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This past weekend marked the first police visit to our house, ever.

We’ve been here where we’re at since late 2000, when we initially plopped down the septic tank (no pun intended) and pumped money into the land with a well (no pun intended).  We’re saving up for building the dream house and we still have little planning sessions in the family to discuss this cool feature of the next home, that cool feature, and the like.  I may do a special post about that in particular to solicit comments about what awesome things to put into a new house.

My computer was getting a little attention from me, and the TV was getting it’s normal amount of attention from wife and daughter. Jaden was running around like his normal self.

Then we heard a loud knocking on the door.  It seemed more urgent than the normal knocking, but since I’m right near the front window of the house when I’m at my computer, I peeked out to see who it was.  I glimpsed someone walking off of the deck, and figured it was UPS or Fedex dropping off a package because they frequently do that — they drop the package off, do a quick courtesy knock, and then run off to their next destination.

Jaden also ran to the window next to me and said “hey, the police are here!”.  

Jaden likes to joke sometimes, so both Mom and I said “Jaden… you shouldn’t joke about that…” but I looked again and sure enough, I saw two Sheriff cars half-way up our long driveway.

I quickly announced to those who cared “Whoa, there ARE police out there!” and got up to get the door.  I opened it up and a Deputy was standing just outside, over to my right in that stance you see on TV where they are cautiously monitoring the situation, hand on holster, ready for anything.

You know the usual way people respond to a surprise police presence.  “Anything wrong, officer?” or “what seems to be the problem, officer?”  Yup, that’s what I did.

The officer explained that they received a 911 hangup call and when they tried to call us back, they received a fast busy signal.  Then he was pretty urgent about wanting to come in and check things out.

I said “sure, sure, come in!” and as we found out after a bit of not-surprising investigation, Jaden had dialed 911 while playing with the phone.  He also dialed 5 of the digits of my cell phone and then lost interest, leaving the phone on-hook while half-way dialed.  

The Deputy saw wife and daughter in the living room watching TV, and saw Jaden and the look on his face.  We of course explained to him how important it was to not dial 911 unless it was an emergency.  

We had some light banter with the Deputies — one was named J Hall, so we commented on that.  They both loved our dogs.  They each commented on how they didn’t know this land was back here, and it must be nice to be so close to civilization yet completely isolated from neighbors, and we expressed how blessed we felt we were to be here. 

It was a positive experience overall, and I was glad to finally meet our local Men In Brown.

Looking back on my life, I can’t recall any incidents where I’ve had a bad experience with the police.  I hope most people also have had similar experiences.  Is that as normal as I hope it is?

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