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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Speaking of love, you can send some fundraising love over to Jaden, our 6yr old by reading about how to satisfy your chocolate addiction or if you’re in need of wrapping paper, neat gifts or nuts, desserts and other such confections.

Two readers have sprinkled a little blog love on me.   There’s a “I heart your blog” theme going on and Kapgar of kapgar.com and Marty (aka ChillyWilly from comments) from Banal Leakage are both secure enough in their hetersexuality to issue a hand-drawn pink puffy heart love note so delicately drawn on notebook paper to yours truly.  I’ll assume for the time being that they actually like my blog and aren’t after something else, like my DITL.



Being the astute (and incredibly waynal) reader that I am, I noticed that both of these gentlemen put my name and blog link LAST in their list.  I can take this in one of a few ways:

  1. I was put last due to a random fluke (what is this, a 1 in 49 chance? more? less)
  2. They decided to put people alphabetically.  It would seem the facts help this particular option, but this is Election Year – why would I start caring about facts all of a sudden?
  3. I’m their least favorite blog on the list (hey, it could happen)
  4. I’m their favoritest blog on the list, saving me for last.
I like my chances.
Anyway, with these incestuous and nepotism-induced themes, there are not only rules, but a “Pay It Forward” style reciprocity imbued throughout.  Never one to buck a trend, I shall follow along, being a good little blog soldier.  Plus, I always wanted to use “incestuous,” “nepotism,” “reciprocity” and “imbued” in a single sentence.
Here are the rules:
  1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog
  2. Link the person from whom you received your award
  3. Nominate at least seven other blogs
  4. Put links of those blogs on yours
  5. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated.
I don’t know about rule #5, so I may or may not do that.  These “favorites” of mine can just learn themselves that they won, you know?
Here, in no particular order other than in order of who I like the best, are the seven I chose to Love today.  And I will love them in various forms of prose, poetry, song, and the like.
Janna is cool
Janna is neat
Janna likes to blog 
about the corns on her feet.
Poppy and Dawg, sitting in a tree
First comes blog, then comes cereal
Then comes kitties who are nice and ethereal!
Ren’s in the middle of a name change.
It started off as Ren’s Journal.
Ren’s in the middle of a bathroom,
He ended up at the urinal.
Ren’s in the middle of “children’s books”
But only by way of semantics.
Ren’s in the middle of a list of three
with my ability for pedantics.
See Bossy
See Bossy Blog
See Bossy Annotate
See Bossy Be Way Funnier Than You
Introspection.  She haz it.
Brevity? Not so much. 
But I learn a lot and try to feel,
For gifted writing, SHE has the touch.
Better the devil you know,
Then the avITable you don’t.
If you read his blog while working,
Chances are you won’t.
He’s not the kind of blog you’d read
if you’re easily offended.
In fact, now that I think about it,
not even with iron constitution extended!
I know it might seem unfair
To award a celebrity blogger.
But fairness isn’t everything;
just ask the frog from Frogger.
Bee-dink! bee-dink! bee-dink! then splat
His destiny can sadden.
But my spirits lift with every word
I read from dear Scott Adams.
3:15 pm
Post Meta :

Let’s take a look at the word “beginnings” and the core meaning behind the term:

BE: To exist
GIN: To drink 
NIN: Nine Inch Nails
GS: Gold Standard 

Therefore, one may surmise from this that one can start life like gold while drinking to NIN.

Wait, let’s try this again.

BEG: to plead for something for someone
INNINGS: opportunity or turn at doing something, usually between two entities

That’s better.  So I’m begging you for something, and now it’s your turn.

My son has a fundraiser!  It’s his first one!  He’s in first grade!  YAY!  In fact, he just lost his 3rd tooth in about a week, and the 4th one is also loose.  Look how cute this little bugger is!

Ooops.  Sorry, little guy. How’s this photo – better?

OK, enough cute stuff – back to the begging.

What’s really cool is that A) there’s an online catalog, B) there’s actually some cool stuff this time around, and C) each item is $20 or less!

Every time I’ve looked at a kid’s fundraiser item, I rarely find anything cool.  Whenever I do end up ordering something, it’s because I feel obligated to, or maybe I just want to help the kid or the kid’s school. It’s never because I actually wanted the item.  But this fundraiser, while not without the boring items, actually has something worthwhile.

