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Let me state for the record that I have no concrete idea what the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” is about.  I’ve heard “bailout” and “fat cat severence” and “where’s the responsibility?” and a number of things that attempt to summarize it.  But I haven’t read exactly how the Senate crafted a way to spend $700B and I’m nowhere near informed enough to really understand whether it’s needed or not. 

However, I do know one thing.  It didn’t pass the House.  And the dow lost 777 points in one day.  Ok, that’s two things.

How close was it?  Well it was 228 to 205 (with 1 not voting).  That seems pretty darned close if you ask me.

So I wondered how my state (Texas) did.  Congress.org has a neat rollover US map where you can see, by color, which states had a majority Yea (green) and a majority Nea (red)

What I find interesting is that it was so close…. but only 15 states had a majority say “yea” and of course, that includes New York and California.  It struck me as odd at first that 15 states can make it so close, but then I realized that the red states just mean a majority, and that could be something like a 5-6 split.

Has anyone heard sensible talk about this bill anywhere?  So far I’ve only heard threats (Bush), complaints about it (talk radio), arrogance and condescension against people who are against the bill (other talk radio), but no straight talk.

I don’t expect a lot of comments on this blog post because A) it’s political, B) it’s 70% less funny than most of my blog posts and C) it uses a lot of weird numbers like “70%”.  Not only that, it has bad grammar.

But why not just do a quick comment and let me know what YOU think – as simple as…. hey I got an idea!  How about another poll!

Whatchu know about House Bill 674?

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