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We were Netflix users for years.. but then something happened.

blockbuster total access

Blockbuster started offering the free in-store exchanges.  Then we were hooked.

Netflix was so awesome in a number of ways:

  1. I could always have movies in my queue so I wouldn’t forget which movies I wanted to see
  2. I could structure my movie watching (“ooh, I need to watch THAT someday”)
  3. I usually got new releases pretty fast because I’d “save” my movie ahead of time when it was in the theatres
  4. It saved me a lot of time
  5. It saved me a lot of money because I didn’t have late fees any more

But there was a problem.  We still got the hankerin for a specific movie on a specific night. Netflix didn’t help with this at all.  So Blockbuster Online to the rescue – not only do we get the above benefits, but anytime we want to return one of the movies, instead of popping it in the mail, we take it back to the store and get a free rental to take with us while we wait for the next movie in the queue to be shipped out.  This satisfies the “on-demand” movie shopping my wife and I always end up needing.

What do you do for movie watching?  Netflix? Blockbuster?  Online watching? Torrent? Movies-On-Demand?

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