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You can hear me thank each of you individually in this morning’s utter (and by individually, I mean that I grouped you all corporately due to efficiency)


And although I did not win last night’s lotto, it got me thinking.  With all this positive energy coming from dozens of brilliant, loving, compassionate and incredibly good-looking people, the measly $5million (estimated cash value) jackpot is just. not. worth it.  

I mean think about it – who do you know that is rich that is happy?  

No, I mean besides Oprah.

Sure, with that kind of money I could probably buy lots of stuff, stop getting calls from bill collectors, live in a better neighborhood, hire a maid or two and not work any more, but when you really think about it, who wants that?  Doesn’t that just sound like hell on earth?  Really – could you live with yourself when you have that much money?

Clearly it was not meant to be.

Nope, not at all.

That kind of money just isn’t meant for me/us.

No no no, $5m just isn’t enough.  The incredible amount of positive energy you guys are sending to me is destined for Friday’s Mega Millions, estimated at $53,600,000.  THAT’S the kind of money that would bring happiness!

So I’m running TWO sets of numbers for tomorrow’s MEGA MILLIONS – the ones I initially used and the ones Hilly “lost.”


Keep the positive energy coming!

Keep the positive energy coming!

Offer still stands – anyone leaving a positive comment on this post or yesterday’s post gets a share of 1/2 the winnings!  (btw, that’s any winnings, not just if I win the jackpot).  Comment must be left by 10pm Central  Friday night, the 21st, 2008.  Comments left on my utter also count, so that’s an easy way to get double shares.

Also, I can’t believe no-one correctly guessed the reference at the end of yesterday’s post yet…  An extra share still is up for grabs 🙂

I’m a big fan of Positive Energy.  The more you generate, the more everyone gets.  It’s kind of like Love – you don’t ever run out of it when you give it away to someone.  When your child asks you “do you love me more than (sibling),” you explain to them with a warm smile that there’s an unlimited supply of love being put forth, and loving someone else doesn’t diminish the love you have for them.

Pshaw“, you might say.

No, really,  Most people who know me would describe me as an upbeat, “go-get-em” kind of guy that’s usually annoying most everyone else with how enthusiastic and optimistic he is.  I don’t think it’s coincidence that I’m also kind of lucky.

Balderdash!” you might claim.

Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.  I firmly believe that no matter what life hands you, the only thing you can control is how you react.  Ultimately, that’s it.  Sure, you can influence things here and there, but the biggest and best things in life come to those who appreciate what they get, and everything… let me repeat.  EVERYTHING is better with a positive attitude.

Poppycock!” you scream at me, awash in your melancholic pessimism, drowning desperately in your own pit of despair.

Look, Mr. CrankyPants, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.

Say wha–?” you inquire with a well-placed audible pause and cocked head matched only by Chris Rock.

Listen.  I got here with me a Texas Lottery ticket for tomorrow night’s drawing.  Here it is, sitting on my laptop, watching me compose this blog post for Wednesday.


My belief in positive energy is SO FIRMLY ENTRENCHED INTO MY BEING that I’m willing to donate 50% of the winnings of this here lottery ticket to anyone who concentrates on these numbers and then leaves a positive comment on this post before 10:12pm Central Time on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008.  The 50% will be divided evenly (minus taxes) between the positive commenters.  I’ll just trust that you concentrated on the numbers.  I’ll know from your comment if you’re positive or not.

The numbers to concentrate on:

03  06  12  17  39  48

The estimated cash value of an all-6-digit winner is about $5 mil.  Let’s say we get optimistic about this and I have a whole 20 commenters.   That’s $125,000 apiece!  All for a measly minute of your time.  How much more positive can you get than that?!??!?

Come on, join in.  Just think about those winning lottery ticket numbers.  Just a second or two.  

Say them in your head, silently.   “three, six

Close your eyes.  “twelve

Furrow your brow if you have to.  “seventeen”  

Thoughtfully place your index finger up against your temple… “thirty-nine”  

Now you have two fingers on each temple, and you really believe it – you REALLY FEEL IT “forty-eight!


…and this is Wayne, from double-you-hall-dot-org, sending positive numeric energy from all across the Universe… to you*.


* the first person to correctly identify this phrase in the comments gets TWO shares.

tsk tsk

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