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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

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Showing love for NYCWD.  Cereal Kisses, Dawg.
(for more info, read this post or this post)


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Showing love for NYCWD.  Cereal Kisses, Dawg.
(for more info, read this post or this post)

Ren and I made it into Santa Fe, NM yesterday for the TequilaCon 2009 and BeerHer “blogger conferences” aka “excuses for people who’ve never met to actually meet and drink while we’re at it.”  He’s doing more of the “trip report” thing over at his blog (Day 1 and Day 2), so check it out if interested.  Shoot, check it out even if you’re NOT interested because hey, he has pictures of me over there!

Also, since I’m not a cool kid with an iPhone or camera-enabled Blackberry, you might want to make sure you follow Ren on twitter.  He can live-twitpic on demand.

Pre-BeerHer was a blast as we met up with early arrivals Geeky Tai-Tai, Bellaventa, Karl and LibraGirl for a quick snack, some social lubrication and*ahem* colorful discourse.

Image Courtesy Renagerie

As you can see, all the guyfolk were making fun of my arm-reaching avatar.  All the womenfolk were just sitting there being hot.

Ren and I left that group after a couple hours and I waited  in the hotel for what felt like hours while Ren did a bunch of stuff on the computer, making us potentially late for our meeting, and I got all anxious and stuff.

We finally were able to leave.  Ren navigated while I drove (a good combination).  The unofficial BeerHer Pre-TequilaCon meet-up officially started with the two of us being the first to arrive at the Santa Fe Brewing Company, all alone in our lonesome loneliness, smothered in a blanket of solitude.  We scoped the place out a little and waited for the rest to show up.  Yes, you may now laugh at my aforementioned anxiety about tardiness.

Here’s basically what happened:

I met Dawg and laughed at his shirt.


Isn’t that shirt hilarious?!?!?!?  It cracked me up something fierce.  And it’s so true.   I shook his hand (paw?), said hello and then soon thereafter Ren took over and talked cameras and photo shutter speeds and exposurifics and lens capitals and flashonomics or something I caught a few glimpses of Dawg throughout the evening before he left.

Then I met TEH POPPY and got a great hug.

All I got to say about that is… it’s about time we met.  I was so looking forward to her smile, and laugh and funness, not to mention she’s smart and geeky.  Meeting her is truly one of the highlights I was looking forward to this whole trip.  Then Ren monopolized teh Poppy the rest of the evening by talking, you guessed it, camera stuff and this and that and features and facial recognizance and aperture focal planetariums and spot meets and what his focal length was and then she said goodbye.

Serving as the late-yet-incredibly-heralded arrivals, Marty Mankins and his lovely wife Reba showed up.

Although Marty and I differ on a few political beliefs, we have an online kinship that has grown over the last year, with video tributes, a shared love for music, and a mutual respect for each others’ technical prowess.  I was looking forward to chatting it up with him until Ren devoured their attention and cornered the market on MY friends while they immersed themselves in the one person at the meet-up I DIDN’T need to talk to and learn about, forcing me to wallow in the corner curled up in a fetal ball while I talked to my camera and consoled it telling it everything will be better tomorrow.  But then they left.

I also met the youngun of the group, ohsarahjoy.

L-R: Bellaventa, OhSarahJoy, LibraGirl

L-R: Bellaventa, OhSarahJoy, LibraGirl

If there’s any cause in the world colossal enough to be worthy of an event like “BeerHer”, this has to be it – a soon-to-be-22-year-old drinking her very first beer, surrounded by people she’s never met in a city far away from home.

All-in-all, it was a good start to the vacation and I can’t wait for Ren to overpower my inconsequential presence at tonight’s blogger meet-up!

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First, don’t forget to PREDICTIFY how many text-messages my 14yr-old daughter had on her last month’s cell phone bill for your chance to win your choice of $10 gift certificate.  Contest is open until this Friday.

Now, onto today’s banality.

I saw this on Twitter just now (don’t know what Twitter is? I’ve written about it a few times

And then I saw Snackiepoo’s reply:

so I figured… maybe I should check out my “follow cost“.  

And?  I’m still in the dark as to what this really means.  Let me think a little bit.  7.  12.  7 point 8 oh.  twelve point six-five.  milliscobles.  hmmm.  *scratches head*

Wait a second.  It says “last 100 updates”.  Does that mean I’m going to die!??!?!  GAH!

OHHH! That “per day” down there probably means something.  I think it means “updates per day”.  Ok, that helps.  WOW I can’t believe I average 12 updates per day for last 100 updates (8 days I guess).  That does seem a little annoying.  Or it would if it were measuring updates from people OTHER than me.

I’m thinking it would be cool if the Twitter interface (I use twhirl) could tell you this info when you decide to follow.

One thing I DON’T like are those tools that require you to enter in your twitter username and password because to me – they’re just too dangerous.  Fortunately this one doesn’t require a username and password to get your info, and even when you select “tweet your follow cost”, it does The Right Thing and brings you to twitter.com’s page with a pre-filled tweet box.  Way to go, guys!

