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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Wednesday night was a great re-connect for me.

Bill English, master presenter, speaker, knowledgable technologist, authoradozentimesover and heavily credentialed super-cool guy flew into Austin to speak to our local SharePoint Users Group.  

Ok, I gotta say… that photo right there is probably 8 years old.  He looks way cooler than that now, mainly because now he has a goatee.   And, as we all know, really good looking people end up converting to goatee.

Bill hailed from Minnesota (my birth state, another awesome checkmark on his list of awesome traits that make him awesome) and I soon found out why he was so willing to come down to Texas — when he boarded the plane in Minneapolis earlier that day, the high temperature for the day was five below zero.

That?  Is cold.

Here in Texas all we get is a little bit of freezing rain or sleet.  It hardly ever snows.  We just get the cold water pooling up and then the wind cools it just enough to make it really really cold.  Cold enough to freeze your butt off.

Like here:

That’s where I literally froze my butt off.  Nasty, isn’t it?

Bill came to speak to us (shoot, there were 40+ people there; I think it was our biggest gathering ever!) about Findability.  This topic is very apropos for SharePoint people because evidently being able to find your stuff is important. 

Someone should tell Google.

I first met Bill wayyyyyyy back in 2002 at a SharePoint class he was giving in Orlando.  We got along famously and he helped launch me into giving strong user community support of the SharePoint product.  I believe I authored over 1400 newsgroup answers on the Interwebz for the rest of 2002, gave training classes, authored some white papers and before I knew it, I was awarded the Microsoft SharePoint MVP.  

I was found to be one of only eighteen (18) MPV’s in the world, Bill included.  Being an MVP was a great ego boost, because they’d bestow some sort of cool gift, some “Microsoft money,” membership into MSDN or TechNet, and a trip to Redmond for the big MVP bash, among other things.  It also gave me some street credz when I posted because it’s like “hey, listen to me because I’M AN MVP!”  

Nowadays there’s 135 SharePoint Server MVPs worldwide, so I guess anyone who can correctly capitalize SharePoint can be let in.

Um, that was some humor right there.  Did anyone miss it?

Is this thing on?  tap-tap-tap.

Seeing Bill again and talking SharePoint has refueled my passion for the product.  At work, I’ve mostly delegated the SharePoint torch so I don’t work with it day-to-day very much but it’s not for lack of wanting to.   I love getting lost in coming up with new ways to help the company save time, automate processes, search for what people want, and write nifty little solutions that help someone with a business problem.   I love picking apart the engine under the covers and pushing an out-of-the-box implementation to the limit.

I also like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. 




Well, Bill is at it again, with upcoming speaking engagements, probably another book deal or two, and is expected to be one of the leading authorities on the next version of SharePoint, whatever and whenever that will be.  It’s an exciting time and I can’t wait to see what comes out!

Thanx for spreading some SharePoint love in Austin, Bill!

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Post Meta :

Wouldn’t it be cool if some totally deserving person got a very cool award?

I happen to know such a person.  His name is Matthew McDermott.  He was recently awarded the Microsoft MVP for Sharepoint Portal Server. 

     Matthew McDermott gets MVP Award

My, that’s refreshing!

Matt works for Catapult Systems here in Texas and we’ve used them to help us with some of our software system deployments.  We’ve had the honor to work with Matt extensively over the years with Sharepoint, and we’ve also worked with other Catapult rock stars on Microsoft Project Server, Microsoft SMS/BDD/OSD, domain migration and email migration.  We’ve knocked out some tough projects and our IT group was able to look quite the cool cat to our end users.

Working with Matt is not only satisfying on the business side (ie, he knows his stuff and has great chops for this kidn of work), but he’s a great deal of fun to work with on a personal level.  I don’t think we’ve ever had a serious conversation.  It’s one thing to work with a competent consultant (and let’s face it, there are precious few.)  But it’s quite another to be able to actually have fun.  I mean, come on – how many of you can say you’ve worked with a consultant and have seen Thumb Wars with them?  Yeah, I thought so.

If being a great consultant wasn’t enough, in his spare time, Matt does some awesome work with K9 Search, a professional canine search team that he helped found.  He’s done search operations for Katrina and other missions.

So he’s successful in his career, he does this humanitarian (or is it caninitarian?) work on the side, AND he has time to get awarded the Microsoft MVP. 

That’s so refreshing!

Unlike our APC UPS at work, which claims to be refreshing, but it was the wrong kind of refreshing.

    Refreshing status page

I was so disappointed the first time I viewed the page.

tsk tsk

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