do online battles, pro face-off’s (ie, when “MATCHES” increase).  Also it’s cool for me to see when Career Score goes up vs the ranking.

Right now I’m just collecting the rank, career score, performances and matches, but the framework is there to actually collect the ranking and scores of all the songs since it’s all in the same piece of data.

Now I have a goal:

projected ranking for whallify on guitarhero.com

If anyone wants me to start scraping their profile data, just leave your profile ID or name in the comments.  In fact, I’m thinking this could easily be put into a web service where you just put in your profile ID, and the script automatically starts pulling data for you every X minutes or hours (depending on what guitarhero.com would allow) and graph it.

Oh, one more thing.  My Wii GH3 friend code is 515520260341 – if you have Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii, add me as a friend and let me know your code – we can play online together!

Best of LOLcats

pirate triplet ninja


lolcats couch calls to me



omg a caption

Yeah, so well I lost.  It’s still on my mind.  I can’t believe I got shut out on my first try. 

Sure, both of us had some issues with the calibration of the wireless guitars on the HD setup, but at least it was a fair disadvantage.  It’s not like just one of us had a messed up guitar or something.

wayne bites the big one

Yup, the picture says it all – I bit the big one.

I was supposed to go on at 7:01 but they had a bunch of technical difficulties, so my match wasn’t until ~7:30 or so.  Most of the matches before us were easy decisions – one person getting 120,000 points and their opponent getting 40,000.  These folks just weren’t well matched up.  There was one match on Medium where one person got 45,500 and the other person got 45,800 – now THAT’S CLOSE!

My personal match was Pat Benetar’s Hit Me With Your Best Shot, and after a rough start we ended up neck and neck, with me scoring 118k and him scoring 120k.

ARGH!  This is so frustrating!  I *know* I could beat him.  I kept thinking of a way back in – is there a second chance bracket?  Can I compete at Expert level instead?  Can I buy my way back in?  BEST TWO OUT OF THREE?!?!?! COME ON!

So, let’s focus on other things.

For one, there’s a lively discussion going on at my FairTax Calculator post

Secondly, there’s some evidence that the media is actually treating Hillary like a Republican – a Reuters photographer took and posted the following photo:

Usually the Democrats don’t get such treatment in the headlines.   But just as I wouldn’t want this kind of photo done of a Republican, I feel sorry for Hillary.  One wonders if the Obama campaign “had this photo done and leaked” like some charge the Clinton campaign of the photo of Obama in a turban.  Blah Blah Blah, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary’s cheating, Obama has no experience, Hillary has 35 years, blah blah blah – it goes in one ear and out the other.

Lessee, what else.  Oh yeah – I’m going to an Astrological Retreat for the weekend.  For me personally, it means sleep, rest, playing and no kids, no work, no responsibilities other than getting the spouse to and from the conference.  This will be the first “retreat” of its kind for me in a long time.  So far, I plan on filling it with possibly playing with Vista and VMWare more and maybe catching up on blogs and playing around on the internet.  Maybe I’ll work on our taxes (given the FairTax being on my mind).

What do you think I should do with my much-needed time off?

I’ve participated in an online Guitar Hero tournament once, but I’ve never done a REAL Guitar Hero tournament.  Tonight is my chance.

guitar hero tournament

They take entries for levels in Medium, Hard and Expert – I’m competing in the Hard category.  Winner of Expert gets an iPhone, Hard gets an Apple Touch and Medium gets an iPod.  Since the game is GH3, which I’ve played MAYBE a total of 3-4 hours since I got it, I’m not comfortable playing Expert. If it was GH2, I might consider it.  Having the iPhone as bait doesn’t help my decision, but I’m just not there yet on GH3.

Wish me luck!

Interesting tidbits about the tournament:

  • The first few rounds are random selections from all songs, setlist and bonus tracks
  • The semi-finals and championship songs will be selected by event staff (I predict crowd-pleasers such Stevie Ray Vaughn, Aerosmith, Metallica, Eric Johnson instead of the mostly-unknown crap that’s on GH3)
  • It’s sponsored by a church
  • The event staff can bump people up or down a level to prevent sandbagging (I’m hoping this doesn’t happen to me because some of these songs I can nail 99% but others I can barely get through)
  • Caitlin (my 13yr old) and I are extremely disappointed that only 21 and over is allowed – I’m sure she can wipe most of the folks who would be there.  She’s spent a LOT of time with GH3 and has already finished expert on it, even getting 100% on a few of them (yeah, I know!)
  • I’m very glad that they do not require costumes.
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