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I realize that posting this Fair Tax Petition for you folks to consider signing may stray from my “stay away from politics” promise, but I think it could be argued that it’s probably not too divisive in and of itself.  Primarily what I mean by that is that it’s not partisan and isn’t a dig on any specific candidate or “belief.”

As usual, I’m not begging you to side with me, agree with me or anything like that.  Rather, I’m begging you to consider the info presented.  I’m asking that you read the petition and if you agree, electronically sign the petition.  It would send a HUGE message to our political leaders and maybe finally get this thing reviewed at the higher levels.

If you want to find more about the Fair Tax, take a look at their website or just ask me.

President Obama,

During your campaign, you talked about changing how Washington does business. We, the undersigned, also believe in the need for change. We embrace throwing off “politics as usual” and want to help you change Washington, D.C. to better serve public interests.

We believe that a government, “Of the people, by the people, for the people,” not lobbyists, political favors, and special interests was the original vision of our Founders.

We believe that the American economy—facing its greatest peril in generations—requires a real and permanent economic stimulus package that will create jobs, drive investment, and maintain the United States as the world’s leading economy in the 21st-century, and beyond.

We believe that there is another way that is far healthier and more positive to heal our economy without the massive borrowing and spending that will have harmful effects on our economy for generations to come.

We believe that our thoroughly researched solution will have immediate and long lasting benefits to our economy and to the relationship of the citizen to government.

To address these challenges, we believe the FairTax is the change we need.

Whereas millions of Americans cannot pay their bills and risk foreclosure:

The FairTax ensures that American workers will see a huge boost in their take-home pay as all federal withholding and payroll taxes are eliminated—enough to save their homes and pay mortgage bills, thereby addressing the underlying cause of this economic meltdown, not just the symptoms.

Whereas Washington is financing its spending programs with trillions in debt:

The FairTax eliminates capital gains and corporate taxes making the US the most favorable business environment in the world. That means new jobs right here in America, higher wages and a stock market that goes up instead of down—without massive borrowing.

Whereas the poor and middle-class continue to struggle to make ends meet:

The FairTax removes federal taxes on the poor and the middle-class sees dramatic reductions in tax burdens under the FairTax. The “Made in America” label roars back with needed jobs and better wages and benefits.

Whereas tax lobbyists peddle their enormous influence in Congress and exert undue influence over the income tax code’s 67,500 pages of regulations, for which Americans spend $300 billion annually in tax preparation costs:

The FairTax is simple, transparent and fair. The tax base is expanded, special favors for tax lobbyists end and April 15th becomes just another spring day.

Be it therefore resolved that the FairTax deserves support by your administration to create a tax system that provides real and permanent economic stimulus effects that our nation, our citizens and children need and deserve.

Sign the Petition.

HA! You thought this was going to be about Obama, didn’t you?  In fact, some of you who know my political leanings were probably thinking this was going to be an obama-bashfest or something.

Well, I’m sorry to disappoint.  I have something else on the brain today.  And to be frank, I hope I don’t stoop to bashing someone I disagree with.  If I start doing that, call me on it, will ya?

Here’s what I’d like.  Can I trouble you to sign a Petition for getting YES into the Hall of Fame?

I’ve added a little banner over to the right side that points you to sign an online petition to get YES inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  I was signature #5540 – it’d be great if we could get the word out and make that number climb.

I’ve been moved by the Progressive Rock band YES since the late 80’s when I discovered them in High School.  On this one particular Sunday evening, I was driving my parent’s white Ford Econo 150 van down Anderson Mill road in NW Austin.  KLBJ-FM, the local rock station, started one of those “tribute shows” or “let’s play a lot of an artist” radio shows and the focal artist was YES.  I was completely blown away by the music – they played Starship Trooper, I’ve Seen All Good People, South Side of the Sky, Heart of the Sunrise – and the Wayne everyone knew up until that point was simply gone.   In fact, since that moment, he’s been unable to speak in the first person when writing about YES.

Soon thereafter, he spent any spare change he had getting obtaining the essential YES albums: Fragile, The Yes Album, Close to the Edge, and more, more more!  Flea Markets having any album collections were not prepared for the intensity with which Wayne would throw himself into the music bins, searching for any other artful displays.  This fantastic, perfect band had so many albums released already!  And without allmusic.com, wikipedia or fan blogs to rely on, Wayne just kept searching for gold.  And gold he found – and Platinum (some 2x and 3x Platinum).

Right as Wayne was falling in love with YES and all the little solo off-shoots and incestuous relationships between the band members and other bands such as Asia, YES released their album Big Generator.  “Hey,” thought Wayne.  “This is real different!”  It seemed to Wayne that everybody and their brother dissed the band, saying it wasn’t anything like their classic stuff and divisions arose between the ranks of self-proclaimed YES fans.  You were either a “Trooper” or a “Generator” depending on if you liked the stuff pre:90125 or post.

Wayne was torn.  Torn nearly in half, because – DANGIT it’s all good!  Sure, it’s different, but it’s all, so, incredibly, gooooooood.  He would spend hours listening to any album (yes, even Tales from Topographic Oceans, the double-album that only had 4 songs total – one song per album side).  There was one point in which Wayne owned more than 40 different YES or YES-related albums/cassettes or CD’s.  I don’t mean counting the “mastered edition” of Fragile as separate from Fragile.  I mean 40. different. albums.  Solo albums.  Remixes.  Side projects.  A rare collectors video of Jon Anderson with Indigenous People of South America.  ANYTHING.

This past year, YES announced a 40th anniversary tour and planned to stop twice in Texas.  Wayne was already rarin’ to go to both concerts, no matter what the cost, no matter what the consequence.  And then Jon Anderson, lead singer of YES for 95% of the YES Albums (he wasn’t on Drama), became ill and they had to cancel.  The only sadness in Wayne’s heart that compared to not being able to see them once again live was the thought of this energetic, positive and altogether incredible human being named Jon Anderson being ill.  Wayne mustered up all the energy he could to send Jon’s way and encourages all to do the same.

YES has continued to release fantastic studio masterpieces over the past 20 years, and Wayne is one who hopes they don’t stop for a long, long time.

Wayne still spends hours with his Zune MP3 player shuffling through nothing but YES music.  It’s one of the few playlists that can boast “never skips while playing” because Wayne never hits the “next song” button. 

He never has to.

tsk tsk

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