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12:00 pm
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Mmmmm, Pickles.

I Love me some Pickles.  Who’s with me? 

The tasty crunch of a Stacker or well cut up spears make my home-made sandwich or burger a decent bit better.  They’re good all alone, too, as long as they aren’t the “Zesty” or “Bread and Butter” kind.  I mean, who messes with pickles like that?

Have I mentioned I love pickles?

Another thing I love is pickle juice.  Now, I may have lost some of you there, with the collective “ew” I just heard across the vast reaches of InterSpace.  But seriously – pickle juice is GREAT when on a long bike ride or going for a long run.  Really, any kind of intensive exercise is better with pickle juice.  I don’t ever do those kinds of things, so drinking pickle juice is my way of bridging the gap, so to speak.

Pickles satisfy a quick snack craving, staves off hunger for a decent chunk of time, helps everyone retain more water (and who doesn’t need THAT?), and go very well with lettuce.

Oooh! You know what I just though of?  PICKLES!  Tiny diced up pickles in a big bowl of tuna fish, along with some chopped up hard boiled eggs and little bits of cheese.  Tuna is great all by itself, but when you add the saucy goodness of mayo and the crunchy awesomeness of pickles, it’s near perfection.  The eggs and cheese help it the rest of the way.  Combine it with some fresh, soft bread and, well…

*runs to kitchen*

 OMG! I found a LOLcat in my kitchen!

I guess we both had the right idea.



tsk tsk

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