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I started a series of Open Letters not too long ago, which is my way of making light of the typically serious “Open Letter” concept to thinly disguise my suggestions and minor complaints as something that should be taken seriously. 

Or in other words, maybe I can fake my way into a solution.

This episode is about Vista.

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First off, I’m in love with Vista.  Before I moved over, I heard horror stories about using Vista.  Look, I’m a technophile.  I’m an IT Director for a large ISP.  I’m familiar with over 20 operating systems, and a few of those, I can honestly say I’m intimately familiar.

However, I experienced little by way of horror storiness when I moved to Vista a couple of month ago.  I attribute that success to a few things:

  1. I’m really really smart
  2. I’m really really lucky
  3. I went straight to Vista w/SP1
  4. I had a kick-ass machine (Core 2 Duo laptop) with lots of RAM (3GB)
  5. I used VMWare to make my old XP image available as-it-was-before.
  6. I would google a problem when I encountered it, worked to understand and solve it at the time vs throwing my arms up in disgust and giving up and blog online complaining about it.

I’d say while all of these reasons were important, #6 was the biggest factor.

Now, to the Mr/Mrs Vista Developer that might be reading this.  I want to compliment you on a great, fantastic superb job on this OS.  Specifically, I want to point out a few things that have impressed me over my recent adoption to Vista so that you know I like them so much.


Search is awesome. Thank you.  This probably saves me an hour a day.  Well, maybe not so much as it saves me time – it makes me able to do certain things in a much shorter period of time, so it’s more likely I get them done.  A lot of the time, it involves finding something in my email or a document, and Search just plain works.  Except for the time my index got corrupted and it had to rebuild.  That sucked. 

Standby / Resume / multi-monitor setup

My laptop and I are on full speaking terms now.  Before the upgrade, docking and undocking caused near panic attacks because I was never sure if the screen would be visible, if the left would be right, or what.  Now, tho — man I never give it a second thought.  It suspends in no time, wakes up automatically, and I haven’t gotten “stuck” yet.  When I dock at work, which has two external monitors with one rotated 90 degrees, it remembers.  When I dock back at home, which uses laptop and one external, it remembers.  When I open the laptop with no external monitors, it remembers. 

Handles crashes better

I’m sure there’s more than just one person saying “whoa” what do you mean – it still crashes?!?!?  Yes.  Sure it does.  When you have an OS that’s adopted by the entire world and run on more hardware than ANYTHING, there will be problems.  But unlike its predecessors, Vista w/SP1 makes crashing almost fun!  You get these great colorful windows, it lets you know what happened, and it tracks all of them for you.  You can actually see all your crashes, check for a status online and be notified when its fixed (if applicable).  I for one am very impressed with this aspect of Windows.  It makes it easier to figure out

UAC – User Access Control

Yes, I admit it.  I love this stuff!  The mac vs PC commercials will have you dreading your first popup (brilliant marketing there, boys!) but really – it’s an incredible boon to more secure computing.  I *like* having the OS complain when something you’re running is about to do something potentially disastrous.  I *like* having to right-click on a setup program and say ‘run as administrator’ so that I’m telling the OS  – “hey, I’m installing something here, so it’s OK to do stuff like write to the registry”. 

I’m sure that if I bit the bullet and switched to Mac OSX, I’d have the same adoption curve and probably find a million things to fall in love with.  But I can’t use that knowledge at my job, and that’s a major deciding factor.  I don’t have time to learn a 2nd OS “just because” – besides, I’d still have to learn Vista and develop a deployment and support plan for our company for hundreds of desktops and laptops.

What do you like/dislike/hate about Vista?

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