I’ve already changed my password a few times after getting lulled into some seemingly “cool” new toy and then realizing “DUH!”  They probably are just gathering twitter usernames and passwords, and THEN they can store that password, then monitor your activity, then later on try that password on your blog, your work accounts, your bank accounts, anything and everything since it’s possible you use the same password for something else.

Yeah, I’m a little paranoid.  In fact, I wonder if YOU’RE even reading this.  You could be a robot for all I know.

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After leaving a comment on Dawg’s post about the Zack and Miri film, I realized I had the beginnings of a blog post.

I hear people blog/talk/comment about Kevin Smith this, Kevin Smith that, blahblahblah.  I knew he did some clerk thing, and I slightly remember something about Carrie Fisher being a nun or something with some Wayne-and-Garth-in-reverse wanna-be duo.  I’m definitely an idiot when the topic comes up and I can never add anything to the conversation other than “I’ve been told I look like him a little.”

I don’t know if that’s a compliment or not.

Anyway, I thought it high time that I invest a little quality time in learning something new.  So I have decided to watch one (1) Kevin Smith movie.  

That’s where you come in — I want you to vote on which Kevin Smith movie I should waste my time with watch with objective curiosity.  Note that the poll below is not asking what YOUR favorite KS movie is; after all, this is about me, not you.

However, I am not a cold callous conservative that will leave you out in the street starving to death; once you vote for which movie *I* should see, you are enabled to leave a comment and tell me all about your favorite movie, what you liked about it, and how much better looking I am than Kevin Smith.  This is like me buying the homeless guy dinner once he gets done washing my car and complimenting my blackberry.  win-win!

Which Kevin Smith movie should be Wayne's first?

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Coming Soon?  My hands-on review of the new Verizon Blackberry Storm!

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I’m stuffed.


They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”  They usually say that when they copy your stuff.

But in this case, it’s true! I’m flattered!  NYCWD gave a “nod of the blog” my way when he created a non-cereal-wednesday video called Night In The Life, or NITL.  Although, for some reason, the links he made to my vlog series don’t seem to work in my browser, I checked the source and the link to me is there nonetheless.  I confirmed that the link works in IE 7 but not in Google Chrome.  Weird.

The video is pretty good too – informative AND entertaining.  I should work on the informative part, and probably the entertaining aspect too.

Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Get WHALL soon

One of my favoritetest bloggers I haven’t met yet but I’m certain I’ll find a way to before I die is Janna.  Evidently, she’s so cool she actually has three blogs, not just one.  She has Jannaverse, Jantics and Jantrails.  Right now I only read the first one listed because it has more of her name in it.  OVer time, I’m sure I’ll ease into the other forms of Jannaddiction.

I was NOT feeling well last week, and actually ended up with strep.

So what does Janna do?  Make fun of me?  Kick me while I’m down?  Declare me unfit to be qualified to run as President because I’m not a natural-born citizen?  No!

She makes and then sends me a “get whall soon” card.  

Ahhhh.  and Awwwww.  

Wait a second.  I look sick in all of those pictures.

Best of LOLcats






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in memoriam of the puppy monster
Cereal kisses from heaven, Dawg.


Did you know that I’m just over 1.1 billion seconds old?  Yay me!  But that should help put the concept of a billion into one’s perspective a little.  Like, knowing what a billion dollars really is – such that if you spent a dollar EVERY second of your life (that’s $86,000 per day), you would spend a billion dollars by the age of about 31.

$86 grand a day.  Wow.  Now that’s some dough.  That might be enough to make me act like Paris Hilton.  But I’d really like to prove to everyone, so won’t you please donate to my “Make Wayne act like Paris Hilton” fund?  Seems interest in the “Make Wayne look like Paris Hilton” fund has, um, pardon the pun, waned a little.

Birthday sharing

But what’s even better is I share the exact same birthday as Jennifer Connelly.  I don’t mean sharing the same birthday, like I do with Dionne Warwick, Frank Sinatra, etc.  As in, we’re born on the exact same date of the exact same year. 

     Jennifer Connelly Photo collage

She’s so hot…  I think she’s an actress or something, too?

Got $5?

You know me, I wouldn’t screw you out of your money.  There’s a guy with a blog, and his 5-yr old son died this last week.  It’s pretty sad, and there’s a ton of folk rallied behind him to let him know your prayers and/or thoughts are going his way.  There’s also a collection plate of sorts to help defray the costs associated with burial. 

I can’t imagine this guys grief.  Understandably, he’s on hiatus from Internet stuff – I’d probably be on hiatus for everything in life.  I have a 5yr old son as most of you know.

So you can go to his blog and give him your thoughts/prayers, and you can go to Avi’s site and donate something to the survivors.  The donation goes to “Puppy Monster Memorial” fund (the 5yr old’s nickname is Puppy Monster).

Send him some positive energy.

tsk tsk

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