What you can do:

  1. Go online to www.sallyfoster.com (meh) or directly to the online catalog (easier) Now I have a direct link: Shop online here.
  2. Pick the stuff you want, put it in the cart, yada yada.
  3. Identify 914427  313066 as the seller number so Jaden gets credit (note: if you used the “shop online here” link, you won’t need to do this.)
  4. Pay 
  5. Wait for the items to be shipped directly to you!  (benefit: we don’t have to get Jaden to deliver it)
They even have an enlarged PDF version of the catalog with high quality images.
Samples of normal, boring items (no offense intended if you actually buy this crap):
  • Wrapping paper (pages 2-15, and 36-43)

Examples of cool items:

Shredding scissors (page 18)
Ice cream cups (page 24)
Look, I think you’re underestimating the coolness of the gourmet chocolates and edibles they have available here.  Just take a look!
MMMMMmmmmmm.  You know you want it. CHOCOLATE!
Based on two commenters who have lamented the lack of personal touch displayed by today’s kids in their fundraising efforts, we now provide to you, commercial-free, Jaden’s personal touch for fundraising.


Direct link for those who need it:


I’m liking this Stuff you don’t want to MISC series – now that I’m in my 2nd year of doing it.  It’s like I’m a veteran!

2nd Amendment – A Win or a Squeak-By?

I don’t know what’s scarier – the thought of the government changing so quickly so as to take away my right to keep and bear arms within my lifetime, or the fact that the recent Supreme Court ruling squeaked by with just a 5-4 ruling.  And this is AFTER Bush’s appointments. (I got reminded of the 5-4 surprise from Such Is Life)

Having it be a 5-4 decision makes the choice for our next President of the United States even more important.

One dissenter, Justice Stephen Breyer, has words that, to me, are absolutely chilling.

In my view, there simply is no untouchable constitutional right guaranteed by the Second Amendment to keep loaded handguns in the house in crime-ridden urban areas.

If there’s anywhere where loaded handguns are needed by citizens for self defense, it’s in crime-ridden urban areas.  No?

Gratitude Campaign

Saw this over at Tug’s and wanted to share.  Thank a soldier.

gratitude campaign

There have been a couple of times where I’ve bought a meal for a soldier in an airport and at a restaurant.  The first time I did it they thanked me and I thought – I need to do this anonymously.  So the next time, I just told my waiter to put their bill on my tab and to just tell them a thankful patriot is in the restaurant.  I didn’t want the credit – I wanted them to know the public is behind them.

Jaden’s lost tooth

Jaden lost his first tooth this week, and then he actually LOST his first tooth.  He was brushing his teeth and then he comes running up saying “my mouth is bleeding!” and we look and um, yup, “Jaden. did ya notice you’re missing a tooth right up front?”  “oh yeah! my loose tooth!”.  [Slight confused look].  “Where did it go,” we asked.  “I don’t know!” he exclaimed.

So we go look in the bathroom and figure he either swallowed it while brushing his teeth (slim chance) or it went down the drain (high possibility).

We have a little “lost tooth” pillow for the Tooth Fairy to more easily identify any teeth that are intentionally for sale.  We don’t want her (assumed to be a “her”) rifling through all our belongings and thinking she can leave a quarter for just any old thing she wants to around the house.

In lieu of the tooth, we wrote a note:

Dear Tooth Fairy — Jaden lost his tooth this morning while brushing his teeth.  It slipped down the bathroom sink.  He has requested that you please search for his tooth tonight after leaving a quarter for him.  Thank you for your assistance. — Love, Jaden

 jaden's lost tooth fairy note

Jaden ended up getting a whole dollar (inflation?) and when he asked why it was a dollar, we brainstormed with him on possible reasons.  The one we ended up as the most likely explanation was that a dollar bill is a lot lighter than a quarter, and she wanted to reward him for brushing his teeth.

Best of LOLcats 






11:09 pm
Post Meta :

You might not know it, but I’m a pretty big Michael Jackson fan, as I’ve publically and shamefully confessed before.  In one of his biggest hits, he sings about how some kid is not his even though the mom says he’s the dad. 

I don’t think I have this problem.  And I have “proof”:

jaden school photo proof 2008

Yeah, I’m thinking the resemblance is there.

jaden daddy wayne smile

We just need to get the guy to learn how to grow a beard.  I guess now I know why they call it a “proof”.

I will now bring out my crystal ball and predict that someone with an affinity for pig rabbit combinations will say something about Hawaiian Shirts and likely lobby their senator to introduce a bill to ban them from all people with the middle name of Wayne.

Oh, and speaking of bragging about my kids, look at the Thank You letter Jaden wrote for his awesome Kindergarten teacher.

dear mrs dominguez I like green and you are special thank you jaden hall
(click to enlarge)

10:08 pm
Post Meta :

Jaden turned 6 today, and we had EXTREME FUN at “Extreme Fun“, one of those places where kids jump in the inflatable moonwalks, run to their heart’s content, and have tons of fun.  Tons of EXTREME fun.

But I have an issue with one of their rules:

extreme fun, austin, tx

Look, this is a kids place.  Kids getting to jump on huge inflatable zipcode-sized bouncy things.  They’re gonna push.  And I think it’s ok to push.  What, everyone’s so fragile that they can’t push a little in the big soft inflatable lumps of air? 

