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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

I happened to watch a Buck Rogers episode over the weekend (I love nostalgia) and was once again slammed to the floor speechless at how pretty Erin Gray was.

erin gray

For those of you who don’t know, Erin Gray played Col. Wilma Deering in the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century TV show.  Just listening to the title sequence fires off my nostalgic receptors.  And I always loved how elegantly beautiful Erin Gray was.

I was so moved I had to tweet about it


And I got a few good responses from twitter and facebook, which surprised me at first given that this was after midnight.  Then I realized it was after midnight after the 4th of July, and it made more sense.



There were two mentions of Princess Ardala, and I couldn’t quite remember who exactly that was, but I had a suspicion that they were talking about the other really attractive lady in the episode I was watching (Flight of the War Witch, 1 of 2).


Eh.  She’s ok, but she’s overdone.  And as a character?  How can you fall for someone you can’t trust?  Col Wilma Deering would have your back no matter what, no matter what color spandex she had to wear.  Princess Ardala would trade your soul for a new sequin, no matter what color she had to put up with.

It’s time to set this to rest.

So. Which one?

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First of all, whoa.


Did you guys love all these guest posts as much as I did? I’ve half a mind to stop blogging myself and just get 20-30 people to commit to one guest post per month and just have them write for me.

Who’s with me!!!!!??

The side benefit to this master scheme is that, as you probably have noticed yourself, these bloggers end up writing BETTER material when they guest post than the stuff they normally put on their own blogs.

What? Isn’t this a reverse roast?

As LeSombre would say, Quel Frommage.

Let’s recap a little.

First, Dave2 from Blogography teed things off by actually making a BAD WAYNKEY!  He cleverly embedded it into a intolerance-based liberally biased anti-establishment fascist piece of propaganda disguised as a comic, and for that, I’m eternally grateful.  He even published an extended Behind The Scenes edition, only this time, with less New Kids On The Block shrines.

Then BlondeBlogger came by and deposited into the bank of whall a series of 10 questions and the readers were to pick which 5 were true.  The winner, Ren, supposedly gets “have a date with Whall at the LOLCat headquarters.”  I’ll pre-emptively accept his withdrawal from the contest.  I got another true statement: BB is hot.  Just look!

After BB came Hilly, aka snackiepoo.  She was able to conform to the strict Puritan values my blog espouses (yeah, right [bleepitybleeper!]) and bring on the Weird Science for us all.  She also pointed out all of our differences.  Thanx for that (WTF Hilly, you ride donkeys?!?!?).  But she did point out our commonalities- I do love the 80’s, I do have a great heart, and I LOVE TWEETING AND BLOGGING.

Then it got all serious-like.  Miss Britt infected my blog with Obamfluenza H1N1.  I had to go into quarantine and everything!  Usually, any given type of flu has an incubation period anywhere from 72 hours to 7 days, but evidently if one drinks the kool-aid fast enough, he or she can be overcome within minutes, afflicted with such symptoms as incredulous mysterious adulation towards public figures, radical socialist views, and a shrieking voice when debating (or so I’ve heard).  After watching 15+ minutes of Funny Obama, even *I* started experiencing my own symptoms of tolerance, acceptance and open-mindedness.  Fortunately for me I was able to purchase a new copy of Atlas Shrugged while on vacation, which is a common antidote for apathy-inducing liberalism.  WHEW!

And then?  YES!  YESSSSSSSS!  OMG YES!  No, I’m not having an episode. I’m still reeling from the awesome YES-laden guest post from Mr Shiny.  Here’s what I don’t get about Shiny – he’s undoubtedly one of the top 3 funniest, wittiest, smartest bloggers I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.  He’s absolutely brilliant.  I mean, there are bloggers out there I enjoy to read, but Shiny’s posts make me laugh out loud.  But he hardly gets any comments!  Even his guest post for me had the fewest comments out of all the guest posters.  I just don’t understand that.  It’s almost as if his posts are so good people find themselves unworthy to comment.   His LOLyes pictures were awesome, especially for huge YES fans such as myself.   And Shiny? I’d love to hear the Leave It track… I’m thinking of doing one too so maybe we can team up on that idea sometime.

Ren from Renagerie.com followed up the Amazing Mr Shiny with a clever new take on LOLcats, my blog and made something unique – WHALL-anti-cats.  He took photos he had of me over our 10yr friendship and captioned them with actual blog post titles from my blog.  And WOW.  He did nineteen (19) lolcaptionblogtitlethingies!  I think my favorite in the series is “an’ you’ll be poppin, lickin and breakin in no time…”  And yes, it’s all about the dorkiness of Wayne.

