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I got my first Jury Summon’s yesterday.  37 years old and they finally found me.

You know the old saying – “the only people who serve on juries are the ones who weren’t smart enough to get out of jury duty” (or something similar).  Well I got to thinking – maybe we hear such wacky court cases because all the “smart people” are trying to get out of jury duty, so we end up with the worst of our society helping our judicial system along. 

So I will happily do my civic duty and impanel myself, although it sounds quite painful.

And I thought I’d throw out that Travis County is the first county to have online impaneling.  In fact if you google the term “online impaneling,” I-Jury at Travis County is the first hit.  And the second hit.  And the third, fourth, etc. 

I went online to http://www.co.travis.tx.us/jury and filled in some info from my summons, read the instructions, filled out the questionnaire and I was done.  It only took 5-10 minutes and saved me the trip down to the Norris Conference Center and wait around for my name to be called.

    Jury Duty Impaneling results

Yay for technological progress of our governmental processes!

Now if they’d just pass the Fair Tax, and get rid of income tax filing…

tsk tsk

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