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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I’m very glad for my feedreader.  I use newsgator.com, which offers three different ways of reading blogs

  1. Online at http://newsgator.com when I want it quick, or when I just have a browser
  2. On PC with the (now) free FeedDemon software
  3. On blackberry with Newsgator Go! software

Nice thing about it is when you read a blog on any one of them, it marks it as read on the server.  That means I don’t have to “re-read” the blog or mark it as read with the other methods.

I do use all three methods, and the only annoying part so far is some blogs don’t let me make comments from the blackberry, and it’s not like it’s the feedreader’s fault.

However, there is one enhancement I’d like in my blog reading, and I don’t know if any tool out there offers it yet.

That is – the ability to make a list of blogs to read made up of one blog post per blog.

There are some blogs I read where the blogger posts once a day while others blog every few days.  Some blog more than once a day.  I want to find a more equitable distribution method, where I at least see the most recent blog post for each blog when I decide I have time to read blogs.  I don’t want to miss, for example, one of Marty’s Snowy Sundays or Scooter Sundays.  At least, I don’t want to have to wade through 7 posts from one of the faithful daily bloggers before getting just one of the kinda-weekly bloggers. 

Maybe it’s better explained this way: if I have time to read 25 posts, I’d rather hit 25 blogs, not just the most recent 25 blog posts from 25 blogs, because inevitably, I’ll miss someone.

So, I end up doing this manually, which means I fail.  I fail because the manual way is to expand out all the blogs, click on each one and try to just read one of that blog’s posts.  It’s so hard to do that.  It’s like picking your favorite kid – you feel bad for not picking all of them.  At least if the software provided an easy way, I wouldn’t feel so guilty.

What do you do?  What do you WANT?

Actually, I’m not talking about the following video: 

Although, it is quite a cool video.  And song.  I vote this video for Most Creative Use Of Treadmills In A Music Video.

No, I’m talking about NewsGator Go!, replete with trailing exclamation mark.

newsgator link - free

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a “feed reader,” here’s the concept:  Reading blogs, although fun and good for your health, can sometimes be a chore, especially if you have to remember to visit each of the sites you like to read, and if you have to calculate how long it’s been since you’ve been there, and if you have to scroll down to find the last entry you read.   Sometimes you waste your time simply by going to a blog and they haven’t written anything since the last time you visited!  The NERVE!  Don’t they know I’m sitting here, waiting to be entertained?!!?!? 

Why can’t someone invent something so I can more easily read all these blogs?  And sheesh, I left a comment yesterday somewhere and I don’t remember where it was or which blog entry, but I sure would like to see a response!

That’s what a feed reader does.  It’s kind of like reading email, but instead of reading up on the latest male enhancement product or must-have narcotic, you can be notified and manage the new posts (and comments) that people write on their blogs.  Most blogs support a little thing called “RSS” which is a fancy way of saying “it works with a feed reader.”  It makes it possible to read and catch up on hundreds of blogs instead of just a few.

I’ve tried a few feed readers along the years, like Bloglines, Google reader, Opera, IE7, and found them all a little helpful but not tremendously helpful.  When I tried FeedDemon a couple years ago, I liked it a LOT and decided to buy it (it’s free now, by the way.  Way to help a brothuh, guys.)

The unique thing about FeedDemon / Newsgator is that although you might read blogs from many different places (browser, desktop, cell phone), it syncs up your feeds and read/unread blogs between all of them.  This is huge!

I can read my feeds from my desktop with the powerful FeedDemon client (Windows only).

newsgator windows client

I can read my feeds from any web browser with NewsGator Online.

newsgator online

I can read my feeds from my blackberry with NewsGator Go!

newsgator go mobile

It is so incredibly productive and pleasing to me that I can be on my cell phone, catch up on a few blogs, even comment, and then when I get back to my desk, those entries are marked “read” and I don’t have to catch up again.  If I add a new blog to my list while browsing the web, it’s added everywhere.  The converse of this is probably more important – when I remove a blog from a list, it’s removed everywhere.

I can even install a toolbar into my web browser that lets me auto-subscribe to feeds that it auto-finds as I browse the web. 

newsgator toolbar

Do YOU use a feedreader? Let me know in the comments.  If you do, which one do you use?

tsk tsk

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