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I’ll tell you who.

I uttered recently about this topic.  Go and have a listen, I’ll wait

Whoa, back already?  That was fast.  Heyyyyy, wait a second.  Did you even listen to it?  What do you mean, you’re busy?  Yeah yeah, we’re all busy.

Well, since you’re “too busy” to go listen to my melodic voice drone on about “whatever,” I’ll summarize here for you: some truancy judge down in the valley gave parents of truant students the option of paying the normal $500 fine or publicly paddling their kid right there in court.  I applaud this move.  Of course, that judge is in a heap of trouble.  Stupid whiners.  And then, in the utter, I extended the idea of using paddling to punish Congress.  THEY need some paddling.


And the paddling?  Needs to be PUBLIC.  I don’t mean just youtube public.  I mean 24×7, in-your-face, round-the-clock flogging and corporal punishment of our fearless leaders when they do stupid things.

I hereby launch C-SPANK:

When a politician signs a bill without reading it?  They get spanked, and YOU can see it on C-SPANK.

How about when a politician puts in pork spending, rewarding himself?  Spanktacular viewing, methinks!

This isn’t your father’s spankavision.  This is LIVE and uncut!  Realtime feeds of the people YOU elected into office to represent your needs while preserving and protecting the nation’s interests.  These officials, who voluntarily leave very lucrative professions as lawyers and highly paid businessmen to take these public positions that pay a fraction of what they used to make, should be held to a higher standard.

And that higher standard is a big fat paddle.

On second and third offenses, they get the paddle with air holes.

tsk tsk

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