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Hi, This is Wayne. This is my site, my stuff, my blog, blahblahblah. The site itself is powered by WordPress and the Scary Little theme. I thought it was cool, and I still do.

Speaking of love, you can send some fundraising love over to Jaden, our 6yr old by reading about how to satisfy your chocolate addiction or if you’re in need of wrapping paper, neat gifts or nuts, desserts and other such confections.

Two readers have sprinkled a little blog love on me.   There’s a “I heart your blog” theme going on and Kapgar of kapgar.com and Marty (aka ChillyWilly from comments) from Banal Leakage are both secure enough in their hetersexuality to issue a hand-drawn pink puffy heart love note so delicately drawn on notebook paper to yours truly.  I’ll assume for the time being that they actually like my blog and aren’t after something else, like my DITL.



Being the astute (and incredibly waynal) reader that I am, I noticed that both of these gentlemen put my name and blog link LAST in their list.  I can take this in one of a few ways:

  1. I was put last due to a random fluke (what is this, a 1 in 49 chance? more? less)
  2. They decided to put people alphabetically.  It would seem the facts help this particular option, but this is Election Year – why would I start caring about facts all of a sudden?
  3. I’m their least favorite blog on the list (hey, it could happen)
  4. I’m their favoritest blog on the list, saving me for last.
I like my chances.
Anyway, with these incestuous and nepotism-induced themes, there are not only rules, but a “Pay It Forward” style reciprocity imbued throughout.  Never one to buck a trend, I shall follow along, being a good little blog soldier.  Plus, I always wanted to use “incestuous,” “nepotism,” “reciprocity” and “imbued” in a single sentence.
Here are the rules:
  1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog
  2. Link the person from whom you received your award
  3. Nominate at least seven other blogs
  4. Put links of those blogs on yours
  5. Leave a message on the blogs that you’ve nominated.
I don’t know about rule #5, so I may or may not do that.  These “favorites” of mine can just learn themselves that they won, you know?
Here, in no particular order other than in order of who I like the best, are the seven I chose to Love today.  And I will love them in various forms of prose, poetry, song, and the like.
Janna is cool
Janna is neat
Janna likes to blog 
about the corns on her feet.
Poppy and Dawg, sitting in a tree
First comes blog, then comes cereal
Then comes kitties who are nice and ethereal!
Ren’s in the middle of a name change.
It started off as Ren’s Journal.
Ren’s in the middle of a bathroom,
He ended up at the urinal.
Ren’s in the middle of “children’s books”
But only by way of semantics.
Ren’s in the middle of a list of three
with my ability for pedantics.
See Bossy
See Bossy Blog
See Bossy Annotate
See Bossy Be Way Funnier Than You
Introspection.  She haz it.
Brevity? Not so much. 
But I learn a lot and try to feel,
For gifted writing, SHE has the touch.
Better the devil you know,
Then the avITable you don’t.
If you read his blog while working,
Chances are you won’t.
He’s not the kind of blog you’d read
if you’re easily offended.
In fact, now that I think about it,
not even with iron constitution extended!
I know it might seem unfair
To award a celebrity blogger.
But fairness isn’t everything;
just ask the frog from Frogger.
Bee-dink! bee-dink! bee-dink! then splat
His destiny can sadden.
But my spirits lift with every word
I read from dear Scott Adams.

I think for this week, we’ll just do a couple quickies.  LOLquicks I callz dem.

Be my guest…

Well, not MY guest. But *I* will be guest-posting tomorrow over at The Absurdist.  Why I agreed I’ll never know.  Ok, well, I do know.  But YOU should know that there are bloggers in this world whose blogs are not what we call “safe for work.”  So if you see the acronym NSFW it means “not safe for work.”  I sometimes think about living vicariously through some bloggers who put it all out there, so to speak, on the Internet for everyone to see.  They are, to say the very least, NSFW.  Some are NSFA (not safe for anyone).   Guest-posting for The Absurdist is probably NSFW (not safe for Wayne) but I never did claim to be able to make sane decisions.  Enter her domain at your own risk.  Your jaw might break due to the fall; your funny bone might get sprained; your eyes might dry out after being bugged out; your heart might swell; and your fingers might go numb from commenting because you either agree with her so much you can’t stop saying why OR you are so apalled or outraged, you can’t stop saying why.

You’ve heard of crush’s revealed…

And now Poppy pops the big one. Wait, that’s the wrong phrase. I mean she was “quite revealing” on a blog post earlier today. No, that’s not right either.  She flashed the world today with heaping mounds of courage.  Whoa, that’s really not what I’m trying to say.  She kept us abreast of the news?  Is that better?  Probably not.  Just go over there and see what she revealed.  And FWIW, it’s definitely “safe for work.” 🙂

Oh and by the way, I won a “Poppy.”  It’s like a Grammy, but infinitely more poppable.  The category I swept, hands-down, was “Best Blog That References Guitar Hero”.  Wait, that’s not right either, because you can’t play Guitar Hero hands-down.  I can’t get anything right today.

Once she sends me my graphic, it’ll be displayed prominently.  And often.  Thank you Poppy!

Best of LOLcats

Many of you know (and some of you lament) that there are millions of LOLcat photos out there on teh internets.  Some are so funny you need a few minutes to compose yourself.  Some are so bad you need a few minuets to compose for yourself (for your funeral.) 

*My* job is to give you only the best ones, so you don’t have to weed through multiples per day and possibly lose interest in the phenomenon.  Oh noes, we must has qwahluhtee.

at first I was like, then I lol'd


lolcats clap on


(I think another caption might be
OMG!!! u has a zit let me pops it!)



tsk tsk

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