First, Jaden had t-ball practice, so there was an hour or more of runing, fielding, hitting, running, catching, more running, and I love that he’s got this outlet for physical exercise.   

This is what we have left of the cake…

And this is what’s left of Jaden after the busy day:

I’m through, being cool…. at least, I’m through with strep.  But I still have this nasty tickle-based cough that prevents me from rocking out on SingStar 80’s or SingStar Amped as much as I deserve to.  I am pleased to report, however, that my Guitar Hero awesomeness is unimpacted by my throat malaise.

Find the Star

Speaking of “stars,” I found a pretty cool little online game/puzzle thingy.  It’s in Chi-japanese or whatever, but still you get the hang of it pretty quick.  I’ve only spent 5 minutes on it so far, and that was back on Friday, but as soon as I get a free moment I’m going back.

The goal is to find the star in each of a lot of little flash games.  The trick is – you have to figure out what the trick is.  YOU have to figure out what you’re supposed to do to get the star.  It tells you NOTHING about how to play.  I think that’s the cool part.

flash game find the star

The ones with the little star in the upper left hand corner are the ones I’ve completed.

Lateral Thinking Puzzles

One of my favorite things to do with friends (and especially with my 13yr old daughter and her friends / cousins) is to do Lateral Thinking Puzzles.  You need to get people who aren’t impatient or will ruin the time.

Here’s how it goes:

  • One person knows the answer.  (If more people know the answer, they voluntarily sit out.)
  • The puzzle is read aloud by the person who knows the answer.  The puzzle describes a situation but is cryptic, and the other people are supposed to figure out what the situation is.
  • The people can only ask yes/no questions.  The answerer can only answer with one of three answers: Yes, No or Irrelevant.

Some of the puzzles are like riddles, and others are just descriptions of an event.  They key here is to learn how to ask questions that narrow down the possibilities, and to question everything and make no assumptions.

If you google for Lateral Thinking Puzzles you can get a few good ones.  For some reason, most of them are a little morbid.  Here are some of my favorites

  • A man leaves home, makes three left turns and encounters two men wearing masks.
  • Anthony and Cleopatra are found dead on the floor with broken glass everywhere.
  • A man is found naked and dead in the desert, with a piece of straw on the ground nearby.
  • A man and woman are found dead in a cabin on the side of a snowy mountain. 

This kind of thing sure beats watching a bad movie.

Jaden on Guitar Hero

I haven’t dumped the pictures from Christy’s cell phone in a Looooooong while, so I did that over the weekend (while trying to get p2k commander to work and other tools for syncing off of a Motorola RAZR) and found this picture from i-dont-know-how-long-ago. 

jaden guitar hero

This was probably 6 months ago.  He’s a lot more into Singstar now, and you can hear him belt out “We’re not gonna take it” or “Hold me now” and it’s completely awesome.  He also does “Rio” pretty well.

Best of LOLcats

lolcats eggnog

lolcats rofl elephant

11:54 am
Post Meta :

You *know* that the day after Halloween, everybody and their brother is going to post cute kid pictures.  That is, they’ll do this after they awake from their candy-induced comas.

This year, Jaden was Superman, replete with totally ripped abs.

halloween jaden superman abs

*sniff* yeaup, AHEM, he, um, gets those from my side of the family…

Jaden started off on his trick-or-treating trip pretty excited and wanted to get a jump on everyone else

jaden halloween superman

You might not be able to tell from the photo, but he’s running at a speed of 75 miles per hour.  The car next to him is easily going 60, and as you can tell, Jaden is passing with ease.  It’s a good thing I have an amazing shutter speed on my digital camera!   

Soon after his super-fast jaunt, he quickly was sidetracked by a single focused thought in his super brain …


jaden superman halloween ray gun

After he did some trick or treating, he tired of it quickly.  He kept saying that he just wanted to go to the park.  I’m thinking “WHAT?!?!?!”  Son, you have an extremely limited number of opportunities for free candy in this life.  And you get less and less as you get on in years.  You’re going to pass that up?  For some stupid swing in a stupid park?

And then he did

halloween superman jaden swing

Ah, the bliss of childhood enjoyment.

There was one stop we made where the adult giving out candy asked the kids their names and when they responded with their names, he yelled back “DON’T GIVE OUT YOUR NAME!”.  I thought it was a good lesson.

So the 4 of us went to the side and decided on what name they’d give if someone asked their name.  Jaden would say “Superman”, and the others had good names like “kid,”, “pipsqueak,” and “princess.”  So we went back to the same house and he asked again “what’s your name” and Jaden said, proudly, “SUPERMAN!”  I was proud too.

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