*content sigh*.  Then Poppy came to my blog and made it aww bettaw.  It wuz so pwehshush!  She whalljacked my blog and made an eccentric vlog with one of the sexiest coolest overdub narration voices you’ll ever hear.  And I think some rap.  And something about “Dirty Wayne” which is almost as nice sounding as I expect “Naughty Wayne” would sound like.  Thank you Poppy.  Thank you for the YES tie-in, the voiceover and the awesomeness you gave my blog.  And something about a lollipop in it or something.

What guest post whallstravaganza would be complete without a fatwha?  Faiqa from Native Born, aka Supreme Magistrate of All Things Wise, Prudent and Being Generally Better Than Everyone Else Without Even Trying of the NBLA, unleashed the NBLA’s demands on the world when they actually DID whalljack me with normal and just atypically terroristic and extremist demands.  I’m so glad they did. You will pay for your insolence.  I have seen the error of my ways.  Chuck Norris is gonna go all up in your face and roundhouse kick every turban off every extremist muslim head.  I’ve corrected my behavior and even built a time machine, went back in time, and put in TWO votes for Barack Obama just to make sure.  With just one roundhouse kick. I’m so glad my eyes have been opened. Blindfolded.  Please forgive me for my past.  And then LOLcaption it.  Sincerely, Marmontiansese Nbyuti Barack Hussein Obama (tongue click) W. Hall whall.  PS: May I express my fondness for your aesthetic qualities? My lord, you’re hot.

The final instwhallment of the guest post gala was performed by Mr Avitable.  From Avitable.com.  His last name is Avitable.  He doesn’t like it pronounced Avitable, he prefers it Avitable.  It can be a littable difficult to fittable the right syllables befittable such an iminitable Avitable, but it’ll make the fiddle knittable, said the quittable riddle in the middle.  I think I need to make this whole thing DITLable.  Now does everyone know how to pronounce Avitable?  Good. Now to his blog post.  He copied Faiqa.  End of story.  NEXT!

All in all, I think it was a quality showing.  I don’t know about you, but I’m already looking forward to my next vacation!

PS: Who was your favorite? I’ve been looking to start up some drama around here to drive up traffic, so which one did you hate and which on pwned the others?

Which guest posts were your favorites

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PS#2: The “Part V” in the title is a little secret.  Can anyone guess what it’s in reference to?

7:49 am
Post Meta :

Let me state for the record that I have no concrete idea what the “Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008” is about.  I’ve heard “bailout” and “fat cat severence” and “where’s the responsibility?” and a number of things that attempt to summarize it.  But I haven’t read exactly how the Senate crafted a way to spend $700B and I’m nowhere near informed enough to really understand whether it’s needed or not. 

However, I do know one thing.  It didn’t pass the House.  And the dow lost 777 points in one day.  Ok, that’s two things.

How close was it?  Well it was 228 to 205 (with 1 not voting).  That seems pretty darned close if you ask me.

So I wondered how my state (Texas) did.  Congress.org has a neat rollover US map where you can see, by color, which states had a majority Yea (green) and a majority Nea (red)

What I find interesting is that it was so close…. but only 15 states had a majority say “yea” and of course, that includes New York and California.  It struck me as odd at first that 15 states can make it so close, but then I realized that the red states just mean a majority, and that could be something like a 5-6 split.

Has anyone heard sensible talk about this bill anywhere?  So far I’ve only heard threats (Bush), complaints about it (talk radio), arrogance and condescension against people who are against the bill (other talk radio), but no straight talk.

I don’t expect a lot of comments on this blog post because A) it’s political, B) it’s 70% less funny than most of my blog posts and C) it uses a lot of weird numbers like “70%”.  Not only that, it has bad grammar.

But why not just do a quick comment and let me know what YOU think – as simple as…. hey I got an idea!  How about another poll!

Whatchu know about House Bill 674?

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3:45 pm
Post Meta :

In the early days, Obama seemed like a dream come true.  I watched him speak a couple of times during the early debates, and compared to Hillary, Dean, and so many other potential Democratic nominees, he was such a breath of fresh air!

Back in January, I posted a comparison of where the candidates stood in comparison to my personal position on the issues, and it showed that I was more in line with Bill Richardson and Hillary than Edwards, Obama, or any other democrat.

We donated $5 to the Obama campaign back then because I definitely felt that I’d rather Obama win than Hillary.  

Since that time, I’ve received the Obama campain emails.  I liked how positive they were – sending a message of change, talking about what’s important, and not doing much to overtly attack the “other guys”.

I set up a separate email address than my personal one – one that I’ve never used before for anything, nor given anyone – and all of a sudden I was subscribed to MoveOn.org.

This surprised me some.  But hey, all’s fair in love and war and politics, right?

