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I’ve written about this before, and on this Veteran’s Day I again urge you to read about it and act.

Help a soldier.

Help him or her to call home while stationed overseas. 

You might not realize it, but despite Skype, VOIP, massive military funding, advances in telecommunication and ubiquitous cell phones, our servicemen and women still don’t have the ability or means to call home as much as they’d like.  It is for that reason that 590KLBJ radio runs Operation Call Home – donate a dollar, a few dollars, or the cost of a night out to directly purchase calling cards for our troops.



Thank you, Dad.  Thank you, granddaddy Rex.  Thank you to my uncles and extended family who served.  Thank you, Veterans.

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Seriously, if $1 was on your credit card bill this month, would you even notice?  or $2, or $5?

One dollar can buy a few precious moments of talk time for a soldier fighting for our freedom.  Tens of thousands are soldiers are deployed overseas and would love to talk to their daughter or son, or spouse and tell them they love them and miss them. 

Just one dollar can give a worthy soldier a smile for the day.  It’ll probably make his whole month!

So go and at least donate $1 for Operation Call Home – do it today, as I believe today is the final day for donations.  You can listen online at http://590klbj.com for updates on how they’re doing.  If you’re in Austin, turn your AM radio to 590 and listen for spots around the city where you can just drive up and donate (no need to get out of your car)

operation call home klbj 590

No matter your political affiliation, you can help a soldier talk to his or her family.  Remember, it’s justabuck. 

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Tomorrow is a voting day – here in Austin there are many proposals on the ballot.  Historically, the turnout for this middle-of-the-season votes is low, so I’m hoping I can urge you to vote.

So in general, people want to do 16 constitutional amendments and spend $9 billion dollars.  I say don’t spend any new money.  One is for more accountability for our lawmakers – and who can say no to that?

The ballot is online for our reading enjoyment.

Operation Call Home

The second thing is the Operation Call Home that our local News Talk Radio Station is hosting on Friday.  You can go online and donate if you’re not from around here.  It’s the 5th year of the thing, too – you donate money and they purchase calling cards for troops so they can call home during the holidays.  It’s a great great charity, and even $3 or $5 goes a long way to help a soldier.

klbj 590 operation call home

I’m going to add a banner over on the right for this week.

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