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5:15 pm
Post Meta :

Yesterday, a package arrived via US Mail.

It was a decent-sized box, wrapped in brown paper bag.  It was addressed specifically to me, had a return address and not much else to give an indication of what it was, who it was from, if it was for me or the family, or what.

Jaden, however, was sure.  He was POSITIVE.  He was absolutely certain that this package was for him.  He begged mom to open it up.  He pleaded.  He tried to convince her that, despite the addressee being dad (my name spelled out very clearly), whatever it was, it was his.

Mom: “Jaden, sweetie, it has Dad’s name on it.”

Jaden: “I know, but really, I’m sure it’s mine.”

Mom: “Did dad tell you to expect a package?”

Jaden: “No, I don’t think so.”

Mom: “Did dad order something for your birthday next month?”

Jaden: “Maybe!”

Mom: “Did he tell you that he ordered something?”

Jaden: “No.”

Mom: “What makes you think it’s yours?

Jaden: “I just do!  I KNOW it!”

Mom: “Do you know this name up here?  Do you know anyone by this name?”
(she points to the return address)

Jaden: “No.”

This continues for a bit but Mom holds fast.  She doesn’t recognize the return address either, and she wasn’t sure if maybe I had ordered a surprise birthday gift for Jaden,  if it was work-related, or a lavish tip from one of my many highly satisfied escort business customers.

So they wait.

I get home and I see this box laying out on the table, not knowing anything of the above described scenario.

Oh, AWESOME” I yell out as I recognize the return address.

Jaden perks up and says “Hey dad!  Is that package for me?

It sure is!” I enthusiastically inform him.

My wife’s jaw drops and says “It *IS*?  Did Jaden know it was coming?

No, he didn’t.  It’s a gift from a blogger friend that I helped out.  I set up her blog and I host it for her for free.  She told me she wanted to get me something in return, but I asked her to get something for Jaden instead,” I explained.  “Why?” I follow up.

My wife explained how Jaden was so sure it was for him but none of them knew the name and she didn’t want to open it up for fear that it might have been some surprise that might be ruined, or who knows, maybe I had bought some secret romantic gift for her or something (hint hint) and well we decided to wait until I got home.

I instructed Jaden to tear into it.

And here’s what we found:

And you know who the package was from?  It was from Metalmom!  You know, from dontwannahearit.com.

I had helped Metalmom move her domain, set up her blog, upgrade it, get it hosted for free, move her away from a not-so-great ISP, yadda yadda yadda.  For some reason, that made her happy or something.  So she sent us a movie, a beautiful thank-you card with a great personal handwritten poem, and a bunch of popcorn and munchies!

Thanx, Metalmom!

Jaden is so super excited, and he LOOOOOVES this movie.  He has the first one (Are We There Yet?) and has watched it, oh, about 3 dozen times.  We got Are We Done Yet on blockbuster online a few times, so having it in stock permanently makes Jaden quite happy.

Now we’re trying to figure out how to keep secrets from our little prescient precious.

Today I became the slave to my domains.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, this is what it looks like when I’m frustrated:

(side note: this is also what it looks like if my laptop were filled with flour and it exploded while I was sighing.)

I did a boo-boo on 40+ of my 100+ domains and didn’t know it until today. Metalmom asked me a question about an email she received about her domain last night. The email itself puzzled me a little, and just for grins, I checked her website from my blackberry while riding the bus this morning and I couldn’t reach it.

Then I tried another one of the websites I host, http://jennefer.net, and it had the same problem. And another site? Same problem. Even simple redirects to Blogger/Blogspot sites like I do for Sourpuss was hosed.

As I checked them, I discovered that all had “parking pages” on them, not the blogs or redirects I had so lovingly set up. Then it hit me – a couple of days ago. I was in my 1 & 1 account cleaning up my domains. I had specified for the domains to not be auto-renewed, but what I didn’t know at the time was that by doing so,

  1. 1&1 would change the DNS settings to their own parking pages
    Result: breaking whatever sites I had on them at the time
  2. Domain registration would be set to Public vs Private
    Result: my personal information such as home address, phone, email, etc would be revealed in WHOIS
  3. I would lose the ability to manage the domain from my control panel
    Result: I would panic because I couldn’t fix it myself, and instead I have to wait on 1&1 Billing personnel. Metalmom remains whimpering in a fetal position while her blog is “down” for some.

This is very frustrating.

To be fair, the “cancel auto-renew” process did alert me at the time that I would lose private registration, but I thought that would be for when the domain period expired, NOT immediately. And they absolutely did not indicate whatsoever that they would be changing all my DNS settings for these domains to a parking page, which is the Big Bad Part.

However, even after four phone calls to support and billing, the requirement is upon ME to fax them with my customer ID, contract ID, package name, PASSWORD (what tha?) and the list of domains I want put back on auto-renew. I still have no idea how long it will take for them to fix the problem, but I at least was able to fix Metalmom’s site, and hopefully it won’t take too long for DNS to propagate through teh internetz.

I’ve sent the fax and am now waiting for them to fix the problem.



3:47 pm
Post Meta :

I left the following comment on Metalmom‘s blog post, and she said I should post it. Since I did spend a little effort on it (it was one of the things I did on my 2nd day of RIDING THE BUS TO WORK), I figured I could lean on it a bit.

Metalmom’s post was about how someone needed to call 9-1-1 because she did all this cleaning in her house and she actually LIKED IT.   Therefore, something must be wrong with her.

I vacuumed today, but it sucked.

I tried picking up hair with Pledge and a rag, but all I got were dust bunnies.

I used kleenex to clean my TV while watching the Hawaiian Surf Trials, but it wiped me out.

I tried laundering money for the local mob, but the IRS cleaned me out.

A woman came into the kitchen with a broom, and the damn witch swept me off my feet.

Your job? Come up with some more and leave it in a comment!

tsk tsk

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