Here is a sampling of the worst stuff I’ve received from MoveOn.org:

  • Yesterday was John McCain’s 72nd birthday. If elected, he’d be the oldest president ever inaugurated. And after months of slamming Barack Obama for “inexperience,” here’s who John McCain has chosen to be one heartbeat away from the presidency: a right-wing religious conservative with no foreign policy experience, who until recently was mayor of a town of 9,000 people. 
  • Did you watch Sarah Palin’s speech last night? The speech told us a lot about her. It told us that she can distort the facts and deliver mean-spirited zingers with the best of them. 
  • Here’s the situation: John McCain and Sarah Palin are repeatedly deceiving, manipulating, and flat-out lying. And polls are showing that some of those lies are convincing voters.
  • Angry at John McCain and Sarah Palin? Frustrated with the media? Fed up with the absurd direction this campaign has taken? Don’t sit and stew. Use that energy to put Obama over the top!
  • For weeks, John McCain has run one of the most dishonest campaigns in American history.
  • Looking for a way to make sure the McCain-Palin sleaze-o-rama doesn’t derail Barack Obama’s historic candidacy?

The emails from Obama, ingeneral, were much more upbeat and positive, but it still had stuff that just didn’t read right for me:

  • I saw John McCain’s attack squad of negative, cynical politicians. They lied about Barack Obama and Joe Biden, and they attacked you for being a part of this campaign. But worst of all — and this deserves to be noted — they insulted the very idea that ordinary people have a role to play in our political process.
  • Why would the Republicans spend a whole night of their convention attacking ordinary people? With the nation watching, the Republicans mocked, dismissed, and actually laughed out loud at Americans who engage in community service and organizing.

Then yesterday, an email from Obama asked what *I* thought.  It invited me to participate in an online survey.  So I participated.

Some of the questions really made me think – because you know surveys… just based on how you ask the question, you can make anything sound like anything.  So I paid attention to how the questions were asked and the possible answers they gave – and gave special thought to whether or not the questions themselves were “fair.”

Personally, I don’t like that they combined “Economy” and “Taxes.”  To me, they are completely separate issues – sure, one affects the other, but “Health Care” affects “Taxes” as well but they didn’t combine them.  Another minor nitpic is the obfuscation of “LGBT Issues”.  I wonder if they had spelled out “Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender”, would they get the same answers?

Probably the biggest problem with this question, though, is that it lumps “support” and “opposition” together in the same answer.  For example, if they find out that, hypothetically, 70% of the people who took the survey clicked on”Economy & Taxes”, what will they report about it?  I’m worried that the results will somehow spin it to be that 70% of the people agree with Obama’s stance and that’s not what the survey is asking.  The survey just asks what issues are of most concern.

The next question also seemed a little unfair:

I don’t know about you, but the word “Progressive” sitting there next to Liberal makes you feel like a dork to click anything BUT Liberal.  Sure, maybe “progressive” is a term that’s been used by some to indicate political leanings, but even as someone who does watch a fair bit of news (and NOT JUST FOX), I don’t hear “liberal/progressive” put together.  I mean, I listed to “progressive rock” but it ain’t liberal!

The other potentially misleading question was this one:

They have three answers that indicate strength, and one absense of strength.  Even “not strong” can indicate support in general, just not strong support.  I mean, come on!  They’re not giving anyone a chance to say they don’t support Obama.  With a question like this, the survey can legitimately say “100% of responders indicated support for Obama’s campaign.”

I was hoping that the folks that run the Obama campaign would bring “change” to the survey and poll process too – I want more accurate, more honest portrayals.  I want less corruption.  I don’t want pork barrel-spending, I want lower taxes, I want everyone to be happy, and I want to give to others.

Why can’t I get what I want?

10:01 am
Post Meta :

Well, those of you in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont… you can vote.  It’s been a long time since a Texan’s vote counted, and we have so much crossover voting and assumptions going on, it’s hard to make heads or tails of it.

texas counties

Polls say one thing and reality is often another.  Why do we even allow polls anyway?  Or better put, why do people believe or trust polls?  They’re wrong so often.  There’s that Zogby poll that showed Obama ahead of Hillary by as much as 13 percentage points and then lost by 10 percentage points.  There’s the other one that showed the two neck and neck but Obama won handily.

Stop trusting polls!

And then there are the things that don’t get into the mainstream news.  Some of it has no place, granted, but I’ve collected some stories I’ve learned over the last couple of weeks here for your review as you consider who to vote for.

