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I let all the other bloggers do their “favorite posts from the previous year” posts in January.  Then I let February go by because it was short (and we need to be nice to the ones who are shorter than us).  So now it’s March and it seems like the PERFECT time for me to wax eloquent pimp myself out do a celebratory review of last year’s best posts (in the eyes of yours truly).

Normally, I’d say “without further ado,” but I actually have some more ado laying around, so I thought I’d ask a question of all of you.  Consider this my ado.

What issue is most polarizing for you in this year’s Presidential campaign?  IE, “I can’t vote for a candidate who (one issue)”. 

Ok, now back to my Year In Review.

In 2007, I started a “Stuff you don’t want to MISC” series, and here’s my first entry from June 17th, 2007.

Favorite Photo/Video from 2007

  • Post Secret – probably my favorite 2007 post – where I profess my love (and make a video) for Michael Jackson.
  • I need to be as cool as this guy – Greatest. GuitarHeroVideo. Ever.
  • Chuck Says… – where I combine my favorite Chuck Norris quotes with the “Chuck Says” graphic-creating website.
  • Zina – we got a new dog in June of 2007, but still miss Nitro.
  • Wayne-O-Shop series #1 – Man, I look REALLY good when my face is photoshopped onto a sexy man’s body…

Favorite One-Liners / Definitions

  • Pants – Top Star Wars lines improved by replacing a word with “pants” as in “I find your lack of pants disturbing”
  • Waynal – where I submitted and was denied by urban dictionary the ability to define my new term
  • Addiction – I outline Jaden’s addiction to the Binky and how we fought it.
  • Evolution vs Competition – yes, it’s a serious question.  How do we balance compassion and competition?

Favorite Revenge

  • Kitten War – about a guy’s revenge on a neighbor using his Internet connection.

Favorite Political Entries

Favorite Technical Entries

Favorite Nostalgic Entries

Favorite Polls

Favorite everything else

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