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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

The first part of the blog title is an example of Anguish Languish.  That’s the process of writing a word, phrase or even an entire Fairy Tale using completely different real words that phonetically sound like the original word.  For example, “English Language” becomes “Anguish Languish”.  “Little Red Riding Hood” becomes “Ladle Rat Rotten Hut”.  Say it out loud and you can kind of hear what is meant.

Here’s one of my more favoritest examples from Ladle Rat Rotten Hut:

“Wail, wail, wail!” set disk wicket woof, “Evanescent Ladle Rat Rotten Hut! Wares are putty ladle gull goring wizard ladle basking?”

The use of the word “Evanescent” for “if it isn’t” is simply genius.

The title of this blog post, “Copyrights Infringement,” is a double-pun because there’s a phrase there – a cop writes an email in an out-of-the-way mint.  While kind of nonsensical, it is a real sentence. 

Being that I can never stop a theme, I present to you two examples of potential copyright infringement. 

The first is the most obvious, the example being if I were to include a Pearls Before Swine comic panel here representing A) my all-time favorite comic strip and B) a not-so-lighthearted political view that’s gaining additional merit each passing day.

True.  Oh, so true. 

But anyway, I know I can go to Comics.com and view this particular comic strip online.  They have ads online and attempt to make money while people look at the comics. I respect that and support it (maybe a little too frequently based on my wallet size recently).  Also, I can “send comic to a friend” which will email someone a link to this particular comic because it made me laugh/think/angry.

However, the problem is that the link is only good for 2 weeks.  What I want to do is embed this comic INTO my blog post so that when someone reads my blog post, they can read the comic.  But I *also* want to respect their capitalism.  I want Stephan Pastis, genius that he is, rich.

So it seems to me that it would be in comics.com best interest to give me the ability to embed their comic, a la youtube or the daily memes/quizzes so that I can put the comic out there, but Comics.com gets a built-in plug.

The second example is something forwarded to me by email, called “The 545 People Responsible For All of America’s Woes” by Charley Reese, a former columnist for the Orlando Sentinel Star newspaper.  I’m not sure if it’s copyright infringement if I’m saying “this is who wrote it, and this is where I got it.”  I’ll take my chances because, man, this text says SO MUCH.  It’s not Republican; it’s not Democrat. It’s American.

I’m putting that text in the extended entry to help save my front page.  The items that are no longer current, such as the name of the Speaker, the President and the number of people in the country are [italicized in brackets.]


Slap mah fro!

Avi said he unabashedly stole this “Guess the movie” idea from Dan.  However, that leaves me with two questions: 1) if this is unabashedly, what would happen if he abashedly stole it?  Would he still have mistakenly called Babel Fish a product of Google if there were less bashedness? 2) Why is Dan using Bable Fish instead of Babel Fish?  Or did he run the phrase “Babel Fish” through the translator a couple of times as well? (I keed, I keed!)

Dan’s method was to take a film’s synopsis and put it through Babel Fish translator to convert it from English to some other foreign language, and then take that result and translate it back to English.  Then people could guess which film is being described.  Avi’s tweak was to use AOLer Translator instead of Babel Fish, so he could have AOL-style (for example “OMG LOL TEH MOVEI SI 3XACTLEY DA LENGTH OF A DV TAEP”)  descriptions.

*My* tweak  is to use my all-time favorite translator, the Dialectizer.  I’ve used this tool since the mid-90’s.  I’m so glad it’s still up.  I’ve always loved translating things to Jive.  So that’s what I’ve chosen to do with some of my favorite movies.

Your job: Guess the movie.  I’ve translated the film’s synopsisses into Jive. 
My job: Pay It Forward.  You can win fabulous prizes just by leaving a comment on this post by Friday! 

To save space, I’ve put both of these wonderful pieces in the extended entry, below.


tsk tsk

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