  • McCain is very old.
    Ok, maybe you’ve heard that already.  Reagan was older when he started his second term, but still, McCain is pretty old.  But as Reagan said he wouldn’t hold Mondale’s youth and inexperience against him back in 1984, maybe McCain should play the same cards.  With both Hillary *and* Obama, because you can say “35 years of experience” all you want, but Hillary is just not presidential with her experience.  I will say that Obama’s lack of baggage is something I can support.  I’m not for life-long politicians in general.  Our founding fathers were business owners first and politicians begrudgingly.
  • One of Hillary’s biggest financial supporters is Wal*Mart
    I don’t care one way or another.  But Hillary supporters who hate Wal*Mart might want to know this.  Even though she “returned $5,000 contribution” last year.
  • Obama’s middle name is Hussein
    But who gives a flying pancake?  And who cares if he was in a turban? There are some who think he might be the antichrist and closely portrays the AC depicted in the Left Behind series.  But I’d lend more credence to the thought of “fear-mongering” if people are trying to get his middle name mentioned at any cost.  Some of the claims are downright creative and insane “Barack = Iraq, Hussein = Saddam Hussein, Obama = Osama” and the adding up of his name = 666 (so does Reagan’s).  I will say this though: his ties with Louis Farrakhan and his ability to totally entrance people with his speech with very little substance behind it does scare me, antichrist-like or not.  I also don’t like his association with Dorothy Tillman and the thought of a potential lawsuit against US for “slavery reparations” paid to African Americans, just because they’re African Americans.  Sure, Obama was against these reparations before elected to Senate, but has since changed his mind.
  • If you attack “big oil”, you attack yourself and other middle class Americans
    A friend sent me a link to this article by Ben Stein and even I didn’t know this stuff.  Essentially, Hillary keeps attacking “big oil” and the $40b or whatever profits Exxon Mobil made, but 99% of those profits go into pension funds, money markets, and stock portfolios of average Americans, NOT billionnaires sitting in the back counting their money. So if Hillary wants to go in and take their profits like she’s alluding to, she’s really stabbing hard-working americans in the back pocketbook.  If you have a 401K or IRA or any kind of savings plan, you might want to look to see how “big oil” has prevented your savings from going to nothing.
  • Don’t be fooled by Democrats wanting to “stick it to the rich”
    As mentioned in a post last week, seven of the eight richest CEO’s have 100% of their political donations going to the Democrats.   I believe that both Hillary and Obama will actually be sticking it to the middle class by way of taxing us into bankruptcy.  McCain isn’t any better here, either.
  • Can the economy afford more entitlements?
    I wish I had more time to research this and really understand the numbers.  I know it might sound backwards, but I don’t think that a hard economy means more handouts.  I think a tough economy means those who are working need to keep more of their paychecks.  By doing that, the hard-working Americans can afford to buy more, spend more and stimulate the economy.  By taxing the hard-working American an increased amount (which McCain, Obama and Hillary are all likely to do), you limit what they can spend and instead someone is promising to send it to someone else, but in the form of entitlement.  Entitlement doesn’t help the economy because it just takes from person A and gives to person B.  If the money is in person A’s wallet, it can go with person A to the grocery store or the hardware store or the furniture store, pay for goods and services, and then create a job for person B.
  • Tons of people are cross-voting
    At least, they’re calling into the radio stations and saying they did so.  Lots of Republicans have now voted Democratic in the primary and put their vote in for Hillary because they think McCain can beat her easily.  As I mentioned last week, this was up for debate but the idea of it left me feeling icky.  So while I didn’t do this, I know tons of people are.  I’m planning on going to the Republican Caucas tonight.

Anyway, happy voting!

10:05 am
Post Meta :

I’m going to start a little series I like to call…

What's your favorite scene?

This installment focuses on The Goonies

Goonies Cover Art

This is one of my favorite movies.  It came out in 1985 (I was 14) and I must have seen it a few dozen times.  It’s got everything a funny kids movie should have.  It’s totally quotable, even 20 years later, and has a “Dreams can come true” kind of aura about it.  Not to mention it ties in a treasure hunt, and don’t you remember treasure hunts as a kid?   The fantastic adventures you could have when armed with a powerful imagination?

Over the weekend, I picked up this movie at Target for $8.  Watched it with the kids, and Jaden just loved it, although Sloth scared him and he wanted to turn it off if we weren’t going to watch it with him.  I had the movie on VHS but it’s packed away somewhere (we generally don’t watch VHS anymore).  And I didn’t realize that, hey, that lead character is Samwise Gamgee!  And that other guy, one of the Fratelli brothers – he’s from the Matrix!  And (DOUBLE GASP) that older Fratelli brother is on Stargate Atlantis, one of my all-time favorite shows!

So I want to know – which are your favorite scenes?

(Note #1: I’m trying out a new poll plugin for the first time, so I hope it works out ok.)

(Note #2: You can select as many as five (5) of your top favorite scenes.)

(Note #3: If I missed a favorite scene, leave it in as a comment and I’ll add it to the poll.)

What's your favorite scene in The Goonies? (select up to 5)

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