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12:21 pm
Post Meta :

I think it’s pretty neat that today, 11/02 2011, is known as an “eight-digit palindrome day”.   The numbers 11022011 read the same forwards as backwards, and there aren’t many days that happen like this.  I researched it for about 14 seconds and found out that someone said there are only 12 of them this century. 

I did no further fact-checking.

But I thought about that number 12.  Why are we leaving him out?  Wait, ARE we leaving him out?  Why is someone asking about leaving out 12? Who asked that?  Where was I?

After thinking and rethinking about it, I instead would like to make this post at a time that makes it one of many “twelve-digit palindrome days”.  er, “twelve-digit palindrome times”, which would be 12:21pm (eastern) on 11/02, 2011

I believe my service to the Internet and it’s peoples speaks for itself.


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